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Aim to provide big performance slotted pipe for customers, Filson has concentrated two decades years experience and advanced technologies.

  • Available customized materials and dimensions
  • Proven performance and durability
  • Smooth treatment for surface and inside wall
  • Broad range of applications for superior properties
  • Competitive price with high-quality

What is Slotted Pipe?

Filson slotted pipe is featured with uniform slot openings to filter out needless substances, it is popular in oil and gas wells, borewell, tube wells, or drainage pipes to collect water or deliver liquids. It is used across several applications for its perfect properties.

With various slot sizes and slot section types, Filson slotted pipe is created even in open areas to allow liquid flow freely. Thanks to its outstanding resistance to aggressive elements in soils, it is workable in corrosion conditions.

As an economical solution, Filson slotted pipe’s strengths lie in its longer service life, which is up to 70 years compared to traditional pipe, and outstanding mechanical robustness to resist external loads.

Slotted Pipe Types by Materials

Slotted PVC Pipe

After standard tests like pressure test, uniformity test and hydrostatic test, Filson slotted PVC pipe has excellent strength to withstand any harsh conditions. By using high-grade materials, it is ideal solution for drainage system. Filson product is available in 4 to 6 inches.

Slotted Casing Pipe

Filson slotted casing pipe is kind of tube for surface casing and protection, so it is required as high strength and corrosion resistance. It also offers broad range of materials, such as steel alloy, carbon steel, PVC, and can be used more than 50 years.

Stainless Steel Slotted Pipe

Formed by high-grade materials, Filson stainless steel slotted pipe is feature with better tensile strength, high corrosion resistance and extended operational life. With lower maintenance and labor costs, it is popular in oil and gas exploration, petroleum refineries, etc.

MS Slotted Pipe

Filson MS slotted pipe is fabricated by mild steel, which is low-carbon steel slotted pipe with a carbon content less than 0.3%. Due to its low carbon content, it is easy to weld and form to various sizes. With a compact surface, it can be galvanized to improve corrosion resistance.

As one of the most economical and beneficial slotted pipes, Filson HDPE slotted pipe is featured with many advantages, including non-conductivity, superior strength, durability, flexibility and better resistance to chemicals. It can withstand temperature up to 80°C.

Slotted Pipe Types by Functionality (3)

  • Slotted Pipe for Borewell
    Compared to traditional slotted pipe, Filson slotted pipe has outstanding resistance to chemicals as well as rigidness, which can maintain consistent performance and withstand high pressure. Hence our product can be the prime choice for borewell.
  • Slotted Drainage Pipe
    With smooth interior surface and uniform slot openings distribution, Filson drainage pipe is an practical solution to deliver or collect water flow at high efficiency. Thanks to high hydraulic efficiency and superior durability, it is flexible used in many fields.
  • Slotted Pipe Tube Well
    Filson slotted pipe tube well is immune to corrosion, weathering and chemicals, hence it has better durability and excellent property to withstand external hydraulic pressure. With threaded joints, it is also convenient to install and assemble.

Other Products of Slotted Pipe (2)

  • Slotted Square Pipe
    Treated by perfect polishing and finishing, Filson slotted square pipe enjoys smooth surface and outstanding appearance. With unique shapes, it can satisfy special requirements of applications and industries, depending on its good resistance to corrosion, wear and tear.
  • 100mm Slotted Pipe
    With accurate dimensions and strong structure, Filson 100mm slotted pipe is designed to fulfill customers and applications’ special needs. With tailor-made service and outstanding properties, it is capable for any harsh conditions and demanding requirements.

Slotted Pipe Benefits

Smooth Treatment
Smooth treatment

Going through strict inspection and surface treatment, Filson slotted pipe has smooth slot openings, edges, and inside walls. It is also engineered with polishing or matte types surface.

Multiple Materials
Multiple materials

Based on various metal and plastic as base materials, such as stainless steel, PVC, and HDPE, Filson slotted pipe can cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Corrosion Resistance

By using materials that is immune to aggressive soil conditions, Filson slotted pipe demonstrates better in corrosion, acid and moisture environment.

Superior Mechanical Strength
Superior mechanical strength

In line with ISO certifications proven stiffness, Filson slotted pipe has good properties to withstand high pressure like external hydraulic pressure.

Advantages of Slotted Pipe

With a high-performance slotted pipe, you can get advantages as following:

  • Durability: Because of its resistivity to fatigue and immune to corrosion, Filson slotted pipe has longer operating life compared to traditional pipe, which up to 70 years.
  • Convenient: Equipped with threaded joints like buttress thread or round thread, Filson slotted pipe is easy to assemble and install quickly.
  • Economical: As the most cost-effective solution as compared to conventional pipe, Filson slotted pipe is greatly outstrip, whether in performance or maintenance.
  • Flexible design: Filson slotted pipe can be designed into any shapes, diameters and length. According to applications and industries, other special requirements can also be achieved.
Advantages of Slotted Pipe
Slotted Pipe Specific Features

Slotted Pipe Specific Features

To achieve superior performance in applications, Filson slotted pipe draws on the following features, you can check quickly to fully understand the product.

  • Uniform and continuous slot opening keeps good permeability
  • Precision and firm dimensions to withstand high-pressure
  • OEM service to offer customized materials, sizes and shapes
  • Lower probability of deformity and collapse
  • Good sand control property with filtration efficiency up to 99%
  • Complete accessories for a reliable and straightforward install
  • Different slot sizes, patterns, and shapes
  • Smooth inside wall allows higher flow velocity
  • Various connecting types ensure the convenient handle
  • Proven quality in accordance with ISO, and ASTM certifications

Specifications of Slotted Pipe

The specifications of the slotted pipe are listed as follows, you can choose from them or send us your unique data.

  • Materials: stainless steel, PVC, ABS, MS, HDPE, etc
  • Outside diameter of pipe: 10 mm – 600 mm
  • Thickness: 2mm – 36.8 mm or customized
  • Length: 3 m – 12 m
  • Shape: round, square, or customized
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Slot style: straight slot, keystone slot
  • Slot pattern: staggered, straight in line, gang, or custom
  • Number of slots: customized
  • Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral
  • Color: blue, silver, white or customized
  • Appearance: finish, matter, polish
  • Operating life: up to 70 years
Specifications of Slotted Pipe

Why Choose Filson Slotted Pipe

Slotted Pipe Factory
Slotted Pipe Production

Filson slotted pipe is formed by top-grade materials, which makes it a perfect solution for oil and gas wells, irrigation, borewell, tube wells, and drainage. It is specially designed to protect and deliver liquids, hence it is popular in domestic wells and public and mining wells.

Compared to conventional slotted pipe, Filson slotted pipe is better as it is corrosion-free, long-lasting, and recyclable. It is easy to install because of the threaded ends permit tightness without using adhesives.

The stringent quality inspection goes through all stages of manufacturing slotted pipe, hence Filson can give customers high-degree products. Best of all, our OEM service is available for different depths and lengths of applications.

If you are interested in our slotted or want to learn more detailed information, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Applications of Slotted Pipe

Domestic fields

In order to avoid the damage to house structure caused by poor drainage, the external drainage system is an effective solution. The application of Filson slotted pipe in family field can reduce the cost of house maintenance, avoid property damage, and maintain integrity of house.

Irrigation and drainage

Because the slotted pipe has slotting of consistent size and uniform distribution, it is very suitable for agricultural irrigation. Our slotted pipes are made of high-quality stainless steel or PVC, which can effectively avoid soil corrosion and expel water from the farmland.

Conveying Liquids

Filson slotted pipe has high mechanical strength and large hollow section, allowing water, oil, solution and other liquids to pass through at high flow rate, specially used for the delivery of media with fluid properties, has long service life and excellent wear resistance.

Aquifer storage and recovery

In ASR systems, slotted pipe is installed in wells or boreholes that penetrate the aquifer, plays a crucial role in facilitating water injection and extraction in aquifer storage and recovery systems, thus enabling efficient storage and retrieval of water from the subsurface aquifer.

Environmental industries

Filson slotted pipe is widely used in various environmental protection areas, including groundwater monitoring, oil well development, waste infiltration fluid collection, geothermal systems, etc. The excellent performance ensures optimal environmental protection effect.


In borewell, slotted pipe is commonly used to extract water from underground aquifers and form a protective barrier against sediment and debris. Filson slotted pipe has standard design, precise size and excellent quality to ensure drawing clean water efficiently from borewell.

Tube well

Slotted pipe is usually installed in the part of tube well intersects the aquifer, capturing impurities such as soil, sand and debris before water enters the well. It effectively ensures extracting water from underground aquifer, while providing protective barrier against sediment and debris.

Various wells including oil, mines, industrial, etc

including oil, mines, industrial, etc.

Slotted pipe plays an important role in many wells in domestic, agricultural and industrial fields, ensuring the best performance of wells and preventing blockage by impurities. It is widely used in water well, monitoring well, geotechnical well, restoration wells, oil and gas wells, etc.

Ground water

With high corrosion resistance and non-toxic properties, Filson slotted pipe is often used to collect and recover ground water. It provides strong passage for rainwater to penetrate back into the surrounding area,  and it also collects rooftop rainwater to replenish the groundwater.

Rain water collecting

Offering 35mm to 400mm length, Filson slotted pipe is perfect for collecting rainwater. Its surface is corrugated on outside, and the inside is smooth, allowing water to pass through at a high flow rate, which has positive effect on saving water resources and environmental protection.

Filson Slotted Pipe Manufacturer
Filson - Your Premier Slotted Pipe Supplier in China

Ready to choose a slotted pipe that is optimal for your applications? Contact us now and send us your data. FedEx/TNT/DHL or other transportation ways are available according to your requirements.

Slotted Pipe FAQ Guide

There you can find detailed information about slotted pipe, even some technical problems and other important things you may interest in.

Go on, and find your answer.

What are the Factors may Cause the Deformation and Burst of Slotted Pipe?

What are the Factors may Cause the Deformation and Burst of Slotted Pipe

To avoid pipe deformation and bursting, bore mechanics should take care of the following information:

  • Hydraulic pressure difference caused by inside and outside water during drilling
  • Hydraulic pressure and heat generated by bentonite or cement grout
  • Stress formation for rocks, clay and shale outside the pipe
  • Lateral compression and brittle risks for external impact of the hard stone
Are Slotted PVC Pipes Better Than Slotted Metal Pipe?

 Are Slotted PVC Pipes Better Than Slotted Metal Pipe

For Filson PVC-based slotted pipe, it has salient advantages, such as lightweight, easy to transport and install, high resistance to temperature and corrosion.

More importantly, it is non-toxic, which means it will not impart any taste, odour color or generate any harmful substances, hence it is a desirable solution for potable or drinking water fields. And it has longer service life than metal-based slotted pipe.

For Filson metal-based slotted pipe, it has higher mechanical strength than slotted PVC pipe, which allows it to suffer higher external pressure. It can be made into any shapes, like square. Adding other coating materials, it can be endowed with higher resistance to corrosion or other chemicals.

Filson metal materials is formed by different materials, it can be used in  sanitary fields, decoration section, boiler parts and pressure pipe.

Therefore, whether PVC or metal slotted pipe, the best one is based on your applications and industries. If you still do not know, please contact us, our professional experts will choose the best and suitable one for you.

Where is the Slotted Casing Pipe used for?

Where is the Slotted Casing Pipe Used for

Slotted casing pipe is mainly used in borewell, especially collapsible or sandy-loose soil, and slit, to protect and be supported apart.

What is the Specialty of Filson Slotted Pipe?

 What is the Specialty of Filson Slotted Pipe

Filson slotted pipe is special because its slot opening will not hurt its mechanical strength, because its slot opening is vertical to the axis of the pipe, rather than the length of the pipe. It is done by advanced machines and experienced workers.

What are the Types of Tube Well?

There are three types of tube wells: strainer well, cavity well, and slotted well.

  • Strainer types tube well: It is the most common tube well and consists of blind pipes and strainer pipes or screen pipes, which are alternately placed. The strainer pipes rest against aquifers and the blind pipe rests against impervious strata. The strainer types tube is not suitable for fine sandy strata, which are easily choked.
  • Cavity-type tube well: It has an underground pipe and gets its supplier from the bottom. At first, it produces sandy water, but when the cavity’s spherical area expands, sand particles can be blocked. It only accesses one special aquifer compared to a strainer-type tube well.
  • Slotted type tube well: It is slotted at one end and the rest parts is plain pipe. It can compress air to develop the well. In order to prevent fine sand from entering, the slotted-type tube well is surrounded by gravel and coarse sand. Slotted-type tube wells can only tap one strata while strainer wells can tap more.
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