Hydraulic filter housing with indicator, duplex options, anti-rust, reliable sealed suction, return filter, 100% hand-operated for simplex & duplex filter cleaning.

Hydraulic Filters

Easy to install and operate oil filtration systems. Perfect oil purifier for fluid transfer & filter.Dual-filter construction mobile filter carts.

Portable Filter Cart

Customized Filtration Systems For Every Application

  • Customized mobile filtration units to meet your specific needs.
  • Full hydraulic & lube filtration product line conforming to ISO cleanliness levels.
  • High-Performance duplex (basket) filters for removing contamination effectively.
  • Leading lab and testing capabilities to set a strict quality control standard.
  • Why You Can Trust FilSon

    FilSon serves its customers with reliable hydraulic simplex & duplex filters, with a leading filtration testing technology.

    Our low and medium pressure filter housings are equipped with advanced indicators, duplex options, over voltage and overflow protection. They are safe and reliable. Dual-filter hydraulic & lube oil purifier, such as a vacuum dehydrator offer highly-effective contamination monitoring with dewatering, high-viscosity and anti-explosion options.

  • Functions of Filson Filters

    Since 2001, FilSon Filters continually strives to provide pipeline, suction, return filters and portable filtration units to meet clients’ needs. We have been investing resources in R&D to develop anti-spill and new ball valve sealing structures every year.

    Double-cylinder switching filters possess high filter precision, over-voltage & over-flow protection with less downtime. Our oil purification systems can effectively remove particles, water and dissolved gases from high solid content or high-viscosity oil.

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