Filson: Trusted Slotted PVC Pipe Supplier

As an acknowledged supplier of slotted PVC pipe, Filson gains more than two decades valuable experience in order to provide economical and high-quality product for customers.

  • Available sizes, lengths for customized solution
  • Lightweight ensures easy transport and install
  • Longer service life with inert to most chemicals
  • Non-toxic with high resistance to bacteria
  • Smooth slot openings for precision-machining

What is Slotted PVC Pipe?

Filson slotted PVC pipe draws on its slot to prevent silts, mud water gathering or as pipes to drain or transport liquids. Because it is immune to most aggressive elements in soil and industry, it can be widely used into many areas, such as irrigation, mining wells, drainage, etc.

Compared to mental slotted pipe, Filson slotted PVC pipe has a salient feature that is high corrosion resistance, which greatly reduces sand particles entry and avoids encrustation. What’s more, it also has lighter weight and longer durability to allow customer save costs.

By using top-grade materials, leading-edge technology and Filson slotted PVC pipe fully exerts its performance at competitive price, hence becomes the top choice for customers.

Slotted PVC Pipe Main Categories by Applications

Slotted PVC Pipe for Borewell

By utilizing special lead free PVC materials, Filson slotted PVC pipe for borewell is immune to corrosion and chemicals, hence it desirably caters to almost every bore-well sectors, including domestic wells,industrial wells, public and mining wells, etc.

Slotted PVC Drain Pipe

Featured with precision machining slots, Filson slotted PVC drain pipe is able to intake more fluids and allows drain liquids more continuously with no clogging. Because of its stable performance in harsh conditions, it is perfect solution to transport hard, salty, sandy or aggressive liquids.

PVC Water Well Screen Slotted Pipe

Thanks to non-toxic property, Filson PVC water well screen slotted pipe will not change taste, odour and color of water, and not release any harmful particles that may cause health problems. What’s more, it also resists to bacteria, which ensuring completely safe of potable water.

Soltted PVC Well Casing

Combining high stiffness with economical advantage, Filson slotted PVC well casing has excellent durability, and minimizes the costs of well rehabilitation by avoiding clogging and encrustation. With slotted openings, it reduces the risks of solids entrance.

Corrugated&PVC Slotted Subsurface Pipes

Formed by ridges and grooves with fine slots on the pipes, Filson corrugated&PVC slotted subsurface pipes are able to prevent small debris and avoid blocking system. Thanks to lower installation cost and higher flexibility, it is applied in many fields.

Slotted Stormwater Pipe

Fabricated by high-quality PVC, Filson slotted stormwater pipe has strong mechanical strength and high pressure resistance, which can withstand fast water flow rate. Its maximum thickness  is schedule 120, ensuring that all the ponding can be quickly discharged in the case of heavy rain.

Slotted PVC Pipe Types by Size (8)

  • 1 inch Slotted PVC Pipe
    As small-diameter slotted PVC pipe, Filson 1 inch slotted PVC pipe is commonly used in the domestic water field. We use ISO9001 and NSF certified materials that allow direct contact to drinking water, which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • 1-1 2 inch Slotted PVC Pipe
    Filson 1-1/2 inch slotted PVC pipe is also commonly used in industry, agriculture, life and other fields. It has stable construction and excellent corrosion resistance to support extremely long service life of over 50 years, both installation and replacement are very convenient.
  • 2 inch Slotted PVC Pipe
    Due to delicate technology, Fislon 2 inch slotted PVC pipe has precision dimensions, smooth inside wall and superior cut slots without any burrs or residues. With enhanced mechanical strength, it is can withstand high pressure.
  • 4 inch Slotted PVC Pipe
    Every Filson 4 inch slotted PVC pipe is fully cleaned and wrapped up into bag to ensure environmental standards. It completely immune to chemicals, which commonly found in industrial liquids and waste, hence it is a popular solution for drain application and leach sectors
  • 6 Slotted PVC Pipe
    With various connection types and light weight, Filson 6 inch slotted PVC pipe can be connected by different methods, like threaded, flange, etc. And it has low requirement for labors and equipment, which greatly saves maintain costs.
  • 12 inch Slotted PVC Pipe
    With large diameter of 12 inches, Filson 12 inch slotted PVC pipe can achieve ultra-high flow speeds. It has smooth inner surface and strong construction that effectively reduces drag on water flow and can withstand pressures of up to 230psi.
  • Slotted Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
    The diameter size of Filson slotted PVC pipe ranges from 20 mm to 400 mm. For thick wall, Filson PVC pipes are mainly divided into three categories, schedule 40, schedule 80 and schedule 120. Based on application needs, Filson provides various dimensions of slotted schedule PVC pipe.
  • Slotted 90mm PVC Pipe
    As a cost-effective and best replacement of metal and concrete slotted pipe, Filson slotted 90mm PVC pipe is featured with better slot rate, bigger cross flowing, higher resistance to corrosion and non-toxic, so it is more popular in many applications.

Slotted PVC Pipe Benefits

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance

Compared to steel slotted pipe, Filson slotted PVC pipe is not affected by corrosion and chemical substance, while providing excellent resistance to aggressive elements in soil.

Light weight

Filson slotted PVC pipe demonstrates outstanding in transporting and installing due to its lightweight, which is also cheaper than traditional pipes.

High mechanical strength

Enhanced stiffness with sturdy structure, Filson slotted PVC pipe can withstand external hydraulic pressure and has low risks of hydrostatic collapse.

Non-Toxic and Sterile
Non-toxic and sterile

Due to its inherent non-toxic nature, Filson slotted PVC pipe has no chance to generate any taste, odour or color to water. Due to resistance to bacteria, it also has superior sanitary performance.

Slotted PVC Pipe Specific Features

Aiming to provide memorable impact on customer’s applications, Filson slotted PVC pipe is featured in following characteristic:

  • Smooth inside wall allows liquids flow freely
  • Non-conductive offers lower problems of encrustation
  • Precision-machining technology ensures evenly distribute slots
  • Extensive range of applications across several fields
  • OEM service to satisfy customized materials, dimensions
  • Long lasting life for stable performance in harsh conditions
  • Economical solution with reliable quality
  • Superior appearance without fur and slits to permits straightway flow
  • Excellent protection with fine slots to against small particles
  • Fast and easy to install and assemble for threaded joints
  • Low risks of breaking, deformation and cracking
Slotted PVC Pipe Specific Features
Specifications of Slotted PVC Pipe

Specifications of Slotted PVC Pipe

You can choose the specifications of slotted PVC pipe from the following lists, or you can send us your own data.

  • Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Schedule: 40, 80, 120
  • Diameter/Size: 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, etc.
  • Color: white, blue, gray, etc
  • Slot style: straight slot, keystone slot
  • Slot pattern: staggered, straight in line, gang, or custom
  • Length of pipe: up to 20 m or customized
  • Thickness: 2.0 – 29.4 mm
  • Working pressure: 0.63 – 2.5 mpa
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C – 90°C
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral
  • Distance of slots: customized
  • Connections: male-female threaded, socket coupling, spigot, etc.

Why Choose Filson Slotted PVC Pipe

Slotted Pipe PVC Factory
Slotted Pipe PVC Factory Production

Filson slotted PVC pipe is formed through fine finishing of automatic machine to satisfy all your well or drain needs. Due to its outstanding inherent natures and rigorously tests, it is free from all problems that caused by conventional mental pipe.

With special threaded joints, Filson slotted PVC pipe possesses superior strength to withstand external pressure. More important, it is convenient to transport and install, hence our product can be send to your industries and applications easily and timely even in poor traffic area.

The success of high performance slotted PVC pipe is based on talented experts, advanced technology and rich experience. This enables Filson to deliver and fulfill any unique needs of customers, and to guide the best solution.

If you want to know more detailed information or want to get a special design slotted PVC pipe, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Applications of Slotted PVC Pipe
  • Domestic sector
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial conditions
  • Public and mining wells
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Environmental sector
  • Leachate collection systems for solid waste landfills
  • Drainage and dewatering applications
  • Mining heap leach applications
Filson Replacement Slotted PVC Pipe Brands

Filson can supply various well-know brands of alternative slotted PVC pipe, including but not limited to these following list:

  • Slotted PVC Pipe Reece
  • Slotted PVC Pipe Bunnings
  • Slotted PVC Pipe Home Depot
Filson Slotted PVC Pipe Manufacturer
Filson - Your Notable Slotted PVC Pipe Manufacturer in China

With outstanding performance, new manufacturing technology and broad selection of slotted PVC pipe, choose Filson product to optimal your applications.

Slotted PVC Pipe FAQ Guide

If you still have any questions about slotted PVC pipe, why not read this guide to broad knowledge, from color to schedule number, from machine to advantages, you can find all your needs right here.

Keep reading, you can be an expert of slotted PVC pipe.

How to Cut Slots in PVC Pipe?

 How to Cut Slots in PVC Pipe

There are many ways to cut slots in PVC pipe, including saw, laser and automatic machine.

Using saw is the worst way, which not only hurt the strength of slotted PVC pipe but also has burrs and slits on slots.

Laser methods can ensure uniform and smooth slot on PVC pipe, but it has large cost of labor and energy.

Automatic PVC pipe slotting machine combines flat and compact slots of PVC pipe with lower operating costs. Filson offers laser-cutting and automatic machine to fabricate our products.

What are the Differences of Schedule 40, Schedule 80 and Schedule 120 PVC?

What are the Differences of Schedule 40, Schedule 80 and Schedule 120 PVC

You always find “schedule” when you buy PVC, however, “schedule” is not related to time. The PVC pipe’s schedule connects to the thickness of PVC wall.

The main differences of them are lie in these sectors: water pressure rating, sizing and wall thickness, color and applications.

  • Water pressure

Schedule 40 pipe is 450 psi, schedule 80 pipe is 630 and schedule 120 is 1010 psi

  • Sizing and wall thickness

They may have same outside diameters, but schedule 120 pipe may suffers more limits of flow compared to schedule 40pipe.

You can fit schedule 40 pipe with schedule 80 pipe only in low pressure conditions, when in higher pressure, the cracking can appeared due to schedule 40 pipe can not resist.

  • Color

Generally, schedule 40 pipe is white, schedule 80 and schedule 120 pipes are gray. PVC pipe has many color to choose, hence the best method is to check labels.

  • Applications

If you are buying one for irrigation or domestic sector, the schedule 40 pipe is fully suitable. The resistance pressure of schedule 40 pipe can guarantee adequate for home applications.

In industrial, chemical and construction fields, schedule 80 pipe and schedule 120 pipe are more suitable, due to its better pressure resistance, mechanical strength and thicker walls.

Based on these information, you can choose the most suitable schedule pipe according to your applications, while saving some money.

What is the Meaning of Color on Slotted PVC pipe?

What is the Meaning of Color on Slotted PVC pipe

Usually, blue pipe is widely applied in potable or drinking water, green pipe is in sewer and drain lines, purple pipe is in wastewater, which needs to disinfect and filter, and grey pipe is in water distribution line, such as water treatment, process water and chemical applications.

What’s more, ABS pipe is usually black, which has higher strength and shock resistance.

Why Slotted PVC Pipe is Propitious for Drains?

Why Slotted PVC Pipe is Propitious for Drains

Fabricated with top grade PVC materials and sterile conditions, and smooth inside adding fine slots to avoid standing water and  prevent underlying bacteria to grow on edges, corners. And it is easy to clean to lower the risk of bacteria growing.

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