Portable Filter Cart A

FilSon Portable Filter Cart (PFC-A) consists of a cost effective pump, motor and filter set. It is used for oil transfer, new fill and top off to meet the stringent OEM cleanliness specifications.

Due to its high filtration performance and simple handling, Filson portable oil filter carts offer an excellent and cost competitive filtration solution to Industrial manufacturers and brands.

  • Easy and simple to install or operate
  • Higher contamination removal efficiency
  • Larger dirt holding capacity elements
  • More flexible hence, easily customized
  • Extends service time of oil

Filson filter carts are the perfect filtration unit that adopts thermal relay protection to prevent the motor from damage caused by overloading.

The large surface area fields filter elements, reduce downtime and filter change-outs by extending service time.


While the coarse filter in the suction orifice can protect oil pump and increase oil filtering equipment service life.

Our oil filtration systems can easily be applied to purify hydraulic and lubrication oils.

Flow Rate L/min2532405063100150
Temperature Range°C5-80 (+40°F ~ +175°F)
Viscosity Range cSt10-160
Rated Pressure Mpa0.6
Pressure Loss Mpa=0.01
Primary Filtration µm100
Fine Filtration µm3, 5, 10, 20, 40
Supply Power3 Phase,380 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor Power kw0.550.751.
Weight Kg3564758085100135
Dimensions (mm)430x350x950430x350x950720x680x1020720x680x1020720x680x1020720x750x1020720x750x1020

drawing-1 drawing-2

Explore Product Details

  • +

    Easy mobility wheels

    Low noise  

  • +

    Heavy duty frame

    Rugged and durable, lightweight and portable

  • +

    Quick-opening covers

    Fast and easy change of elements that do not require special tools

  • +

    High-efficiency elements

    A Wide Variety of Particulate Elements Available with high dirt holding capacity 

  • +

    Differential pressure Gauges

    Indicating that filter elements need to be replaced

  • +

    Gear pump

    Industrial quality, Quiet operation, long life

  • +

    Drip tray

    Helps keep the work area safe and clean

  • +


    Wash down, heavy duty

  • +

    Electrical Box

    To protect the motor, Rugged and durable

  • +


    Variety customized colors, Industrial powder-coated paint

  • +

    Inlet Strainer

    Pump Protection

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