Slotted Pipe For Borewell

  • High rigidness to withstand impact resistance
  • Various materials to meet customers’ needs
  • Longer service life due to abrasion resistance
  • Superior sanitary performance for bacteria resistance
  • Smooth inside wall to avoid clogging and flow freely
  • Customized design and specification available

Filson slotted pipe for borewell draws on its smooth bore and same bore size to ensures higher flow and clogging-free, reducing maintenance costs. With excellent resistance to chemicals, it is an ideal solution for borewell.

  • Material: PVC, stainless steel, MS, ABS, HDPE, etc
  • Thickness: 2mm – 36.8 mm or customized
  • Size: 20 mm – 800 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Color: blue, grey, white or customized
  • Length: 5 m – 12 m or requirement
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Number of slots: customized
  • Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral
  • Distance of slots: customized
  • Effective perforatio area ratio: 10% – 12.5%
  • Service life: 70 years
  • Connecting type: specific thread, square thread, etc

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Slotted Pipe For Borewell

Your Credible Slotted Pipe For Borewell Supplier in China

Filson slotted pipe for borewells has a longer service life compared to traditional slotted pipe, its life span up to 70 years, meaning our product is more economical. Its vertical and smooth slot edge is treated by second process and inspection, so it is uniform without burrs.

Compared to traditional materials, Filson slotted pipe for borewells utilizes high-grade materials to avoid problems like corrosion and encrustation, which will reduce effective area. What’s more, it is also designed with high strength to withstand external hydraulic pressure.

Filson offers almost two decades years of experience and is proud to be the leading provider of slotted pipe for borewells. Our design team will provide high performance with precision dimensions for your applications and industries.

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