Vacuum Dehydrator

Filson Vacuum Dehydrators(VAD) are designed to remove as much as 90-95% of all dissolved water, as well as 100% free and emulsified water from petroleum and synthetic-based fluids, resulting in levels of water often below 10-20 ppm. Filson portable vacuum dehydrator can remove 100% of free gases and at least 90% of dissolved gases, as in transformer oil purifier and lube oil purifier.

  • Highly efficient in air and gas filtration
  • Higher water removal efficiency—as low as 20 ppm
  • Dimension and arrangement design flexibility
  • Heaters to increase dewatering performance
  • Easy handling and automatic supervision using the PLC control

Filson Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems

In order to safely monitor oil dehydration system and maintain absolute fluid cleanliness, our vacuum dehydrators are equipped with automatic PLC controls and series of electrically controlled switches that will shut down the vacuum oil purifier if the operating parameters go beyond the normal limits. With the maximum flow rate of 200 l/min, vacuum dehydrator oil purification systems come in a number of different sizes and flexible designs with three-stage filtration, but they all have the same basic working principle.

Principles of Filson Vacuum Dehydrator Operation

Contaminated oil enters the oil vacuum system and passes through heaters that raise its temperature to about 60°C. It is a critical procedure for cold or high viscosity oils. Oil is then dispersed to a distillation column where it is exposed to the vacuum. It is degassed and dehydrated then pumped out through the vacuum chamber’s bottom section. The oil passes through a hydraulic pump into the particulate removal filter. The final product is clean and dry oil re-enters the reservoir or system via the outlet port.

Flow Rate L/min253250100150200
Rated Pressure Mpa0.6
Attainable water content ppm5-30.
Attainable gas content≤0.2%
Primary Filtration μm100
First Fine Filtration μm 10, 20
Second Fine Filtration μm3, 5
Alarm△P Mpa0.2
Supply Power3 Phase,380 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor Power kw1826366565135
Weight Kg3604706808409601500
Dimensions (mm)12500x920x16001350x980x16001500x1060x18001600x1080x21001800x1200x2200 2000 x1200x2200


Explore Product Details

  • +

    Heavy duty frame

    Rugged and durable, lightweight and portable

  • +

    Vacuum Chamber

    High-efficiently remove free, emulsified water and gas

  • +

    Suction filter

    Enhances life of pump

  • +


    Segmented heating to increase dewatering performance and not result in oil deterioration

  • +

    Vacuum pump

    Quiet operation, high suction capacity, long life

  • +

    Drip tray

    Helps keep the work area safe and control oil spillage

  • +

    Dual-stage filter

    Effectively remove particle contamination

  • +

    Automatic PLC

    Safely monitor the system and will shut down if operating parameters move outside normal limits

  • +

    Easy mobility 4 wheels

    Low noise , stable operation

  • +

    Dimensions & Colors

    Variety customized colors and sizes to suit your need

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