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Over two decades years of research and development, Filson has professional technicians and advanced equipment to provide reliable products for customers.

  • Available for customized materials and dimensions
  • High performance with competitive price
  • Sturdy structure and abrasion resistance for long life
  • Easy and fast to install and handing for light weight
  • Optimal properties to collect and drain liquids

What is Slotted Drainage Pipe?

Filson slotted drainage pipe is used to disperse water in subsoil, by effectively removing excess water, it can reduce groundwater pressure to perfect protect or optimal applications from water logging.

Mainly utilizing polyvinyl chloride, high density polyethylene as base materials, Filson slotted drainage pipe has high impact strength, excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals, which means it can work normally in any adverse conditions.

As a practical choice for drainage, Filson slotted drainage can be used in various applications, such as domestic fields, environmental sector, drainage system in industries or mining, etc.

Slotted Drainage Pipe Types by Materials

Thanks to its stable performance in corrosion conditions and inert to chemicals, Filson PVC slotted drainage pipe is popular solution as drainage pipe, even can deliver aggressive liquids. Due to it not release toxic particles in liquid, it can also used in potable or drinking water.

Polyethylene Slotted Corrugated Drain Pipe

With stable structure and double tube wall design, Filson polyethylene slotted corrugated drain pipe has good mechanical strength to improve performance. It is corrosion resistant, ultraviolet light resistant, which can not affected by environment, and always provides fast drainage speed.

HDPE Slotted Drainage Pipe

Featured in high and consistent outflow velocity, Filson HDPE slotted drainage pipe allows liquid flow freely and can be optimal solution for chemical and industrial drainage. With good resistance to corrosion and extreme temperature resistance, it has longer service life.

Slotted Drainage Pipe Types by Applications (3)

  • Slotted Underground Drainage Pipe
    Designed to drain at underground, Filson slotted underground drainage pipe has excellent compression resistance. It is made of high-density polyethylene or PVC and can maintain its performance as unchanged as 10 meters underground depth.
  • Slotted Subsoil Drainage Pipe
    Filson slotted subsoil drainage pipe is manufactured in strict accordance with DIN4262-1 standard, with strong impact resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It has light weight and long joints design, so it can be connected or installed conveniently.
  • Slotted Land Drainage Pipe
    With maximum diameter of 160 mm, the water flow speed of Filson slotted land drainage pipe can reach up to 0.75 m/s. It is widely used in collecting or transporting water in agricultural irrigation, surface drainage, stormwater management and other fields.

Slotted Drainage Pipe Types by Diameters (4)

  • 50mm Slotted Drainage Pipe
    Formed by strong and high density plastic materials, Filson 50mm slotted drainage pipe is able to maintain original structure and stable performance under external weight and pressure. With flexible and light weight, it is easy to be transported and installed.
  • 100mm Slotted Drainage Pipe
    As an effective solution to avoid water logging, Filson 100mm slotted drainage pipe possesses consistent high-quality and can optimal water dispersion. The outdoor landscape projects usually choose Filson 100mm slotted drainage pipe because of its versatility and availability.
  • 110mm Slotted Drainage Pipe
    Having fine and uniform slots, Filson 110mm slotted drainage pipe can greatly help to improve liquid flow and optimal drainage performance. In order to achieve longer operating life, it is endowed to be completely free from high corrosion and chemicals.
  • 150mm Slotted Drainage Pipe
    Made by 100% polyvinyl chloride or high density polyethylene, Filson 150mm slotted drainage pipe inherent has higher resistance and lower risk of clogging than traditional mental pipe. This also enables our product greatly save maintain or rehabilitation costs.

Slotted Drainage Pipe Benefits

Easy to Install
Easy to install

Due to light weight, Filson slotted drainage pipe is easy to be transport and install. Besides, it is also minimizes breakages by unskilled labour for convenient construction.

Delicate Machining Slots
Delicate machining slots

Compared to conventional round-hole pipe, Filson slotted drainage pipe is manufactured with precision-machined slots, which offers larger and continuous drainage capacity without clogging.

Superior Corrosion Resistance
Superior corrosion resistance

Thanks to use HDPE, PVC, Filson slotted drainage pipe inherent possesses chemically resistance, hence it is suitable for severely adverse conditions including effluent waste, mine waste, etc.

High Infiltration Efficiency
High infiltration efficiency

With smooth and small slot bores, Filson slotted drainage pipe ensures high flow velocity while reduces the possibility of solid being brought in.

Advantages of Slotted Drainage Pipe

As an ideal slotted drainage pipe, you can get following advantages:

  • Durability: Performing excellent resistance to abrasion and damages, Filson slotted drainage pipe has long lasting life, which minimum subsoil life up to 50 years.
  • Robustness: Filson slotted drainage pipe is featured with outstanding strength, it can keep high performance under high weight and pressure without breaking or cracking.
  • Economical: Due to its longer service life and light weight, Filson slotted drainage pipe reduces maintain costs and constructive spends.
  • Various sizes: Filson slotted drainage pipe can be fabricated into any length, size, diameters according to customers’ requirements.
Advantages of Slotted Drainage Pipe
Slotted Drainage Pipe Specific Features

Slotted Drainage Pipe Features

Committed to provide the best slotted drainage pipe customer can rely on, our product has the following features:

  • Simple design with high mechanical strength
  • Lower probability of deformity and collapse
  • Efficient water flow collection and dispersion
  • Non-toxic and sterile for not second pollution liquids
  • OEM service to satisfy customized materials and dimensions
  • Easy and fast to install and handing for light weight
  • Good resistance to high temperature and corrosion
  • Reliable quality in accordance with various certifications
  • Smooth surface and inside wall allow liquids flow freely
  • Broad range of applications for superior properties
  • Fine slot openings to prevent foreign particles entering
  • Advanced auto-machine ensures no burrs slots

Specifications of Slotted Drainage Pipe

Following are the specifications of slotted drainage pipe, you can choose them as reference or send us your unique data.

  • Substrate material: HDPE, PVC
  • Slot style: straight slot, keystone slot
  • Slot pattern: staggered, straight in line, gang, or custom
  • Length of pipe: up to 22 m or customized
  • Outside diameter of pipe: 10 mm – 1200 mm
  • Wall thickness: up to 22 mm
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral, vertical
  • Color: blue, gray, white
  • Connections: male-female threaded, plain, spigot, belled-end, etc
  • Working life: 50 – 75 years
  • Standards: ISO, ASTM, API

Why Choose Filson Slotted Drainage Pipe

Slotted Drainage Pipe Factory
Slotted Drainage Pipe Production

Through precision machining, Filson slotted drainage pipe has uniform and smooth slots, which achieves maximum infiltration with minimal clogging. Depending on different applications, slot rows can be designed into symmetric or asymmetric position around the pipe.

Formed from the highest density and quality PVC, HDPE, Filson slotted drainage pipe is endowed with better mechanical strength and extremely corrosion resistance. Besides, with lighter weight, it requires less machine to transport and can be easily install by unskilled workers.

Over two decades of development, Filson has established a reputation for only providing high-quality products for customers. Hence our slotted drainage pipe minimizes the risk of breakage.

As an OME company, we energetic responsive to customers’ needs, we have professional engineering team to tackle projects with  unique needs.

If you are interested in our slotted drainage pipe or want to learn more detail information, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Applications of Slotted Drainage Pipe

Domestic sector

Filson slotted drainage pipe is available in various diameter size, ranging from 50mm to 150mm, hence it is fully meet home requirements as drainage system. It is also support customized solutions for unique needs.

Industrial conditions

Because its unbeatable performance in corrosion resistance, Filson slotted drainage pipe is able to deliver salt, hard or aggressive liquids, which explains why it is popular in chemical and industries applications.

Public or urban areas

After right designed and installed, Filson slotted drainage pipe can remove excess water and reduce pressure external pressure underground, it is proven to be the best way to prolong pavement life and save maintain costs.

Wastewater management

Filson slotted drainage pipe can be applied for any wastewater fields like landfills or septic fields to remove external liquids away from cells. With smooth inside wall, it can achieve rapidly collect and remove accumulated liquids.

Slotted Drainage Pipe Manufacturer
Filson - Your Reliable Slotted Drainage Pipe Supplier in China

Why not count on Filson slotted drainage pipe to optimal your applications? Superior flow and drain capacity with competitive price.

Slotted Drainage Pipe FAQ Guide

Do you want to learn more information about slotted drainage pipe? Like its working principle, its buries depth, or the different of PVC and HDPE slotted drainage pipe, etc. Look at here, you will find answer.

Keep reading to enrich your knowledge about slotted drainage pipe.

How Does Slotted Drainage Pipe Work?

How Does Slotted Drainage Pipe Work

Slotted drainage pipe is designed with various slot openings to allow water enter or discharge while prevent other foreign particles getting into drainage system. Slotted drainage pipe can perfectly protect your projects by draining excess liquids.

How Deep Should Slotted Drainage Pipe be Buried?
How Deep Should Slotted Drainage Pipe be Buried
How Deep Should Slotted Drainage Pipe be Buried

In order to exert the best performance of slotted drainage pipe, the deep of slotted drainage pipe is better to keep at 12 to 18 inches, but sometime to maintain right slope, the depth may changed.

What is the Best Slotted Drainage Pipe To Use?

What is the Best Slotted Drainage Pipe To Use

Plastic drainage pipe is the best solution for drainage system, such as PVC, HDPE.

Compared to mental slotted pipe, plastic drainage pipe is immune to any weather conditions, hence there is no need to worry about maintain costs. What’s more, plastic slotted drainage pipe is lightweight to transport and install.

Which is Better PVC Slotted Drainage Pipe or HDPE Slotted Drainage Pipe?

Which is Better PVC Slotted Drainage Pipe or HDPE Slotted Drainage Pipe

Both PVC and HDPE are good materials to form slotted drainage pipe, but there are some differences between them.

  • PVC means vinyl polymer, and HDPE relates to polyethylene thermoplastic made

from petroleum. Both of them have unbeatable resistance to high temperature. But HDPE is proven to be more durable under harsh conditions like rain, stress or cold conditions.

  • HDPE slotted drainage pipe is more softer and easier to bent compared to PVC

slotted drainage pipe, hence it is widely used in conditions that has lower pressure, smaller bending radius. As a stronger and stiffer one, PVC slotted drainage pipe is suitable for direct burial conditions.

  • Basically, HDPE slotted drainage pipe is expensive than PVC slotted drainage pipe.

However, based on your needs, the price can be changed.

How Long Should Does Slotted Drainage Pipe Last?

How Long Should Does Slotted Drainage Pipe Last

Filson slotted drainage pipe is expected to last for at least 75 years, because of its reliable and durable quality.

But things may be changed according to real situation, including the materials, the types of liquids, the flow and soil, etc.

If you want a high performance and clean slotted drainage pipe, we recommend you to replace it at 50 years so the possibility of cracks, clogging or sub-efficiency can be avoid.

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