Coalesce Skid

FilSon Coalesce Skids (COS) remove water and particulates from turbine oil, transformer oil and most hydraulic & lubricating oils. They use series of pre-filters, coalescers, separators and particulate removal filters to achieve a high quality of oil cleanliness. These coalescer purification systems with auto-water drain have a P.L.C. touchscreen control panel for 24/7 automatic and continuous operation.

  • Effectively removes water and particulate in one system
  • Auto-water drain allows for 24×7 continuous operation
  • Pre-filter element for coalescer systems long life
  • Flexible dimensions and design to suit your need
  • Coalesce/Separator element combos for water removal

FilSon Coalescing units come in many different sizes and designs. You can also call it oil filter cart or oil filter system. They all have the same basic principle of operation with five-stage filtration. FilSon offers coalescer and separator purifiers that are ideal for preventing unplanned downtime and premature component failures like in turbine or transformer oil purifiers.

Typical applications of Filson Coalesce Skid

Turbine oil, Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, Insulating oil, Transformer oil and more.

How does Filson Coalesce Skid Works

Coalescer filters contain an element or media that has an affinity for water. As the oil-water mixture passes through this coalescer element, water is attracted to a hydrophilic medium. Once sufficient water has been absorbed into the surface of this media, small water droplets combine to form larger droplets, which fall on the bottom section due to gravity. Water can manually be drained off. Still, you may have some water droplets coming into the separator filters with oil under inertia effect. The separator element is made of a special hydrophobic material. Water drops are blocked off, after which, clean and dry oil re-enters the systems via an outlet port.

Flow Rate L/min2550100150200400
Temperature Range ˚C 25-80 (+77˚F ~ +175˚F)
Viscosity Range cSt   10-120
Rated Pressure Mpa0.6
Pressure Loss Mpa ≤0.1
Attainable water content ppm≤100
Primary Filtration μm100
First Fine Filtration μm  10, 20
Second Fine Filtration μm 3, 5
Alarm△P Mpa0.2
Supply Power 3 Phase,380 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor Power kw0.751.12.245.513
Weight Kg1502003005208602860
Dimensions mm1200x800x12501350x800x14001740x980x14501800x1000x15401840x1050x17803180x1600x2000


Explore Product Details

  • +


    Wash down, heavy duty

  • +

    Auto Water Drain

    Ideal for continuous and unattended 24/7 operation Minimized downtime

  • +

    Suction filter

    Enhances life of pump

  • +


    Enhances life of coalesce purifiers and remove particulates

  • +

    Coalesce & Separator filters

    Effectively remove free and emulsified water, even small water droplets

  • +

    Differential pressure Indicator

    Alarming when filter elements need to be replaced

  • +


    Quiet operation, high suction capacity, long life

  • +

    Drip tray

    Helps keep the work area safe and control oil spillage

  • +

    Automatic PLC

    Safely monitor the system

  • +

    Easy mobility 4 wheels

    Low noise , stable operation

  • +

    Flexible Dimensions & Colors

    Variety customized colors and sizes to suit your need

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