Coalesce Skid

Coalesce Skid

FilSon Coalesce Skids (COS) remove water and particulates from turbine oil, transformer oil and most hydraulic & lubricating oils. They use series of pre-filters, coalescers, separators and particulate removal filters to achieve a high quality of oil cleanliness. These coalescer purification systems with auto-water drain have a P.L.C. touchscreen control panel for 24/7 automatic and continuous operation.

  • Effectively removes water and particulate in one system
  • Auto-water drain allows for 24×7 continuous operation
  • Pre-filter element for coalescer systems long life
  • Flexible dimensions and design to suit your need
  • Coalesce/Separator element combos for water removal

Explore Product Details

  • Motor

    Wash down, heavy duty

  • Auto Water Drain

    Ideal for continuous and unattended 24/7 operation Minimized downtime

  • Suction filter

    Enhances life of pump

  • Pre-filter

    Enhances life of coalesce purifiers and remove particulates

  • Coalesce & Separator filters

    Effectively remove free and emulsified water, even small water droplets

  • Differential pressure Indicator

    Alarming when filter elements need to be replaced

  • Pump

    Quiet operation, high suction capacity, long life

  • Drip tray

    Helps keep the work area safe and control oil spillage

  • Automatic PLC

    Safely monitor the system

  • Easy mobility 4 wheels

    Low noise , stable operation

  • Flexible Dimensions & Colors

    Variety customized colors and sizes to suit your need

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