Corrugated &PVC Slotted Subsurface Pipes

  • Environmentally friendly for recyclable
  • Lightweight for easy install and transport
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and abrasion
  • Flexible capacity to suit harsh situations
  • Inert property to stray currents ensures long service life
  • Reliable and cost-effective choice for many applications
  • Customized solutions for different needs

Filson corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes are a desirable solution for drainage applications, such as subsurface drainage, sanitary sewers, leachate collection, etc. As their flexibility, they can achieve longer runs and easily to bended to suit turns.

  • Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Slot style: straight slot, keystone slot
  • OD: 125mm – 1200 mm
  • Slot pattern: staggered, straight in line, gang, or custom
  • Length of pipe: up to 20 m or customized
  • Wall thickness: up to 22 mm
  • Width of slot: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Number of slots: customized
  • Distribution types of slots: parallel, crisscross, spiral
  • Distance of slots: customized
  • Service life: 50 – 75 years

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Corrugated&PVC Slotted Subsurface Pipes

Your Reliable Corrugated&PVC Slotted Subsurface Pipes Supplier in China

Filson corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes are endowed with self-cleaning nature, as the compact ribs of tunnel to remove debris. Different with smooth PVC slotted pipes, they encourage continual movement of water to avoid clogging.

By providing the highest standards of durability, corrosion and strength of drainage, Filson corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes can perform well in harsh conditions, such as salinity fields, high rainfall, hillside soak, etc.

As a cost-effective solution, Filson corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes are also easy to be install and transport, which also saves labor costs. Our goal is to improve customers’ using experience and get a satisfy product.

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