Filson Wort Aeration Stone

  • A suitable device to provide better conditions for yeasts
  • High-quality product to resist high temperature and corrosion
  • Good mechanical strength due to perfect workmanship
  • Full stainless steel material construction for best performance
  • Rigorous pore size control for precise accuracy

Filson has specially designed aeration stone for wort aeration. Sintered of stainless steel or other materials according to customer requirements, the stone is featured with uniform pore distribution for high aeration efficiency.

  • Body material: SS 304, SS 316/316 L, titanium, or on request
  • Max working temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: maximum 3.4MPa ( typically 0.2 – 2MPa )
  • Micron rating: 0.2 – 100 μm (usually 0.5 or 2 micron)
  • Porosity: 35 – 50 %
  • Length: 1 – 12 inch ( mostly 1 – 4 inch )
  • Connection: tri-clamp, BSP/NPT threads, flange, barb, straight tube

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Filson Wort Aeration Stone

Your Leading Wort Aeration Stone Manufacturer in China

Usually, Filson wort aeration stone is fully made of food-grade stainless steel materials for the best operation condition inside the wort tank, such as stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316/316L. Meanwhile, other materials like titanium are also available according to your needs.

Filson wort aeration stone is generally used before the fermentation step of wort to provide enough oxygen for the constant growth and health of yeasts and further to increase the final yields.

If you are in urgent need of wort aeration stones, Filson has them in stock and can be delivered as soon as possible within 7 working days directly from our factory. And the custom type may be finished within 20 working days.

When you get your Filson wort aeration stone, you’d better not touch the surface with your hands or simply put it on the ground. The stone is a sintered, porous material and can be easily clogged by the oils from your hands or dirt from the ground.

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