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Filson witches hat filter features a unique cone shape and is usually used for the start-up of new or revamped pipeline systems, so you can also call it cone strainer or startup strainer.

It can be attached to an external ring with/without a handle or ANSI/DIN flange by TIG welding.

Filson specializes in manufacturing various construction types of witches hat filter: single-layer woven wire mesh, single layer perforated plate, a combination of wire mesh and perforated plate, pleated mesh, sintered mesh…

Diverse options can satisfy a wide range of softening, desalination, filtration applications.

No matter for standard or custom designs, Filson is always a professional and reliable assistant for every project! Click here to contact us NOW!

Witches Hat Filter: The Ultimate Guide

Are looking for a witches hat filter for your chemical or pharmaceutical industries?

If yes, then you need to read this guide. Because it focuses on the key aspects of witches hat filters as temporary strainers or commissioning strainers.

It covers everything, from basic definition, features, installation, design, and many other critical aspects. Let’s dive right in.

What are Industrial Witches Hat Filters?

First, it is important to show you what a Witches hat filter looks like.

Check out the figure below:

Witches hat filter

Witch hat filter – Photo courtesy: Norman Filters

I hope you can see that it bears the design of a cone.

Now let’s get down to its definition.

Witches hat filter, or cone filters are devices inserted in most of the inline high flow applications.

The separation occurs within the separation media which removes the unwanted debris.

Always go for the witches hat strainers with the capacity to eliminate as much debris as possible.

Remember the entry of debris into many pieces of equipment could eventually result in major systematic damages.

This is ideally not what you wish for!

Avoid problems by paying for value and by that I mean you purchase your witches hat filters from trusted suppliers.

What is the unique attribute about the trusted suppliers?

Well, these businesses put customer satisfaction fast because they know they will need you again.

They commit their resources, efforts and time towards the manufacture of reliable cone strainers.

As a customer, you end up with and effective and economical protection for your valves, pumps and other important parts.

Pay attention to the fact that the temporary filters aren’t developed to be used instead of permanent ones.

But, what I’m I implying by that?

Well. The point is that you need to remove them from the pipeline the moment the initial start up is over.

Next, let me take you through the factors you need to consider when buying this equipment.

How to Install Witches Hat Filters/Cone Filter

Is this starting to get a little complicated?

Don’t worry.

I will take you through everything in simplistic ways to ensure you become an expert by the end.

Conical filters

Conical filters

Proper installation of the cone filters will save you from unnecessary maintenance costs incurred from damages.

One way would be that you install it with the pointy end facing the flow or downstream.

The other way would be that you install it in such a way that it is against the flow (upstream).

Keep in mind that the equipment is mostly pointed upstream.

Do you know why?

That makes it possible for the particles to collect from the outer sections inwards.

Bear in mind that this orientation works best in case scenarios involving higher velocity rates.

With that said, let’s consider the case where the equipment faces downstream.

The important point to remember here is that the center portion of the pipeline bears greater velocity.

Of course, that is in relation to the other sections of the pipeline.

Understand that they are these differences in velocity that usually cause the particles to collect in the centre section.

How much do you know about basket strainers?

One important thing you should know is that it bears the same orientation.

Well, the point is that the cone strainer would help a huge deal has a wide range of applications.

In fact, it can serve quite well in cases requiring the maximization of the open area ratio.

Let’s now look at its design.

Witch Hat Filters Design

The first thing you notice looking at a Witch hat strainer is its unique make.

As mentioned earlier in the article, it takes up the shape of a cone.

In most cases, you will notice the layers of wire cloth which serves as the filtration element.

Witch hat filter design

Witch hat filter design

It is important to settle for strong and rigid filter material because that helps you separate the debris more effectively.

You also will realize that the multilayer meshes are designed in a rather unique way.

In fact, the end product bears a uniform filtration structure and that facilitates more effective filter operations.

Whatever your needs are, consider getting a witch hat filter that minimizes resistance by a large margin.

Always go for the sort of equipment that is constructed from proper, strong and durable materials.

Also bear in mind that the outstanding cone filter design goes along way helping maximize the flow area.

Paying for value basically means moving out there and obtaining a witches hat filters that guarantee you reliable operation.

You will also learn that leading Witch hat strainer manufactures pay a close focus to the size of pores.

In fact, there are quite many providers in the market currently that are able to develop pores of as little as 1 micron.

Basically, they go for a single mesh or a number of meshes.

However, what matters the most is that they succeed at achieving the appropriate micron rating.

Undoubtedly, that is exactly what you require to attain enhanced operations.

Read on to learn about the advantages.

Frankly, we know how confusing it can get at times identifying a trusted cone strainer manufacturer/supplier.

In as much as there are companies like ours that sell quality products, there are also scams out there!

They seek to sell you substandard witches hat filters that won’t serve your needs adequately.

We don’t promote such marker behavior and that is the reason we invest in providing real value for your money.

At FilSon Filters, our goal is to make you satisfied by selling you high quality products.

Our cone strainers have the best pore sizes and are manufactured from top quality materials.

We guarantee you smooth operations once you purchase our withes hat filters.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Witches Hat Filters

Avoid disappointments by adhering to the following guidelines:

Cone filter

Cone filters

  • Ensure that you settle for the more accurate pore sizes
  • Check out the perforation index to ensure you have the ideal one
  • It should be sturdy and pretty easy to handle
  • Go for the conical strainer design since it helps you achieve better purification and filtration in the oil applications
  • Check out for those that enable faster straining even if it means conducting research
  • Ensure you get witches hat filters with the capacity to reduce the mess significantly
  • Consider the size of the pipe and buy a fitting witch hat filter element
  • Check out the pressure rating of the equipment to ensure you got an ideal one
  • Go for equipment with the finest straining capabilities
  • Always check out the mesh-size and choose the appropriate one
  • Ensure you specify the flow direction to your provider
  • Remember to check out the material type

With that said, it’s time to show you how to install the cone strainers

Advantages of Witches Hat Filters

  • They serve as an economical and efficient alternative to the Y or basket strainers. Of course this applies for situations where you’re using witches hat strainers.
  • Bear screens manufactured from 100% traceable materials
  • They are cleanable for reuse.
  • Showcase remarkable performance for the higher-pressure applications because they have larger open areas.
  • Pull along with a heavy gauge perforated plate which bears punched holes in an intricate pattern. This is helpful when it gets to capturing debris. That happens during the start-up in pipelines.
  • They are pretty easy to customize. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you have the stainless wire mesh. By the end of it all you will be in a position to filter out even the smallest of particles.
  • It is easy to obtain them in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 meshes up to 400 meshes
  • Their pre-filter conical screens don’t compel you to make modifications to your existing piping structure.
  • It is easy finding them in standard lengths.

Disadvantages of the Witches Hat Filters

It is obvious you understand that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Witches hat filter

Witches hat filter

It is the same case even with the Witches hat filters.

  • Some only work for very small applications.
  • Mostly, they function over very short time spans.
  • Some customers complain of scams. However, by making a proper research one can trace trusted suppliers.
  • A few customers complain that the cone strainer installation process is a complex one and time consuming.

We are glad you read this far and we appreciate it.

The motive has been to give you and in-depth understanding regarding cone strainers.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend that you adhere to this information the next time you go shopping.

That way, you will be guaranteed optimal performance in debris removal.

Our customer support team works around the clock to ensure we know what you require.

Our service delivery has always stood out among the rest and we take great pride in that!

Call us now or contact us through our website

Filson witches hat filter is efficient and durable with less maintenance and less replacement, even can be designed to remove particulates down to 1-micron size. Besides, it may maintain minimal pressure drop even in high flow conditions.

  • Raw Material: SS 304/316, carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Operating Temperature: up to 800℉
  • Outer Diameter: 15-600 mm
  • Micron Rating: 1-2000 μm
  • Operating Pressure: 1.0-10.0 Mpa
  • Flow Direction: in-out, out-in, bi-directional


Note: if listed above dont meet your requirement, please consult for customization.

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