Filson Wire Wrap Screen

  • Minimum time and costs without gravel pack
  • Large inflow area with high production efficiency
  • Superior strength with good erosion resistance
  • Accurate slot size design for reliable sand control
  • Less clogging potential with extended longevity

Filson wire wrap screen is your optimum choice for various open holes and cased holes, providing high sand control reliability and accuracy. Custom service is our speciality, we manufacture wire wrapped screens totally depending on your independent dimensions.

  • Material: SS 304, 316L, carbon steel or other required alloys
  • Slot Size: 10-2000 μm
  • Perforation Size: 9.5-12.7 mm
  • Base Pipe OD: up to 280 mm
  • Open Area: 5-20 %

Note: any customization available, please consult Filson.

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Filson Wire Wrap Screen

Your Ideal Wire Wrap Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson wire wrap screen, or called wire wrapped screen, mainly consists of a wedge wire jacket and a perforated base pipe or support bars, both jacket and support pipe/bars are manufactured in SS 304/316L materials. It can be individually used for completions in well-sorted formations, or works with gravel pack for more strict sand control and increased productivity.

Compare to slotted liner sand screen, Filson wire-wrapped screen larger open area for inflow and higher mechanical strength for heavy load conditions. Besides, it features outstanding corrosion resistance, thus can easily handle harsh underground operation environments.

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