Wide Orifice Filter Pipette Tips

  • Larger opening allows to figure out viscous solutions
  • Smooth and uniform inner surface prevents liquid retention
  • Sterile options to free from RNase, DNase, DNA, endotoxin contamination
  • Compatible with w wide range of application with customized service
  • High-quality and virgin polypropylene to ensure excellent optical clarity

Compared to other types filter pipette tips, Filson wide orifice filter pipette tips have significantly larger opening, which eliminates cell fragmentation caused by mechanical shearing, hence it is an ideal solution for pipetting macromolecules in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and molecular biology.

  • Body material: virgin PP
  • Filter media: UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
  • Capacity: 10μl, 20μl, 100μl, 200μl, 1000μl, 1250μl, etc.
  • Filter diameter: 1.4 mm – 14.2 mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm – 4mm
  • Pore: 10 – 20 mm
  • BFE (bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency): 99.9%
  • Pipette tip form: beveled tip, finepoint tip, large orifice tip, micropoint tip, etc.
  • Inner package: 12 x 8 format/ 96 tips per rack
  • Outside package: 10 racks x 96 pcs
  • Color: natural or customized
  • Standards: DIN, EN, ISO

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Wide Orifice Filter Pipette Tips

Design to Protect Delicate Samples

Filson wide orifice filter pipette tips are designed with larger openings, making easier for liquids to flow in and out of tips, and minimize shear force to protect delicate samples such as DNA, RNA. Therefore, our products is able to simplify work with high-viscosity liquids like pure glycerol.

By utilizing high-quality and 100% virgin polypropylene, Filson wide orifice filter pipette tips have smooth and uniform inner surface to prevent liquid retention. Also, Filson adds low-retention coating to remove sticky and viscous samples cleanly and accurately.

All Filson wide orifice filter pipette tips are validated sterile, they can offer consistently performance in operating time. Filson provides customized service to meet different application needs for you.

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