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Backed by two decades years experience, Filson has advanced equipment, professional technical staff, and top-grade materials to fabricate high-performance products for customers.

  • Customized solutions available for unique needs
  • Large open area increases water flow and efficiency
  • Long trouble-free life with low energy consumption
  • Rigid structure reduces the possibility of collapse
  • Fully complying with industrial standards ensures reliable quality

What is Water Well Screen?

Filson water well screen, also known as V wire well screen, is specially designed to maintain a good water supply from the surrounding aquifer and ensures long-term satisfactory operation of the water well.

Fully welded structure gives Filson water well screen a strong construction to withstand deformation or collapse. With precision and small slots, it can perfectly prevent fine sands and sediment, which damages sensitive pumps through abrasion.

Filson water well screen enjoys a higher open area than other type of well screen, such as slotted pipe, punched pipe, and louver screens. Besides, Filson also provides other sizes of well screens, including 4-inch well screen, 10-slot well screen, etc.

Water Well Screen Main Categories by Materials

PVC Water Well Screen

Totally adopted by quality PVC materials, Filson PVC water well screen is featured with outstanding resistance to corrosion and chemicals, hence it can be used for longer service life in harsh conditions. It is available for 1/2 to 8 inch.

Stainless Steel Water Well Screen

Equipped with unique V-shaped wire construction, Filson stainless steel water well screen has little risks of clogging. Meanwhile, its minimal drawdown also reduces the energy usage of the pump, protecting the sensitive equipment and reducing the maintenance costs.

Galvanized Well Screen Pipe

Supported by superior mechanical strength and high collapse strength, Filson galvanized well screen pipe is able to withstand high pressure without deformation. Adding galvanized surface treatment, it also enjoys good resistance to corrosion.

Water Well Screen Types by Forms (6)

  • Johnson Water Well Screen
    As a cost-effective and reliable solution for water well development project, Filson Johnson water well screen is endowed with large flow rates and high filtration efficiency, which delivers flow rate three higher than bridge-slot screens and nine higher than slotted casings.
  • Bridge Slot Screen
    With unique bridge style design, Filson bridge slot screen has low possibility of blocking. And by using steel punching technology, it has increased mechanical robustness and water entering capacity. With light weight and cost-effective properties, it is convenient and easy operating.
  • Gravel Pack Screen
    Compared to rod based well screens, Filson gravel pack screen has higher collapse strength, which greatly saves maintain costs and improves the productivity of well. With various optimal filtration media, it achieves accuracy and precision sand control capacity.
  • Prepacked Well Screen
    Filson prepacked well screen is endowed with precise slot sizes, so it can realize high porosity and minimize water pressure drop. With smooth and V-shaped wire mesh, it avoids erosional affect and perfectly protect sensitive equipment.
  • Water Well Casing Pipe
    Fabricated in line with ASTM and NSF certifications, Filson water well casing pipe has reliable and durable quality. With outstanding physical and mechanical properties, our product becomes the predominant solution for water wells. Besides, it supports PVC, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.
  • Slotted Liner Sand Screen
    Filson slotted liner sand screen also referred to sand screen for water well. After advanced laser cutting technology with CNC indexing system, Filson product has highly precision slot size and shapes, which improves sand control capacity and production efficiency.

Water Well Screen Types by Applications (5)

  • Screen Pipe for Borewell
    Filson screen pipe for borewell is featured with smooth surface, so hydraulic resistance is lower than other types. And with precision slots, it also has high filtration accuracy and clogging-free. Available for various materials, it enjoys high mechanical strength under harsh conditions.
  • Screen Pipe for Air Conditioning Well
    With more than 28% porosity, Filson screen pipe for air conditioning well is able to reduce water infiltration speed and the flow resistance, which not only increases the water intake but also reduces the precipitation period.
  • Screen Pipe for Geothermal Well
    Featured with excellent filtration, anti-blocking and erosion resistance, Filson screen pipe for geothermal well is capable of prolonging the life cycle of the geothermal well while reducing the cost. Besides, thanks to trapezoidal structure, it can selfe-cleaning.
  • Screen Pipe for Precipitation Well
    Through precision machining, Filson screen pipe for precipitation well enjoys higher pressure bearing capacity than other pipes because its surface without welding process. And it also has superb sand control capacity to prevent outside particles entering and reduces energy loss.
  • Deep Well Screen Pipe
    Compare to bridge type and cement pipe, Filson deep well screen pipe has lightweight and easy to go down into the well, which greatly reduces the risks and other unsafe factors caused by construction. With highly mechanical strength, it prolongs deep well lasting life.

Water Well Screen Benefits

Extended Life
Extended life

Each intersection is welded, Filson water well screen creates a strong and durable screen to withstand high pressure. Besides, it is available for backwashing.

Light Weight
Light weight

With a lighter weight than a metal well screen, Filson PVC well screen is easier to install and handle with less labor costs.

Low Operation Costs
Low operation costs

Supporting large areas, Filson water well screen has effective water flow, high yield, and lower pressure drops, which allows our product to use less energy.

Various Types
Various types

Based on your application needs, Filson water well screen provides diverse types and materials, such as PVC, stainless steel, galvanized metal, etc.

Water Well Screen Specific Features

  • Highly mechanical strength with water entering capacity
  • Well-stocked inventory available at any times
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Precise and consistent slot openings
  • Larger open area with low water flow speed
  • Effectively improve the productivity and efficiency of water well
  • Variety of well screens available for different wells
  • Allowable to clean and reuse for a long lifespan
  • Excellent sand control capacity to protect the water pump
  • Superior materials and quality for high-performance
  • Fully service for rebuild/repair of water well screen

Specifications of Water Well Screen

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304, 316, etc
  • Product Style: fishing neck style, open top style
  • Shape: rod, cone
  • Length: 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”
  • Thickness: 0.188”, 0.116”, 0.125”, 0.25”, etc
  • Hole diameter: 1/16”, 1/4”, 3/16”, etc
  • Sizes: 3-1/2”, 4”, 4-1/2”, 5”, 5-1/2”, etc
  • Outer diameter: 1-3/4”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-7/8”, etc
  • Rod diameter: 3/16”, 1/4”, or customized
  • Open area perforation: 33%
  • Standard: API, ISO

Why Choose Filson Water Well Screen

Water Well Screen Factory
Water Well Screen Production

Formed by a V-shaped wire and structure, Filson water well screen greatly improves water well efficiency to keep a steady pump and long operating life of water well. And continuous-slot screens create more intake area than any other type.

What’s more, Filson water well screen is equipped with inwardly opening slots, which allows in-flow to prevent sand particles from remaining in screen. Thanks to its outstanding clogging-free property, our products enjoy longer service life and low maintenance consumption.

According to applications and forms, Filson water well screen is available in extensive types, such as bridge slot screen, gravel pack screen, prepacked well screen, etc. It is an ideal solution for borewells, air conditioning wells, geothermal wells, etc.

Backed by rich experience in the design and manufacture, and strict inspection from materials to final production, Filson aims to deliver high-quality water well screens for customers. Filson supports customized service, and special sizes can be supplied upon customizers’ needs.

If you want to know more detailed information or want to get a special design water well screen, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Filson – Providing Superior Products and First-Class Services

With extensive experience, a professional design team, skilled technical staff and fast deliver methods, Filson always offers the best for you!

Water Well Screen FAQ Guide

How to Clean a Water Well Screen?

How to Clean a Water Well Screen

Before clean, there are three things you need to prepare:

  • Granular acid (muriatic, phosphoric, or sulfamic)
  • Measuring cup
  • Protective gear

Then, let’s clean your water well screen. First, open the priming plug port, which is usually located before the pump inlet. Then add the acid. Remember to wear protective gear such as a face mask and gloves. And the granules need to dissolve slowly and gradually reach the water well screen. Finally, after about 12 hours the acid will clean off the build-up sediment.

What are the Best Materials for A Water Well Screen?

 What are the Best Materials for A Water Well Screen

Water well screen is available in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, PVC, galvanized carbon steel, carbon steel, etc. However, based on their properties, stainless steel and PVC materials are the suitable choice.

A stainless steel water well screen has high mechanical strength, but corrosion resistance is low and costs more. PVC water well screen enjoys outstanding corrosion resistance and is lightweight, but it is not stronger than stainless steel.

What are the Various Designs of a Water Well Screen?

 What are the Various Designs of a Water Well Screen

These include continuous slot screens, slot pipes, torch cut screens, wire wrap, bridge slots, shutter screen design, etc. Each of them has a unique efficiency level, if you want to buy a suitable one, you can get a recommendation from a water well driller or Filson professional sales.

How to Do When the Flow Rate Doesn’t Increase after Cleaning

 How to Do When the Flow Rate Doesn’t Increase after Cleaning

You can check the well pump, groundwater level, or water filters. What’s more, a pressure booster pump or constant pressure valve can also increase water pressure.

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