Filson Water Intake Screen

  • Superior corrosion resistance for long-term underwater operation
  • Large screen surface area with high water filtration efficiency
  • Reliably prevent debris from clogging downstream equipment
  • No moving parts and flexible flange connections for ease of installation
  • Less energy consumption and costs without any power supply need

Filson is a proven company specialising in water intake screen design and manufacture and we can satisfy each of your custom requirements. Providing optimal suitability for your application is always Filson’s target. You can send your independent specifications or unique requirements to us and our engineers will design one water intake screen for you accordingly.

  • Raw Material: SS 304, 316, 904L, 2205, cooper-nickel alloy or as required
  • Flow Velocity: 0.15 m/sec or less
  • Slot Size: 0.3-190 mm
  • Coated: anti-biofouling coating available
  • Shape: T-type, drum, flat, half-barrel

Note: listed above for standard, custom available.

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Filson Water Intake Screen

Your Premier Water Intake Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson water intake screen, or known as passive intake screen, is a kind of wedge wire intake screen which manufactured by v-shaped wedge wires, commonly in SS 304/316 material. It is capable of preventing unwanted debris to be sucked into the pump and protecting nearby aquatic organisms.

Filson water intake screens feature prominent corrosion and temperature resistance to ensure a sustained and effective operation even under salt, brackish or fresh, and icy water. Available in various shapes like T-type, drum style and half barrel shapes to meet different applications and installation requirements.

You can utilize Filson water intake screens to collect water for a variety of power plants, manufacturing facilities, and municipalities as cooling water or process water or for other usages. With great installation flexibility, Filson water intake screens can be installed offshore or near the power station.

If you focus on bioflouling, Filson can supply cooper-nickel material or anti-bioflouling coatings to solve this problem. Besides, we also design the system with multiple water intake screens working together for large flow rate need.

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