Water Filter Bags

Your Ideal Water Filter Bag Choice For All Process Industries

Filson supplies the top quality water filter bags available in mainly 8 filter media: polypropylene needle felt, polyester needle felt, nylon monofilament mesh, melt-blown polypropylene, cotton needle felt, fiberglass, Nomex, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

You can pick an ideal Filson water filter bag from materials, connection types, and micron rates to achieve different chemical or mechanical properties. With an advanced filter bag production line and over-18-year experienced engineer experts, Filson can assure providing you with the top quality and most suitable filter bags.

Water Filter Bags

Polyester Filter Bag
Filson polyester filter bag is the most widely used filter bag in food&beverage industry, with the advantages of economic efficiency, balanced chemical resistance and mechanical property.
Polypropylene Filter Bags
Filson polypropylene filter bags are benefit from excellent strong alkalies&acids resistance, used in a variety of applications from chemical processing to food industry.
Nylon Filter Bags
Filson nylon filter bags are mainly made of single-filament nylon woven mesh, features eminent permeability with thinnest configuration among all filter bags.
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Bags
Filson stainless steel mesh filter bags are resist to high temp(480°C) and strong corrosion, reusable for prolonged service life.
Needle Felt Filter Bag
Filson needle felt filter bag is tightly needled into a thin and dense configuration, provide optional filtration accuracy from 1µm to 200µm.
Size 1 Filter Bags
Filson size 1 filter bags are widely adaptable with all #Size 1 filter housings with standard 7.2” Dia*12” Len and customizable flanges.
Size 2 Filter Bags
Filson not only supplies standard size 2 filter bags as your filter bag replacement choice, but also provides matching filter housings.
0.5 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 0.5 micron filter bag shows a significant impurity removal efficiency about 99.9% with absolute filtration accuracy of 0.5µm, becomes a popular option on critical filtration.
1 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 1 micron filter bag is a most widely used filter which will remove most bacteria with nominal micron rate 1.
5 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 5 micron filter bag are commonly applied in critical filtration in water treatment and inks processing industry.
10 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 10 micron filter bag can retain 99.98% of impurity particles under 10 µm, is a popular selection of depth filtration.
25 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 25 micron filter bag can be manufactured with nylon mono filament mesh, melt blown polypropylene, polyester needle felt.
50 Micron Filter Bag
The no-bypass welded seams of Filson 50 micron bags eliminate the possibility of fluid bypass through needle holes.
100 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 100 micron filter bag is typically used in coarse filtration with nominal precision 100 µm.
150 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 50 micron filter bag are available in a variety of sizes: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”, 4”*8”, 4”*14”.
180 Micron Filter Bag
Filson supplies 180 micron filter bags in many material such as polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt and nylon mono filament mesh.
190 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 190 micron filter bag is an ideal replacement of Magical Butter 190 micron filter bag, efficiently on sediment capturing.
200 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 200 micron filter bags are mainly made of polyester (PE) or polypropylene(PP) which owns good hydrophobicity, thus usually used as liquid filter bags.
300 Micron Filter Bag
You can utilize Filson 300 micron filter bag in pre filtration process for initially removing the large particle.
400 Micron Filter Bag
Filson 400 micron filter bag is applicable in many fields as pre-filter: parts washing systems, bulk chemicals, coolants.
Food Grade Filter Bags
Filson food grade filter bags adopted FDA compliant filter media as material, such as polypropylene, to keep safe processing of foods.
Replacement Filter Bags
Filson replacement filter bags encompasses industrial water filter bags, adhesives processing filter bags, solvents filter bags, etc. You can obtain almost all commonly used filter bag replacements here.

Why Filson Your Best Choice?

Filson water filter bags can be applied as pre-filter / coarse filters as well as critical filters and are available in broadly micron rating range from 0.5 to 1000. When you need high flow industrial water filter bags, Filson still has a mature series of hi-flow filter bags with a flow rate capacity of 6m3/hr to 40m3/hr.

Therefore, Filson water filter bags can help you to build a versatile, expense-reduced filtration system due to the appropriate design of filtration accuracy, chemical resistance, and physical properties(flow rate capacity, thermal resistance, rigidity, etc.).

For standard size Filson filter bags that are in stock, Filson generally ensures a quick delivery time within 7 days. Even for special customized bulk orders, Filson can also complete in a short period within 25 days owing to skilled workers and adequate productivity.

Tip: standard sizes are shown in the sheet below.

Filson Water Filter Bags Catalog

Filson: Professional Water Filter Bag Manufacturer in China-MOQ50PCs

Filter media of Filson water filter bags can be processed with different processes to obtain different benefits. For instance, polypropylene(PP) processed as needle felt media is thicker and can achieve fine precision of 1 micron than monofilament mesh, which is suitable for deep filtration.

Food Grade Size 2 Fine Mesh Filter Bag

Food Grade Size 2 Fine Mesh Filter Bag

Meanwhile, monofilament mesh filter bags, such as nylon mesh filter bags, will be your optimal solution for surface filtration and high flow condition of the single-layer structure and better permeability.

You can choose needle felt Filson water filter bags, generally from single or multiple layers, from 1 to 12. single layer filter bags features the best performance of liquid penetration. In comparison, multi-layer filter bags brings a progressive density design that results in gradually finer filtration.

Industrial Water Filter Bags Raw Material Stock

Industrial Water Filter Bags Raw Material Stock

Among them, Filson multi-layer micron filter bags can assure consistent filtration efficiency of over +99.98%. Hence, Filson water filter bags are widely used for replacing many popular brands of filter bags due to their comparable performance.

Liquid Filter Bags for Beer Filtration

Liquid Filter Bags for Beer Filtration

Moreover, the standardized dimensions also provide the feasibility of choosing Filson filter bags as your filter bag replacement. You can select refer to the following sizes.

Liquid Filter Bags Manufacturer

Liquid Filter Bags Manufacturer

Alternatively, if they differ from your ideal filter bag size, feel free to contact Filson all the time to get custom feasibility.

Standard Micron Bag Sizes


Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9Size 12




Tip: slight dimensional differences may exist between standard models of different brands, please contact Filson to customize.

*Polyester vs polypropylene filter bag

Filson polyester filter bag performs better in solvents filtration, features higher tensile strength and temp resistance up to 145°C, while Filson polypropylene filter bag is more suitable for alkalies and acids filtration in view of strong corrosion compatibility.

Nylon Cotton PP Filter Bags in All Size

Nylon Cotton PP Filter Bags in All Size

Corrosive resistance: polyester < polypropylene

Temperature resistance: polypropylene < polyester

*Does Filson provide OEM service?

Certainly, Filson can provide OEM service for you. We can manufacture large filter bags of far more than 8.4”*34”, and special fine mesh filter bags such as 25-micron mesh bags. Just send the requirements and discuss with us via!

Polyester Needle Felt PP 1 Micron Absolute Filter Bags

Polyester Needle Felt PP 1 Micron Absolute Filter Bags


  • FDA listed material for safe food production
  • Cost-reductive and low replacement frequency
  • Easy to install and remove with simplified design
  • Widely filtration accuracy from 0.5 to 1000 microns
  • Less storage space needs to facilitate bulk purchasing
  • Large surface area for max particle holding capacity


MaterialPremier PolypropylenePolypropylenePolyesterNylon MeshGlass FiberCottonStainless Steel
Filter Bag Micron Rating0.5-1001-2001-2005-10001-2002-2002-200
Max Operating Temperature (°C)9090145160400150400
Available Connectionsdrawstring; no ring;

flange(polyester, polypropylene, nylon);

ring(stainless steel, polypropylene, carbon steel plated)

Models#size 1, #size 2, #size 3, #size 4, #size 5, #size 6, #size 7, #size 8, #size 9, #size 12

Water Filter Bags for Multi Bag Filter Vessel

Water Filter Bags for Multi Bag Filter Vessel

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