Vickers Filter Elements

  • Available in filtration efficiency from 1 to 200 micron
  • Huge dirt-holding capacity, large filtration area
  • Customized sizes optional suitable for most filter housings
  • Mainly used in high temperature and corrosion environment
  • Cleanable and reusable for longer working life
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO standards
  • Sophisticated production team and advanced technology

Similar as other hydraulic filter elements, Filson Vickers filter element are available with various materials, construction types and micron ratings to fit for your hydraulic system. With high efficiency up to 99.99%, our Vickers filter elements can effectively remove impurities and extend your filter’s life.

  • Material: fiberglass, stainless steel, paper
  • Filtration Accuracy: 1 – 200 micron
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ – 110℃
  • Operating Pressure: from 21bar to 210bar
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Structure Strength: up to 21.0 MPa
  • Sealing Material: nitrile rubber, flurine rubber

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Vickers Filter Elements

Your Leading Vickers Filter Elements Supplier in China

Available with customized materials, micron ratings and sizes, Filson Vickers filter elements have outstanding features, like huge dirt-holding capacity and large flow rate. Therefore, it servers various applications, including petrochemical industry, railway industry, metallurgy industry, etc.

The designed filtration precision of Filson Vickers filter element range from 1 to 200 micron, while operating normally even in 110℃ conditions. Allowable to clean and reuse, Filson will provide you a high-quality filter element with competitive price.

Since Filson is an one-stop filter element manufacturer, you can find not only high-quality Vickers filter element replacement here, but also components or fittings of your filtration system. Besides, if you need a stronger and higher temperature-resistant filter element, sintered metal filters can best meet your needs.

If you want to learn more detailed information about Filson Vickers filter element replacement, please Click Here.

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