Tubewell Casing Pipe

  • Superior strength to resist erosion and corrosion
  • High grade raw materials ensures stable performance
  • Light-weight for easy transport, handle and install
  • Smooth and clean surface ensures larger flow
  • Different dimensions in line with customized needs

Filson tubewell casing pipe is fabricated with high level raw materials, which has superior resistance to most chemicals without scaling and clogging. Also, manufactured under strict quality control with latest technology, it makes the system almost maintenance free.

  • Material: PVC, HDPE, UPVC, etc
  • Wall thickness: 1mm – 150mm
  • Outer diameter: 6mm – 2500mm
  • Length: up to 7m
  • Surface: polishing, annealing, pickling, bright
  • Surface color: blue, white, etc
  • Service life: more than 50 years
  • Suitable for Well Depth: 80 m to 250 m
  • Standard:ASTM, ISO, EN, API

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Tubewell Casing Pipe

Zero Hassle Casing Pipe with Salient Quality

Tubewell system usually invalid due to corrosion in the surroundings, which degrades the surface and reduces the effective surface. These risks pose threats to your applications. Filson tubewell casing pipe uses quality materials, delivering perfect protection under harsh conditions.

Compare to traditional casing pipe, Filson tubewell casing pipe completely immune to corrosion and provide excellent resistance to aggressive elements without the risk of encrustation. In addition, it has superb strength and stiff to withstand external hydraulic pressure.

As it is free from rusting, weathering and chemical reactions, Filson tubewell casing pipe enjoys longer service life and low maintain costs, which offers an economical solution for your applications in contrast to other pipes.

Filson offers a range of products to enhance and optimal the performance of your applications, we also provide customized service for special requirements. All our products are made under international standards, with top systems for quality assurance.

If there are any needs for customized service, please Click Here to connect us! Our professional sales and technical support staff is always ready to help.

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