Filson Tri Clamp Aeration Stone

  • Easily oxygenate the wort for healthy yeast and great tasting beer
  • Precisely control the pore size to meet your exact needs
  • Highly resistant to thermal and corrosive conditions
  • Carefully design and manufacture to customer specifications
  • Suitably match with your equipment

Filson tri-clamp aeration stone is perfectly suitable for your aeration system to provide the best performance. High-grade stainless steel keeps it clean and durable for a long time of use.

  • Body material: SS 304, SS 316/316 L, Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy, and more
  • Working temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: maximum 3.4MPa ( typically 0.2 – 2MPa )
  • Micron rating: most effective from 0.5 to 3 μm (usually 0.5 or 2 micron)
  • Porosity: 35 – 50 %
  • Length: 1 – 12 inch ( mostly 1 – 4 inch )
  • Connection: tri-clamp

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Filson Tri Clamp Aeration Stone

Your Premier Tri-Clamp Aeration Stone Manufacturer in China

Filson aeration stone is manufactured with various connection designs and tri-clamp is one of the most frequently used types. Tri-clamp is the common name for sanitary fittings with a clamp end ferrule, sometimes called a sanitary connection.

Filson tri-clamp size is determined by the OD (outside diameter) of the tubing instead of the diameter of the ferrule flange. So when ordering your aeration stone, make sure the tri-clamp size is correct, to connect with your existing system.

Filson tri-clamp aeration stone is mostly found in beer brewing, wort aeration, fish farming, or aquarium filtration system. For those applications, the stone has the same working principle — to introduce air or oxygen to liquid and support the growth of the creatures involved in the system.

Please double-check every specification to avoid errors in ordering and assembly. Filson is here waiting for your inquiry.

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