Filson Traveling Water Screens

  • Large screen area with efficient debris removal
  • High durability with extended service longevity
  • Bespoke design available for independent application
  • Fish-friendly screens without harming aquatic life
  • Simplified maintenance with low labor costs and injury risks

Filson traveling water screens, also named traveling screens, provide an ideal solution for raw water intake to remove debris and protect downstream equipment. Also it can be designed to be a fish screen, allowing debris-free water inflow without harming aquatic life.

  • Screen Material: SS 304/316L or as required
  • Screen Frames Material: aluminum or mild steel
  • Mesh Size: 0.07-0.50 in.
  • Screen Width: 2-14 ft.
  • Vertical Height: up to 100 ft.

Note: listed sheet for standard type, customization available.

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Filson Traveling Water Screens

Your Preferred Traveling Water Screens Manufacturer in China

Typically, Filson traveling screens construction of SS 304 or 316 (L) materials with superior corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. And standard screen widths are available in sizes from 2 to 14 ft. with height up to 100 ft. Custom dimensions are available totally depending on your special needs.

Filson is one of the best traveling water screens manufacturers in China and owns rich experience of engineering & manufacturing. Not only for original designs, Filson also excels at fabricating replacements of a series of popular brands, like Rex traveling water screens, Atlas traveling water screens, Siemens traveling water screens, etc.

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