Tote Filter Cart

Filson Tote Filter Cart (TFC) features a durable enclosure and impact-resistant panel. They can provide excellent hydraulic and lubricating systems protection under the most arduous conditions.

This oil purifier is also equipped with a lightweight construction, which makes the Filson portable oil filter an ideal solution in hydraulic & lubricating fluid conditions that require filtration requirements.

  • Tough and lightweight
  • Two-stage filtering to reduce oil contamination
  • Anti-explosion or built-in tank options
  • Extended oil exchange intervals
  • 100% Customized service

Two stage filtration offers the advantages of removing both particulate and water contamination.

This filter cart shell adopts a quick open structure, you can open the upper covers and replace the filter cartridge without using any tools.

With this Oil Filtration Unit (TFC), the end-users can customize set points to suit specific applications for their systems such as, built-in tank or anti-explosion enclosure. All Filson products are 100% customized upon request.

Tote Filter Cart specification

Flow Rate L/min32405063100
Temperature Range°C5-80 (+40°F ~ +175°F)
Viscosity Range cSt10-160
Rated Pressure Mpa0.6
Pressure Loss Mpa=0.02
Primary Filtration µm100
First Fine Filtration µm3, 5, 10, 20
Second Fine Filtration µm3, 5, 10, 20, 40
Alarm?P Mpa0.2
Supply Power3 Phase,380 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor Power kw0.751.
Weight Kg135145150156182
Dimensions (mm)950x560x900950x560x900950x560x900950x560x9001100x660x1000

Explore Product Details

  • +

    Durable enclosure

    Better protects all component

  • +

    Easy mobility 4 wheels

    Low noise , stable operation

  • +

    Built-in tank (optional)

    Makes filtering, transferring, and topping off reservoirs more easy.

  • +

    Quick-opening covers

    Fast and easy change filter elements

  • +

    Differential pressure Indicator

    Alarming that filter elements need to be replaced

  • +

    Explosion-proof (optional)

    Helps keep the work area safe and clean, better system protection

  • +

    Dual-stage filters

    The first filter captures larger particles, while the second removes finer particles or water.

  • +


    Variety customized colors with Industrial powder-coated paint

  • +

    Suction filter

    Enhances life of pump

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