Tote Filter Cart

Filson Tote Filter Cart (TFC) features a durable enclosure and impact-resistant panel. They can provide excellent hydraulic and lubricating systems protection under the most arduous conditions.

This oil purifier is also equipped with a lightweight construction, which makes the Filson portable oil filter an ideal solution in hydraulic & lubricating fluid conditions that require filtration requirements.

  • Tough and lightweight
  • Two-stage filtering to reduce oil contamination
  • Anti-explosion or built-in tank options
  • Extended oil exchange intervals
  • 100% Customized service

Explore Product Details

  • Durable enclosure

    Better protects all component

  • Easy mobility 4 wheels

    Low noise , stable operation

  • Built-in tank (optional)

    Makes filtering, transferring, and topping off reservoirs more easy.

  • Quick-opening covers

    Fast and easy change filter elements

  • Differential pressure Indicator

    Alarming that filter elements need to be replaced

  • Explosion-proof (optional)

    Helps keep the work area safe and clean, better system protection

  • Dual-stage filters

    The first filter captures larger particles, while the second removes finer particles or water.

  • Colors

    Variety customized colors with Industrial powder-coated paint

  • Suction filter

    Enhances life of pump

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