Filson Titanium Rod Filter

  • Large dirt holding capacity with a high filtration accuracy
  • High porosity for excellent air permeability
  • Strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance to suit any harsh conditions
  • Careful design for large filter area per unit of volume
  • Washable, recycled, and low operating costs

Since the establishment, Filson has always been focusing on the design and production of titanium rod filter. With great manufacturing capability, we can provide you with personalized solutions according to your needs.

  • Construction material: titanium ( able to be produced in different grades titanium )
  • Operating temperature: Max. 500 – 600℃
  • Micron ratings: 0.1 – 100 μm
  • Porosity: 28 – 45%
  • Nominal length: 5’’, 10’’, 20’’, 30’’
  • Outside diameter: 6 – 130mm
  • Penetration efficiency: 95 – 99%

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Filson Titanium Rod Filter

Your Premier Titanium Rod Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson titanium rod filter is an ideal filter element for decarbonization, separation, and purification in a variety of industries, such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, bioengineering, and metallurgical industry.

Filson titanium rod filter is sintered with high purity titanium powder to provide the best quality and performance for your applications. With high temperature and corrosion resistance, it can be used in a wide range of chemical solutions and other tough environments.

When the filter medium enters the Filson titanium rod filter from the liquid inlet, the impurities are first removed by the surface of the titanium rod and formed a dense filter layer with gaps on the surface to carry out the next filtration.

Titanium is greatly stable in the air at room temperature. So when applying a Filson titanium rod filter to your filtration system, you can feel free to use it. Any other additional information about the product can be known by contacting us today.

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