Filson: Professional Titanium Mesh Manufacturer

As a titanium wire mesh factory backed by more than two decades of experience, Filson always provides high-quality and cost-effective titanium wire mesh for our customers.

  • Light weight with excellent strength metal
  • High corrosion resistance and heat resistance
  • Wide range of sizes, shapes, and application
  • Uniform pore distribution for stable performance
  • Smooth and flat surface with no burrs
  • Available for custom manufacturing services

What is Titanium Mesh?

Filson titanium wire mesh, also known as titanium wire cloth or titanium filter mesh, is an excellent metal mesh with special attributes over other metals, such as low density, high strength, good ductility, etc.

Therefore, Filson titanium mesh has a wide range of applications, including filter elements, chemical industry, medicine, battery industry, desalination, shipbuilding, etc.

All Filson titanium wire mesh is fabricated depending on your unique requirements, we offer woven titanium mesh, titanium expanded mesh, etc, and different shapes like plates, discs, and baskets.

What’s more, Filson titanium wire mesh through a special weaving process, featuring our product with a compact and dense structure to last for longer service time.

Titanium Wire Mesh Categories

Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

Filson titanium woven wire mesh is featured with excellent corrosion resistance, lightweight, and high strength performance, it is mainly applied in various fields like shipbuilding, the chemical industry, surgery, and so on. Our most fine titanium wire can reach 0.03 mm.

Titanium Expanded Mesh

As the most versatile, cost-effective product, Filson titanium expanded mesh has wide applications in filtration, battery electrode mesh, chemical industry, etc. With specially treated surface, it possesses a smooth surface and no glitches, which does not hurt your hands.


Titanium Mesh Plate

Filson titanium mesh plate has higher flexibility and strength, its mechanical properties is very close to natural bones. With crack resistance, finishing, lightweight, and long service life, our product is an ideal companion in the medical field, especially in skull repair.

Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

After flattened and annealed processing, Filson titanium wire mesh screen has a smooth and flat surface, which is suitable for electrolyzer or fuel cell stacks. It can filter chemical liquids under acid and alkaline conditions, by using 0.1 mm – 5.5 mm pure titanium wire.

Titanium Wire Mesh Filter Disc

Filson titanium wire mesh filter disc can be fabricated into a single layer, multi layer based on customized needs. For multi-layer types, we provide cover edges, and weld methods to ensure flat appearance. With 99% filtration efficiency and strength, it is a normal solution for many fields.

Titanium Mesh Basket

Combined titanium mesh with support mesh, Filson titanium mesh basket can be applied in gas and liquid conditions. It is strong and light with a higher corrosion resistance, demonstrating well in desalination plants, and marine conditions. Besides, it has a longer-term service life.

Popular Products For Titanium Mesh (4)

  • Titanium Pipe Screen
    Different with stainless steel and brass materials screen, Filson titanium pipe screen will not generate fumes and release odd taste. With more than 19 air diffusion holes, it boats better consistent airflow while it can also prevent foreign particle pass through with accuracy filtration.
  • Platinized Titanium Mesh
    Due to its outstanding practical performance like compact structure, light weight and excellent conductivity, Filson platinized titanium mesh is an desirable solution for anodes, electrolyzer stack, etc. After flattened and annealed process, its smooth surface ensures its advantages.
  • Titanium Anode Mesh
    By cutting down voltage, Filson titanium anode mesh can save almost 20% energy. As an ideal alternative to lead anode, its strengths lie in stable performance in high corrosion conditions and oxidization environment, cleaning and health fields.
  • With nano-level coating process, Filson iridium oxide coated titanium anodes offers firm coating to ensure high current density, which improves work efficiency and save energy. Thanks to its reusable titanium base materials, it is environmentally friendly.

Titanium Mesh Types by Applications (4)

  • Because of bio-compatibility of titanium and well-tolerated, Filson titanium mesh is a desirable material for cranioplasty, especially in reconstruct the neurocranium. With high accuracy and firm structure, it can last for at least two years.
  • Titanium Mesh Dental
    Due to outstanding strength, low density, high corrosion resistance and well biocompatibility, Filson titanium mesh is simple but effective choice for dental, in particular is guided bone regeneration(GBR). Its space-maintaining capacity is excellent compared with other materials.
  • Medical Titanium Mesh
    Fabricated in sterile condition, Filson medical titanium mesh caters to medical requirements. Thanks to its easy to molded and cut, high compression performance and well histocompatibility, it provides professional-grade service for medical applications.
  • Titanium Mesh Electrode
    Popular by its light weight, strong corrosion resistance and firm structure, Filson titanium mesh electrode is used widely in cathodic protection, hydrogen evolution, electro galvanizing, etc. What’s more, it also can be coated with various material layers to improve properties.

Filson Titanium Mesh Benefits

Excellent Heat Property
Excellent Heat Property

Featured with a high melting point of up to 1668°C, Filson titanium mesh maintains its color and functions normally in high temperatures.

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

By generating dense and inert oxide film, Filson titanium mesh can be used in high corrosion like seawater, wet chlorine, nitric acid, metal chlorides organic salts, etc.

Good Compatible Performance
Good Compatible Performance

Because of its purity and high-grade quality, Filson titanium mesh has good stability, thus it will not react or impact on human body. It is called as biomimetic metal.

Sturdy Strength&Structure
Sturdy Strength & Structure

Filson fully utilizes titanium’s properties of tensile and high strength to fabricate titanium mesh, that’s why Filson products can withstand various harsh environments.

Main Features of Titanium Mesh

Having rich experience in making and providing titanium mesh, Filson promises customers titanium mesh with the following features:

  • Low density and high tensile strength
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding filtration performance
  • Easy to weld, shaping, and mold
  • Good thermal property
  • Excellent durability and nontoxic
  • Wide range of size, shape, and thickness
Main Features of Titanium Mesh

Why Choose Filson Titanium Mesh

Titanium Mesh Factory
Titanium Mesh Production

Filson is grounded on a long-standing expertise in manufacturing reliable titanium wire mesh, we possess professional technicians, a mature line, and thoughtful services, thus we promise to provide top-quality products for you.

Due to the outstanding properties of Filson titanium wire mesh, it performs well in harsh conditions, including seawater, wet chlorine, etc. What’s more, we add choices, like platinum coated, ruthenium iridium coating, and platinum plated to meet various applications.

As an OEM-level manufacturer, Filson only uses high-quality and purity titanium, time-proven design, to support any shapes, sizes and mesh size depending on your application needs.

If you are interested in our titanium wire mesh or want to learn more details, please feel free to give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at Filson will never let you down and provide you with high-quality products.

Titanium Mesh General Specifications

As an OEM manufacturer, Filson can support your unique design. Of course, you can also choose in line with general specifications:

  • Material Grade: TA1, TA2 GR1, GR2, R50250, TC4, titanium alloy, etc
  • Wire Diameter: 0.03 mm to 6 mm
  • Width: 50 mm – 2000 mm
  • Thickness: 0.1 – 3 mm
  • Mesh number: 0.3 mesh – 400 mesh
  • Sheet Size: customized sizes available
  • Product Style: discs, plates, baskets, or customized available
  • Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, etc
  • Appearance: black or bright
  • Mesh Size: 4 mesh – 150 mesh
  • Aperture Rate: 10% – 90%
  • Operating Temperature: 500 – 600°C
Various Applications of Titanium Mesh
  • Electroplating industry
  • Medical industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Battery industry
  • Surgery or skull repair & reconstruction
  • Desalination plants
  • Filtration industry
Titanium Mesh Manufacturer
Filson- Top-Rated Titanium Mesh Supplier in China

By utilizing advanced equipment and techniques, Filson becomes your reliable titanium wire mesh manufacturer and provider in China.

Titanium Mesh FAQ Guide

If you want to learn more detailed information about Filson titanium wire mesh, you can look here to find your answers.

Keep reading to know everything about Filson and Filson titanium mesh.

What are the Weaving Types of Titanium Mesh?

Titanium mesh weaving types can be divided into three types: woven, knitted, and expanded.

  • Woven titanium mesh: a kind of fabric or cloth with different weaving types, like plain, twill, plain dutch, and twill dutch.
  • Titanium expanded mesh: a metal mesh be cut and stretched into a regular pattern( often diamond-shaped).
  • Knitted titanium mesh: like knitted stainless steel mesh but using different metal materials.

What are the Weaving Types of Titanium Mesh

What is Titanium Mesh Cranioplasty?

Titanium mesh cranioplasty is one of the most common and effective methods to repair skull bones with the least complications.

To prevent skull bone destruction and deformity, cranioplasty surgery is needed. Titanium mesh is the most common material in cranioplasty.

By using titanium mesh cranioplasty, the following problems can be solved:

  • Cosmetic abnormality
  • Protecting the vulnerable tissue of the brain
  • Brain tum or cancer

Titanium mesh has different types and shapes to implant in the human body. Thanks to its good biocompatibility, titanium mesh can be used in the skull.

What is Titanium Mesh Cranioplasty

What is a Dental Mesh?

Dental mesh is used in GBR procedures to help the regeneration of bone volumes. Because titanium mesh has good mechanical strength, thus dental mesh can provide enough space for bone regeneration.

Thanks to its good plasticity, the dental mesh can be bent and shaped easily to fit patients’ bones. Dental mesh performs excellent in proper bone regeneration and hygiene maintenance for dental implant surgery.

What is a Dental Mesh

What is the Difference Between Platinum and Titanium?

The main difference between platinum and titanium is that platinum does not oxidize at any temperature, but titanium oxidizes and generates an oxidation film layer, which is compact and inert to prevent corroding.

And platinum is a noble element, you can see it frequently in jewelry, thus platinum is also more expensive than titanium. What’s more, platinum has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, which is 9.52×106S m−1, much higher than titanium.

Compared to platinum, titanium is much stronger than platinum, and can be bent and shaped easily. But both of them have good corrosion resistance.

What is the Difference Between Platinum and Titanium

How Strong is Titanium Mesh?

Titanium mesh is featured with high mechanical strength. Its tensile strength up to 140 MPa, and Vickers hardness ranges 830-3420 MPa.

 How Strong is Titanium Mesh

Is Titanium A Magnetic MRI?

Titanium is not affected by the magnetic field of MRI, as a paramagnetic material. The implant-based complications are very low, that’s why titanium can be used in skull repair, dental section, and other medical industries.

Is Titanium A Magnetic MRI

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