Titanium Mesh Electrode

  • Lighter weight with high strength
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Energy saving up to 20%
  • Reliable protection due to oxide layer
  • Longer service life to save maintain costs
  • Cost-effective choose for lead anodes
  • Healthy to human for no toxic accumulation

Filson titanium mesh electrode has excellent corrosion resistance and generate reliable oxide layer, thus it can maintain its stable performance to avoid electrolytic reaction under harsh conditions. Compared to general lead anodes, our products have light weight, high strength and productivity.

  • Raw material: pure titanium GR1, GR2, TA1, TA2
  • Shape: mesh
  • Mesh hole size: 3 mm x 2 mm or customable
  • Mesh thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Electrode size: 25 x 25 mm2, 50 x 50 mm2, 100 x 100 mm2, or customable

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Titanium Mesh Electrode

Your Premier Titanium Mesh Electrode Collaborator in China

Filson titanium mesh electrode is fabricated with top-grade titanium, which purity up to 99.95%, can be used in anodizing fields and will not generate contamination with other metal. It is also easy to maintain with no waste, unlike lead electrode.

Filson titanium mesh electrode also save maintain costs, with no needs to add cobalt sulfate for the electrolyte. What’s more, through special treatment, it decreases operating costs by increasing its productivity.

Filson also provides various related products, such as titanium expanded mesh, titanium woven wire mesh, titanium anode mesh, platinized titanium mesh. You can choice the most suitable product according to your needs.

Backed on rich experience, professional workers, advanced equipment and expert technician, Filson promises to provide reliable and economical titanium mesh electrode to fit your needs.

If you want to learn more detailed information about Filson titanium mesh electrode, please Click Here to contact us and tell us your requirement.

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