Filson Titanium Frit

  • Uniform porosity for even distribution of gas and liquid
  • Broad selection of dimensions to support all kinds of industries
  • Precise porosity control to provide the best balance of filtration
  • Good mechanical strength for high differential pressure applications
  • Excellent permeability and high efficiency

Filson is one of the professional titanium frit manufacturers in China. In filtration field, Filson has more than 20 years of rich experience. We construct titanium frit in the highest quality but at a relatively lower price than others.

  • Frit material: pure titanium, titanium alloys
  • Sealing ring material: PEEK, PCTFE, PTFE, ETFE, metal
  • Working temperature: ≤ 300℃
  • Pore size/filtration accuracy: usually 0.2 – 50μm
  • Shape: disc, cylinder
  • Disc diameter: 0.062’’ – 1.3’’
  • Disc thickness: 0.028’’ – 0.125’’
  • Ring OD: 0.062’’ – 1.5’’

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, please consult Filson for more details.

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Filson Titanium Frit

The Right Titanium Frit for Your Application

Filson titanium frit is a metal media made of different grades of pure titanium, with purity as high as 99.6%. Titanium is a popular construction material with good properties and can replace stainless steel in some conditions.

Filson titanium frit, experiencing a sintering process, is well suited for use in PEM electrolyzes and chromatography column systems. This titanium frit has a smooth, porous surface that gives good support for membranes and protects the components involved in the whole column system.

Compared to other titanium products, Filson titanium frit sintered from tiny titanium particles has high porosity and precise pore size to achieve better efficiency.

Besides, Filson also offers quality frits with other materials, like stainless steel, to satisfy your special needs. So when choosing your fritted filter, you can come to Filson for more professional advice.

Filson has titanium frits in stock to meet your urgent needs, and for a custom type, it may require another two weeks for production. Contact us today and get an instant quote about Filson titanium frit.

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