Filson Titanium Filter Housing

  • 100% stainless steel construction to resist high temperature
  • Flexible connection design for easy and quick operation
  • Unique sealing structure to ensure no leakage
  • Optimized process condition control for the best quality

Filson designs and manufactures titanium filter housing for the highest quality to resist high temperature and corrosion. It is completely fabricated using high-grade stainless steel materials, including SS 304 and SS 316L.

  • Materials of construction: 304, 316L stainless steel
  • Shell o-rings: silicone rubber, EPDM, fluorine
  • Connection of the housing: flange connector
  • Number of filters: 5 – 160 elements
  • External surface: Polished/sandblast
  • Top cover installed type: quick flange

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, custom service provided, contact Filson.

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Filson Titanium Filter Housing

Your Reliable Titanium Filter Housing Supplier in China

Filson titanium filter housing can be constructed into different dimensions. The size is typically determined by the titanium filter elements you applied. The housing is able to be made to contain 5 – 160 filter elements to meet your unique requirements.

Using 100% stainless steel material to build the Filson titanium filter housing makes it more resistant to high corrosion which makes it last for longer. And after being processed by the polishing tech, the rust problem can be solved very well.

Besides, Filson titanium filter housing is closely sealed to avoid any leakage of your process gases or liquids. As for the installation, Filson designs a quick flange to support a simple operation.

If you have any doubts or problems about Filson titanium filter housing, please feel free to contact us today. Our professional engineering sales will give the most helpful solutions. And Filson is here to customize a suitable titanium filter housing for you.

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