Filson Titanium Felt Fabrication Supplier

Filson is an ISO certified titanium felt fabricator in China.

We continuously provide custom titanium felt with high-quality, high electrical conductivity as well as outstanding regeneration.

  • Generally made of pure titanium
  • Able to offer custom manufacturing services
  • Reliable and fast delivery
  • Good chemical strength, high corrosion resistance
  • Better electrical conductivity with high porosity

What is Titanium Felt

Filson titanium felt, also called Filson titanium fiber felt, is ideally made of micron-level pure titanium through a high-temperature sintering process.

With high porosity up to 90%, Filson titanium felt features high electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance similar to nickel felt. Therefore, Filson titanium felt can be widely applied in corrosive places like PEM water electrolysis hydrogen industry and PEMFC fuel cells.

Filson titanium felt fabrication services give one-step felt solutions for your demands. Our process services contain paving and sintering. Through these fabrication, Filson can produce end-use titanium felt to meet your needs better.

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Titanium Felt By Features

Sintered Titanium Fiber

Filson sintered titanium fiber can operate normally under harsh environment with temperature ranging from -200℃ to 480℃. It is mainly applied in PEM water electrolysis hydrogen industry as a new energy.

Titanium Felt Paper

Filson always use titanium with purity up to 99% to manufacture titanium felt paper, featuring in high electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance. And Filson titanium felt paper is widely applied in gas diffusion layer and fuel cells.

Platinized Titanium Fiber Felt

Filson plantinized titanium fiber felt has better electrical conductivity and chemical stability. It can further improve surface quality and electrical conductivity by decreasing the oxidation existing in the high pressure environment.

Titanium Fiber Felt Filter Disc 

Since the diameter of Filson titanium fiber felt filter disc can reach 400mm, it has large filtration area and huge dirt-holding capacity. Filson titanium fiber filter disc can withstand high temperature up to 300℃ as well as corrosive environment.

Titanium Felt Benefits

Large surface area
Large Surface Area

Filson titanium felt can be fabricated into multiple dimensions as customized. Meanwhile, It all has large surface area to enhance the rate of electrical conductivity.

Depth filtration
Depth Filtration

It can filter particles ranging from 1 to 300 micron. Furthermore, depth filtration will be achieved due to its large surface area and high dirt-holding capacity.

High heat and corrosion resistance
High Heat&Corrosion Resistance

Max. working temp. of our titanium felt can reach 816℃, and it can be used in corrosive conditions like hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.

Longer life
Longer Life

Our titanium felt can be cleaned easily through chemical cleaning or ultrasonic washing ways. It certainly has a long service time up to 2 years with saved costs.

Advantages of Titanium Felt Fabrication

  • High porosity: With a high porosity ranging from 53% to 90%, Filson titanium felt has better electrical conductivity than other conventional felt, which can be widely used in battery industry.
  • Renewable material: Mostly fabricated with pure titanium, Filson titanium felt is regarded as a new energy and popular in PEM electrolyzer, fuel cell or environmental industry.
  • Compact structure: Compare to sintered porous titanium, Filson titanium felt is made of micron-level pure titanium fiber. Through compressing process, titanium felt has a compact and strong structure.
  • Multiple cleaning methods: You can choose chemical cleaning or ultrasonic washing ways to clean Filson titanium felt easily.
Filson Titanium Felt Fabrication Advantages

Choose Titanium Felt from Filson

Filson Titanium Felt Testing
Filson Titanium Felt Production Process

Filson is able to provide OEM service on titanium felt manufacturing. Filson titanium felt can also be fabricated into any sizes, shapes and number since Filson accepts customized designs in order to meet your demands.

Generally speaking, Filson titanium felt is often fabricated into square, and its common length is 1200mm as well as thickness being 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, etc. Certainly, except square, Filson has the ability to provide you disc, candle or other shapes according to your applications.

If you are interested in our titanium felt or want to learn more details, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at Filson will never let you down and provide you high-quality products.

Titanium Felt Features

Having more than 20 years experience on titanium felt-making, Filson can provide our customers titanium felt with following features:

  • Well electrical conductivity up to 2.38 x 106 S/m
  • High temperature tolerance up to 816℃
  • Easy to processing, molding and welding
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO 9001 certification
  • High-quality titanium with purity up to 99%
  • Good air and water permeability as well as good heat dissipation
Titanium Felt Specifications

Filson has the ability to support your OEM design on titanium felt. Certainly, you can also choose general specifications such as:

  • Raw Material: pure titanium(up to 99%)
  • Working Pressure: up to 6 bar
  • Porosity: from 53% to 90%
  • Common Thickness: 0.25mm 0.4mm 0.6mm 0.8mm
  • Dimension: 1.5m x 1.2m x 0.5mm(various sizes available)
  • Fiber Diameter: from 20micron to 40micron
  • Common Color: light grey
  • Filter Efficiency: up to 99.9%
  • Filtration Accuracy: 3 – 100 micron
  • Shapes: square, disc, candle, wave, etc.

Titanium Felt Main Applications

Titanium Felt for battery

Being made of titanium fiber with diameter ranging from 20 micron to 40 micron, Filson titanium felt has well electrical conductivity. Filson titanium felt is your reliable choice on the industry of PEM fuel cell electrodes, PEM electrolyzer, electrolysis plants,etc.

Sintered titanium felt for electrolysis

Equipped with platinum coating, Filson titanium felt can be ideally applied in electrolyzer stacks as flow field to avoid oxidization. As a result, your PEM electrolyzer and electrolysis plants will perform better to obtain maximized profits.

Titanium felt for Diffusion medium GDLS

Being regarded as diffuser material or GDLs, Filson titanium felt is usually applied in the oxygen anode side. Besides, you can also choose Filson titanium felt as diffusion medium in fuel cells, electrolyzer or regenerative electrochemical devices systems.

Titanium Felt Hydrogen New Energy

As a new energy, titanium is renewable, environmental and economical. Therefore, many customers will select Filson titanium felt as important equipment in electrolytic water forhydrogen production process as well as environmental industry.

Filson Titanium Felt Manufacturer
Filson - Your Reliable Titanium Felt manufacturer in China

As one of the leading titanium felt makers in China, we can provide you high-quality, customized and reliable titanium felt according to your requirements.

  • “Your felts were well received yesterday, and we are very satisfied with them. Thank you.”

  • “It’s pretty good, the goods were soon received.”

  • “I am looking for a supplier of titanium felt and thankfully I found Filson! Their customization services and products have great quality!”

Titanium Felt: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to learn more details about Filson or Filson titanium felt, all information you are looking for is right here.

Keeping reading and you will get what you want to know about Filson titanium felt.

Factors Determining Cost of Titanium Felt

Consider the following factors to determine the price of titanium felt:

  • The purity of titanium

Filson provides standard titanium material with different purity(TA1/TA2/TA3/TA4) to fabricate titanium felt. The higher the titanium purity, the higher the price is. You can choose proper purity according to your applications.

  • Thickness of titanium felt

The common thickness of titanium felt is ranging from 0.25 to 1mm. Different thickness are produced with different quantity of fibers.

  • The porosity of titanium felt

As a new energy material, porosity is essential to the characteristics of titanium felt, especially electrical conductivity.

With the porosity design of 53% to 90%, Filson titanium felt can increase or decrease its surface area to meet your electrical conductivity needs.

Certainly, the higher the porosity, the more you will pay.

  • Whether to be platinized

In order to avoid the oxidation and operate better under high pressure environment, Filson offers you platinized titanium felt.

Whether to be platinized depends on your design. If you need platinized titanium felt, the price will be higher than common titanium felt.

Common Parameters of Filsonn Titanium Felt

Filson can provide one-step and OEM solution for titanium felt. When you choose Filson titanium felt, please send us your desired specifications or just select from following:

  • Common thickness of titanium felt can be fabricated into 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm.
  • The porosity of titanium felt ranges from 53% to 90%.
  • Titanium felt can perform normally with 1bar to 6 bar pressure environment.
  • Common shape are square, disc, candle, wave or others to fit your equipment.
  • Titanium felt has high filtration efficiency up to 99%.
  • The electrical conductivity of titanium felt can be designed to 2.38 x 106 S/m.
How Long Can Titanium Felt Last?

Being able to be cleaned through chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or other cleaning methods, titanium felt is reusable. And Filson titanium felt has longer lifespan to be used for 2 years.

Titanium Felt Fabrication Process

Filson Titanium Felt Packing

We fabricate titanium felt through the following procedures below:

  • Place the titanium felt in a vacuum sintering furnace and heat up to between 400℃ and 500℃. Maintain these temperature for 1 to 3 hours.
  • Conduct low-temperature sintering. Then obtain a low temperature titanium felt after natural cooling.
  • Compress the low-temperature titanium felt through the hydralic press to achieve high porosity ranging from 60% to 90%.
  • Return the compressed titanium felt into a vacuum furnace and heat between 800℃ and 950℃. Maintain the temperature for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Conduct high-temperature sintering. Allow it to cool naturally to achieve quality titanium felt.
When Should I Choose Platinized Titanium Fiber Felt?

The main function of platinum coating is mainly to shorten oxidation and maintain the electrical conductivity of titanium felt.

When you use titanium felt in a high pressure environment than ambient pressure usually between 1 bar and 3 bars, there will be oxide coating comes into being on the surface of titanium felt. As a result, the interfacial resistance in the cell will be increased, and the electrical conductivity conductivity will be decreased.

At this time, platinized titanium fiber felt had better be chosen to prevent oxidation and stabilize the electrochemical performance of titanium felt.

What is Electrical Conductivity of Titanium Felt

Titanium Felt vs Titanium mesh

Being regarded as a new energy material, titanium is popular in electrode and power industry in recent years. Filson titanium felt is fabricated with pure titanium, and its electrical conductivity at 20℃ can reach 2.38 x 106 S/m.

Titanium felt is ideally applied in electrolyzer stacks as the flow field or diffuser material, especially on the oxygen anode side. Besides, it can also be used in PEM water electrolysis hydrogen industry, PEMFC fuel cells industry, etc.

If you choose platinized titanium fiber felt, the platinum coating can also conduct electricity  and maintain stable under the oxygen and high pressure environment. Therefore, the electrical conductivity of titanium felt will be stabilized.

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