Temporary Strainer

Your Optimal Temporary Strainer Solution for System Startup or Commissioning

Filson provides a variety of temporary strainers including cone type, basket type, plate type, to ensure a debris-free process stream for each new or revamped pipeline system. From the chemical, power plant, petrochemical to machinery industries, Filson temporary strainers can be found everywhere.

For over 20 years, Filson has been committed to advanced technology development as well as innovative & practical designs in the filtration field. We own a factory with a series of professional production lines and an experienced engineer team, offering praiseworthy quality and competitive prices.

Temporary Strainer

Temporary Pipeline Strainers
Filson temporary pipeline strainers are essential for the start-up of any new or revamped pipeline systems. They deliver the superior filtration performance thereby guaranteeing the damage-free downstream equipment.
Temporary Strainer Pump Suction 
Filson temporary strainer pump suction commonly can be installed within the first 5 ft. (1.5 meters) upstream of a pump to protect subsequent devices. If there is persistent fouling or debris in the pumped fluid, please arrange a permanent Y or T strainer for long-term pump protection.
Temporary Cone Strainer 
Filson temporary cone strainer, or you could call it temporary cone strainer, witches hat strainer, temporary conical strainer, is a kind of temporary device for short period system startup with cone shape. It benefits chemical, petroleum, power generation and marine industries.
Temporary Basket Strainer
Filson temporary basket strainer has less volume and surface area than cone strainers resulting in a slightly higher pressure drop. Perforated plate is the most used media and the perforation holes usually sizing from 1/32 to 1/2 inches.

Why Choose Filson

Proven Quality: Filson purchases certificated raw materials for every order and each of Filson’s temporary strainer is strictly tested by our professional quality control team before delivery.

Considerate Service: Filson is dedicated to providing specialized pre-sale selection advice and after-sale installation guidance and is ready to assist you 24/7.

Prompt Response: Filson sales team will reply to you within 8 working hours upon receipt of your inquiry and your call will be answered promptly if there is any chance of product details.

Competitive Price: Filson is a production and marketing integrated company that has served hundreds of filtration projects at home and abroad, reputation for high quality and competitive prices.



Filson: One Stop Solution for Various Temporary Strainer Need

Filson temporary strainer, also called startup strainer, can be installed between two flanges in a pipeline system and widely used for coarse filtration. It performs very well in protecting flow meter, pump, control or relief valves or other pieces of equipment during startup.

Filson temporary strainer can be manufactured in a range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy, among the most commonly used is SS 304/316 type. Material of construction should be compatible with the fluid.

Temporary Pipeline Strainers

Furthermore, Filson temporary strainers are available in cone, basket, and plate shapes to satisfy diverse applications. Among Filson temporary basket strainer features slightly higher pressure loss than cone strainer, while the plate one shows the highest pressure drop.

Filson stocks abundantly of standard Filson temporary strainers which are fabricated by wire mesh, perforated plate, sintered mesh, pleated mesh. Please pay more attention to the viscosity, flow rate, corrosiveness, temperature, and pressure drop of your liquid before you select.

To suit your existing system without any deviation, Filson temporary strainer dimensions are optional in actual manufacturing. You can refer to our standard technical data to choose from, or send us your independent sizes to custom.

temporary strainer cone type

In addition, Filson temporary strainers can be designed with raised face(RF) flanges, flat face(FF) flanges or ring-type joint(RTJ) flanges to facility your installation. Other matching accessories are also supplied which will come with your main startup strainer, and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any spare parts.

Not only the strong manufacture ability, Filson also has strong design capability for every customized order. We excel at designing CAD drawings of various temporary strainers based on your installation requirements and can modify specific sizes for the best system suitability.

Filson temporary strainers installation have two usual styles, the strainer tip points upstream or points downstream. This depends on which direction there is sufficient installation space for the length of Filson temporary strainer, or is up to your preferred flow direction if without space limit.

However, if you desire the latter installation type, we recommend that you are better off with the enhanced temporary strainers like sintered cone strainers or a cone strainer with support mesh layer/frame. So that it can be strong enough to resist the risk of being rip apart since the heavy strain created when debris collect inside.

Filson temporary strainers are only applicable for short periods of commissioning of the existing system or pilot runs of new systems as the name implies. It is hardly capable of any long-term filtration tasks thus you’ll need to replace it with a permanent strainer after temporary use.

Certainly Filson can also supply basket filters, Y-strainers, T-strainers, and duplex basket strainers for permanent straining. If you have any needs, Filson is happy to provide a complete solution for you.

During normal operation, clogging of Filson temporary strainer is inevitable and that will result in pressure drop increasing. Typically when pressure drop exceeds 5-10 psi, you are recommended to promptly remove and clean the strainer.

Caution: make sure that the pressure level inside the pipeline near the strainer has been reduced to atmospheric pressure level before removing the temporary strainer, failure to do so poses a safety risk to operator.

temporary strainer installation

Filson temporary strainers are carefully packed by plastic film and customized wooden cases to prevent any scratch or loosening of parts. Standard Filson temporary strainers can be delivered immediately while customized type may within 10-20 days.

If you are interested in Filson temporary strainer, please feel free to discuss with us about other details and we would like to share recent case studies with you. Any doubt of Filson temporary strainers design or function, contact our professional engineers.

Call at 86-157 3695 8886 or email to for connection. Filson is always here and ready to meet the filtration challenges with you!

Filson Temporary Strainer Specifications:

  • Raw Material: SS 304/316L, Carbon Steel, Monel, Hastelloy or other required alloys
  • Shape: cone, basket, flat
  • Operating Pressure (Mpa): 1.6/2.5/4.0/6.4/10.0
  • Outer Diameter (mm): DN 15 – DN 1400
  • Filtration Accuracy (mesh): 500-10
  • Operating Temperature (℉): up to 800
  • Open Area Range (OAR): 100 % – 300 %
  • Perforation Hole Size (inch): 1/32 – 1/2
  • Pressure Drop (psi): 5-10
  • Flange Type: raised face(RF) flange, ring-type joint(RTJ) flange
  • Direction of Flow: in to out, out to in, bi-directional

Note: Given dimensions are for reference only. Any customization is available.

Filson Temporary Strainer Features:

  • Smooth inner face with low friction coefficient
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion and impact
  • High mechanical property and high fracture resistance
  • Low pressure drop with less energy consumption
  • Customized sizes to suit each special system requirement
  • Support mesh/frame available for enhanced strength

Filson Temporary Strainer Application:

  • Power plant
  • Machinery industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining industry
  • Process industry
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