Filson Tank Sparger

  • Available for almost all gases and liquids
  • Increased gas transfer rate–about 3 – 4 times over other sparger
  • Multiple options for connection design
  • Sanitary furnishings available if required
  • Resistant to high temperature and corrosion

Filson has abundant expertise and know-how in sintered metal sparger designing and manufacturing, for we have been exploring in the filtration field for more than 20 years. With professional knowledge and advanced technology, Filson is able to face all your sparger challenges.

  • Construction material: SS 304L, 316L, SS 347, SS 430, Monel, Nickel and other alloys
  • Micron rating: 2 – 10μm
  • Sparger length: 6 – 48inch
  • Standard diameter: 0.5inch, 1inch
  • Operating temperature: up to 787℃
  • Maximum working pressure: up to 3.4MPa(for reference only)
  • Connection: NPT threads, straight tube, flange, sanitary connections

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Filson Tank Sparger

Your Best Tank Sparger Supplier in China

Filson tank sparger, sometimes called in-tank sparger, is suitable for all your gas-to-liquid applications. It is widely applied to fermentation, agitation, bioremediation, oxygen stripping, de-watering, dissolved air flotation processes used by major oil companies.

Filson tank sparger is manufactured through a sintering process, during the construction period, thousands of flow paths are formed. Thus, you can see millions of fine bubbles generated while operating. The gas is finally transferred and diffused into the target liquid by those bubbles.

It is easy for Filson to produce a tank sparger with a uniform pore distribution and a high micron rating from 2 to 10μm to fit your requirements. Also, Filson tank spargers can be used with virtually any gas or liquid to improve gas absorption in a variety of processes.

If you are requiring a high-quality tank sparger with a reasonable price, then Filson must be your premier choice. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a perfect gas diffusion solution!

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