Simplex Suction Filters

Suction filters are used as safety filters to protect pumps in the circuit. Filters with a filtration rating of > 25 μm are widely adopted to avoid negative pressure and sudden pump failure.

These simplex strainers are horizontally or vertically mounted to the reservoir, below the oil level.

  • Flow rates up to 1300 l/min
  • Inline or tank mounting filters
  • Aluminum cast and Buna-N seals
  • Thread or SAE flange connection
  • A Clogging indicator on the filter head
  • Easy installation, simplified pipeline

There is a check valve and bypass valve inside the suction strainer of the pump to prevent return flow of dirty oil into the reservoir during maintenance or when changing elements.

For cleaning, the filter bowl together with suction strainer elements can be taken out of the hydraulic suction filter head.

The die-cast aluminum head and body ensure strength and durability, making these hydraulic suction strainers ideal for a wide variety of mobile and in-plant applications.

ModelFlow Rate (L/min)Filtration (μm)Diameter (mm)Initial △ p (Mpa)ConnectWeight


TF-252580,100,180Ø 15≤0.01Thread0.4
TF-4040Ø 200.45
TF-6363Ø 250.82
TF-100100Ø 320.87
TF-160160Ø 401.75
TF-250250Ø 50Flange2.6
TF-400400Ø 654.3
TF-630630Ø 906.2
TF-800800Ø 906.9
TF-10001000Ø 908
TF-13001300Ø 9010.4

Suction filters drawing

Suction Filters

  • +

    Screw-in filter cover

    Lightweight and easy-operation, filter element can be easily taken out of the filter head.

  • +

    Indicator Port

    Used for install indicator, indicating when to change filter elements

  • +

    Rotary-pressing filter bowl

    Die-cast aluminum filter bowl ensure strength and durability.

  • +


    Outlet port options include thread port or SAE 4-bolt flange to allow easy installation

  • +


    Must be below the oil level.

  • +

    Bypass valve

    Bypass valve with low cracking pressure prevents pump cavitation

  • +

    Filter Head

    High-quality aluminum material, variety customizable colors options.

  • +

    Check valve

    Prevent dirty oil from flowing into the tank.

  • +

    Connect flange with tank

    Easy installation, both horizontal and vertical installation to tank are all right.

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