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Having more than two decades experience on manufacturing filter, Filson is a reliable suction filter factory. You can receive high-quality and high-efficiency suction filter from Filson.

  • Customized and standard sizes
  • Various types to meet your unique applications
  • OEM service and one-stop solution available
  • Minimum order quantity of 10 PCs

What is Suction Filter

Filson suction filter, also known as suction strainer, is an important protective filter in your suction line. With superior efficiency up to 99.8%, it plays an in dispensable role in removing and capturing impurities from process fluids,especially hydraulic fluid.

Generally made of stainless steel, PVC, cellulose, or other alloys, Filson suction filter can withstand high flow rate and corrosion. Its main function is to capture contamination effectively, extend the lifespan of your system and avoid damage to the downstream equipment.

Filson suction filter has various categories, including hydraulic suction filter housing, dental suction filter, mesh suction strainer, PVC suction strainer, stainless steel suction filter, etc. You can choose what you need in terms of materials, sizes, connection methods or other specifications.

Suction Filter Categories

Hydraulic suction filter housing

Filson hydraulic suction filter housing is mainly to house suction filter cartridge or other filter components in your system. Usually made of stainless steel or cast steel, our filter housing can be widely used in various applications ranging from low pressure drop to high collapse stability.

Suction Filter Element

Mainly made of cellulose, fiberglass and stainless steel mesh, Filson suction filter element has a compact structure and can resist high temperature up to 120℃. With huge flow rate up to 1000 lpm, it can be widely in various industries.

Mesh Suction Strainer

It is known to us that Filson mesh suction strainer is generally fabricated with stainless steel 304/316 mesh. It has long lifespan with corrosion-resistant design. Based on your desired design, you can choose BSP or NPT thread with different sizes as connection.

PVC Suction Strainer 

Totally utilizing 100% PVC material, Filson PVC suction strainer is easy to clean and replace for long using time. The general port size is 1.5’’ in order to capture most impurities with 20 to 80 mesh sizes available.

Stainless Steel Suction Filter 

The designed flow rate of Filson stainless steel suction filter can reach 450 lpm and the capacity is high of 90 lpm. Being made of high-quality stainless steel, our filter can operate normally under harsh environment, like high heat, corrosion or pressure.

Suction Hose Filter 

Filson suction hose filter is mainly fabricated with standard plastic with various sizes. Its general diameter is nominal 1’’, 2’’ and 3’’. Due to the outstanding flexibility, our suction hose filter can be widely applied in fuel and diesel oil filtration, food and beverage or in cold condition.

Suction Filter Types by Filter Media (4)

  • Water Suction Filter
    Filson water suction filter, also called water suction strainer, is mainly used to remove particles and protect your pump and filtration system. Available to customized sizes, water suction filter can connect with water suction hose better.
  • Hydraulic Oil Suction Filter
    Mainly applied to filtering hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, Filson hydraulic oil suction filter can capture contamination under 180 micron. Based on your exact usage, hydraulic oil suction filter has huge flow rate up to 1300 l/min.
  • Fuel Suction Filter
    As a important part of your fuel system, Filson fuel suction filter often has polyester, glass fiber, or some metal as raw material. With superior filtration efficiency of 99%, our fuel suction filter can be applied in agricultural, mining or diesel fuel filtration.
  • Suction Air Filter
    As an important air filter, Filson suction air filter has better air flow up to 350 l/min. Having a robust structure, our products can resist low initial pressure drop less than 3 kPa and high heat resistance up to 60 ℃.

Suction Filter Classification by Applications (6)

  • Medical Suction Filter
    Filson medical suction filter, also known as medical suction pump filter, has dedicated and high-performance medical membranes. With strict production process, medical suction filter has outstanding filtration efficiency up to 99.99%, suitable for medical and health industries.
  • Dental Suction Filter
    Owing to its high quality and strict demand, Filson dental suction filter is only provided for use by professionals and related business. To prevent waste and harmful material entering filtration system, you had better replace it once a month.
  • Irrigation Suction Filter
    Suitable for irrigation filtration system, Filson irrigation suction filter has larger dirt-holding capacity and can resist pressure of 65 psi. To maintain stable filtration efficiency, Filson provides both self-cleaning and manual cleaning methods for you choose freely.
  • HPLC Suction Filter
    Filson HPLC suction filter, containing activated carbon in it, can effectively trap and remove impurities in solvent as well as minimizing chromatographic interferences resulting from contaminant. Due to low flow, our HPLC suction filter fits for LC/MS applications.
  • Sprayer Suction Filter
    Mainly made of stainless steel or plastic, Filson sprayer suction filter has a stronger structure than other sprayer filter. It can work normally under high heat, pressure and corrosion conditions. With customized sizes, our products can fits most suction hoses better.
  • Pump Suction Strainer
    Filson pump suction strainer aims to protect your system from damage of solid contamination through installing onto the suction inlet or piping a pump. With stainless steel mesh screen, it can withstand high temperature and corrosion better.

Suction Filter Outstanding Benefits

Easy to Clean
Easy to Clean

To maintain suction filter, you can clean it through ultrasonic bath or fresh cleaning fluid to clean. Besides, you can also blow out with compressed air.

Alternative Connection Methods
Alternative Connection Methods

Filson provides different connection methods to meet your needs, including 1/2’’ – 3’’NPT, O.D.Tube, thread or SAE flange and so on.

Multiple Raw Materials
Multiple Raw Materials

According to your unique design, Filson suction filter can be made from following materials: glass fiber, cellulose, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, polyurethane or soft nylon.

Huge Flow Rate
Huge Flow Rate

With designed micron rating up to 250 micron, Filson suction filter can capture both small and big particles with huge flow rate up to 4000 gpm.

Suction Filter Advantages

By using Filson suction filter, you can get following benefits:

  • Well compatibility to filter hydraulic fluids, lubricants and industrial fluids
  • Numerous connection methods based on your requirements
  • Simple construction to install directly in suction lines
  • Allowable to clean and reuse for a longer service life
  • Highly versatile and customized sizes suitable for most filtration system
  • ISO and DIN certified threaded ports
  • Excellent chemical property, available to filter toxic and oxygen-sensitive substances
  • Easy to install and replace with simple structure
Suction Filter Advantages
Suction Filter Technical Features

Suction Filter Technical Features

To meet your demands better, Filson suction filter has various characteristics, including:

  • Wide filtration precision from 0.3 to 250 to eliminate both fine and coarse particles
  • Large surface area with pleated and wire mesh design
  • Huge dirt-holding capacity, high flow rate of 4000 gpm
  • Operating pressure ranging from -100 kPa to 10 MPa
  • Low initial pressure less than 0.01 Mpa
  • Vertical and horizontal structure possible
  • Outstanding filtration efficiency up to 99.999% in medicine field.
  • Robust structure with high temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistance

Why Choose Filson Suction Filter

Filson Suction Filter manufacturer
Filson Suction Filter supplier

Filson suction filter is mainly made of SS 304/316, cellulose, glass fiber or others, and it has strong mechanical strength to withstand high heat, corrosion and abrasion. The capacity of our suction filter can reach 200 gpm, so it offers various applications to meet your needs.

As a leading suction filter manufacturer in China, Filson has professional technicians, skilled workers and the latest technology. We can not only fabricate standard suction filter, but also make replacement filter of other leading brands, like Parker suction filter, Parker hydraulic suction filter, MP Filtri suction filter, etc.

Meanwhile, owing to our large-scale factory, 10 more mature production line and enough inventory, we can guarantee a short production time within 2 – 3 weeks. As for the package, we usually use wooden boxes outside and plastic film inside.

If you want a customized suction filter, please contact with us immediately!

General Specifications of Suction Filter
  • Construction Material: glass fiber, cellulose, stainless steel…
  • Micron Rating: from 0.3 to 250 micron
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Operating Pressure: -100 kPa to 10 MPa
  • Working Temperature: from -60 to 150℃
  • Common Diameter: from 15 to 150mm
  • Capacity: 5 – 200 GPM
  • Flow Direction: from outside to inside
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCs
  • Replacement Brands: suction filter Hydac, Parker suction filter, Parker hydraulic suction filter, MP Filtri suction filter
Custom Service Available of Suction Filter

Filson custom suction filters are available in a wide range of size, shape and material combinations, ensuring the right solution to meet all your needs. We have standard filters with micron ratings from 100micron to 10mm, flow rates of 10-2500 liters per minute and material including stainless steel, PVC & paper.

To help you fit present vessel dimensions and further improve filtration effect ,our engineers will be happy to help you define the best filter for your application. With MOQ-50PCs for custom design, custom-made suction filters are generally finished production within 20 days.

Various Applications of Suction Filter

Suction filter for Food&Beverage

Filson Suction Filter has a wide application in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Its low installation cost makes it an extremely cost effective option for new projects or retrofitting old systems.

Suction filter for Medical Industry

There are wide range of suction filter types popular for dental and other medical equipment. It is an easy-to-install replacement part to keep the suction source clean and free of foreign particles, while also providing a layer of protection against cross contamination.

Suction filter for Water Filtration

Suction Filter can be used for both commercial and domestic water purification. It provides high efficiency in preventing coarse contaminants from reaching your water system. It commonly features a large flow rate and quick installation that allows you to upgrade your system quickly.

Suction filter for Laboratory Use

Designed to avoid contamination of your mobile phase, our high-performance Stainless Steel Suction Filters are compatible with a variety of liquid chromatography systems.. With non-bubble and 99% solvent efficiency, these suction filters offer a superb performance and significant increase of your laboratory instrument efficiency.

Suction filter for Agriculture Industry

Filson high-quality suction filter is specialized for agriculture industry, high flow rate, mechanical strength, large dust holding capacity. The compact design does not require installation to the tank outlet and is made from durable material that can withstand tough conditions.

Suction filter for Automotive Industry

Filson Suction Filters are used to ensure that the oil filtration process is done as per industry standards. They are created using high quality material and are reliable. It is used in the automotive industry to ensure that only clean oil is returned to the engine.

Filson Custom Suction Filter Factory
Filson- Your Reliable Suction Filter Collaborator in China

As an ISO certified suction filter factory, Filson promises to provide you high-quality and high-efficiency suction filter. We have various types to meet your unique needs.

Suction Filter FAQ Guide

What is the Function of Suction Strainer?

What is the Function of Suction Strainer

As an essential filter, the primary purpose of Filson suction filter is to remove and capture impurities.

The main function of suction strainer is to:

  • Capture and collect large contaminants in most gases or liquids
  • Reducing the entry of unwanted particles
  • Protect downstream equipment from damage and prolong its lifespan
  • Maintain clarity of filtered liquids or gases
  • Improve the whole filtration efficiency
What is the Micron Range of Suction Filters?

Filson suction filter is mainly designed to capture impurities and prevent particles from entering the pump. The general micron rating is between 1 and 250 micron, typically 25 to 150 micron.

What is the Micron Range of Suction Filters

Besides, if you choose Filson medical suction filter, the filtration accuracy can be smaller down to 0.3 micron.

Why Do You Need A Suction Strainer Before A Pump?

As we all know, strainer with customized sizes is suitable for most pump, and its purpose is to capture both large and small particles from liquids before it flows into the key filtration parts.

For this reason, using a suction strainer before a pump can largely prevent particles entering pump, keep filtration pipe clean and keep the whole filtration process smoothly.

Why Do You Need A Suction Strainer Before A Pump

How Do You Clean A Hydraulic Suction Filter?

How Do You Clean A Hydraulic Suction Filter

To guarantee long service time and continuous good performance, you should clean your hydraulic suction filter regularly. There are two common cleaning methods:

  • Chemical solvent cleaning method: place hydraulic suction filter in a solvent tank and rinse filter using solvent. While rinsing, use small brush to remove left dirt and debris. The solvent can dissolve oil, so rinse filter totally using solvent. Next, after cleaning, take filter out solvent and make it dry through shaking off excess solvent.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning method: put suction filter in cleaning agent for approx. 15 minutes and remove dirt using a brush. Then, flush with fresh cleaning fluid from the inside to the outside. Next, blow out with compressed air from the inside to the outside.
What is Suction Filter in HPLC?

Filson suction filter in HPLC contains activated carbon, and can be used to trap and remove contaminants in the mobile phase. Besides, HPLC suction filter is easy to install and replace.

What is Suction Filter in HPLC

The main features of suction filter in HPLC as following:

  • Capture contaminants from the mobile phase: With highly purity activated carbon, suction filter has better permeability to trap particles in the mobile phase. And it can largely minimize chromatographic interferences resulting from contaminants.
  • No effect on gradient delay: Being installed in front of pump, HPLC suction filter can not make effect on gradient delay.
  • Fit LC/MS applications: Due to its low bleed, suction filter is suitable for LC/MS applications and remove contaminants from them.
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