Suction Filter Element

  • Great compatibility, suitable for most liquids and gases
  • Fine precision design and pleated design for large filtration area
  • Strong mechanical strength, low pressure drop
  • Easy to install, replace and clean
  • High temperature resistance up to 120℃
  • BSP and NPT connections with sizes available
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO and ANSI standards

Filson suction filter element, one kind of filter element, is ideally designed to remove particles and protect filtration system from damage. Often installed in front of a pump, suction filter element can largely avoid contaminants entering filtration pipe and protect downstream equipment.

  • Construction Material: glass fiber, stainless steel, cellulose
  • Operating Temperature: – 30℃ – 120℃
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Micron Rating: from 10 to 200 micron( typically 75micron, 125micron )
  • Flow Rate: up to 1000 l/min
  • Connection: BSP thread, NPT thread
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCs

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Suction Filter Element

Your Professional Suction Filter Element Manufacturer in China

Filson suction filter element is often fabricated with cellulose, fiberglass and stainless steel mesh, and it has a compact structure and can resist high temperature up to 120℃. In addition, owing to its better chemical property, suction filter element can withstand most acid and alkali.

With micron rating ranging from 10 to 200 micron, Filson suction filter element has larger surface area and higher flow rate. Hence, our products are suitable for various industries, like metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceutical, power generation & nuclear power, auto engine & engineering machinery.

As an OEM manufacturer in China, Filson provides customized service on fabricating suction filter element. If you need a suction replacement filter element of Hydac, Parker, MP Filtri or other brands, you just need to send us your desired sizes or drawing.

It you want to learn more detailed information about Filson filter element or need a customized filter element, Please Click Here! Filson will never let you down!

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