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Filson string wound filter cartridges, also called string wound water filter cartridges, are manufactured from durable threads that are wound around a PP or stainless steel core. Therefore, the high-speed and consistent winding process created a rigid one-piece structure.

The winding process enables Filson to string a wound filter cartridge amazingly covered by hundreds of gradually smaller diamond-shaped channels. Hence, it allows efficient removal in filtering broad distribution contaminant particles that pass from the outside to the core.

Filson devotes to supply various string wound filter cartridges in widely selectable materials such as cotton, PP, PE, nylon, and glass fiber. You can select from them to obtain diverse advantages of optimal chemical resistance, high-temperature compatibility.

String Wound Filter Cartridge

String Wound Filter Nylon Filter Cartridge
Filson string wound filter nylon filter cartridge exhibits outstanding anti-microbial properties, so it is significantly rarer than other wire-wound cartridges in terms of bacterial accumulation and loss of robustness.
PP String Wound Filter Cartridge
Excellent resistance to acids and alkalies gives Filson PP string wound filter cartridge the ability to perform in corrosive environments.
Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge
Filson cotton wound filter cartridge is available in FDA standard cotton raw material that allows apply to food&beverage industries.
Fiberglass Wound Filter Cartridge
Filson fiberglass wound filter cartridge shows eminent high temp resistance even attains 399˚C, which is ideal for hi-thermal filtration.
5 Micron String Wound Sediment Filter
Filson 5 micron string wound sediment filter can maintain a stable filtration effect with absolute accuracy of 5 micron, and generally used in medium filtration process.

Why Filson Your Best Collaborator?

Filson has experienced in string wound filter cartridge production and is fully supported by our senior engineer team, providing full scaleability of providing premium string wound filter cartridges – Filson string wound filter cartridges can be tailored to meet the specifications of almost any filtration application by computer aiding design.

In addition to Filson standard string wound filter cartridges, Filson can also produce replacements for other brands such as parker string wound filter cartridges, therefore offering a broader range of options and meeting the specific equipment parameters required by our customers.

Filosn string wound filter cartridge will trap the solid particles on and within the depth of the entire cartridge, thus providing you clear water. They can be utilized in broad fluid applications containing oxidizing agents, concentrated alkalies, potable liquids, dilute acids, and alkalies.

Filson String Wound Filter Cartridge Catalog

Filson: Your Reliable String Wound Filter Cartridge Provider

Filson string wound filter cartridges offer depth filtration ability and high dirt loading capacity for water filtration applications at widely micron rating ranges from 0.5 to 200 microns, and show dependable adaptability at high flow rates of 10-65 GPM with low-pressure drop.

10inch 1micron String Wound Filter Cartridge Pressure Drop

10inch 1micron String Wound Filter Cartridge Pressure Drop

Further, Filson string wound filter cartridge can retain its particle trapping effectiveness up to 99.9%, and obtain a large dirt holding capacity more than twice of conventional cartridges. Moreover, Filson string wound filter cartridge provides a gradual increase in pressure during cartridge life that prevents abrupt flow cutoff.

20inch 30inch Cotton String Water Filters Factory

20inch 30inch Cotton String Water Filters Factory

Filson string wound filter cartridges are manufactured without the use of any antistatic agents to reduce the electrical charge generated during the string winding process. Besides, it also assures no pollutant release that retains the high purity of final products.

Commonly, you will see Filson string wound filter cartridges adopt polypropylene(PP) as inner core material, which you can use in most industries that require top-rate chemical resistance. However, fiberglass(399°C) owns a much higher temperature resistance than 6 times of PP(63°C).

FDA Standards String Wound Water Filter Cartridge

FDA Standards String Wound Water Filter Cartridge

Additionally, Filson fiberglass wound filter cartridge features the best highly insulation and mechanical strength of all string wound filter cartridges. If you demand a unique configuration consisting of fiberglass and stainless steel core, it will show the longest service time.

Filson string wound filter cartridges are suitable for a broad wide range of applications including animal, petroleum, and vegetable oils, oxidizing agents, alkalies. And will fit standard filtration system housings of this industry from 5” to 40”.

Filson DOE String Wound Filter Cartrdge Packing

Filson DOE String Wound Filter Cartrdge Packing

And to conform with the filtration treatment system in most prevailing brands, Filson has highly tailorable sediment water filter cartridges on whether sizes or connection styles. You can certainly pick special end fittings such as 222 or 226 DOE end caps, spears, and gaskets to enhance filter cartridge performance.

Generally, the cartridge life can last up to 6 months, but it is determined by the level of water contamination and maintenance. Filson engineer team will assist whether in water testing or selecting the appropriate cartridge to help you in pursuing the most effective filtration.

PP or Stainless Steel Core String Wound Filter Cartridge Production

PP or Stainless Steel Core String Wound Filter Cartridge Production

Not sure which string wound filter cartridge to get? Call and speak to our filter specialists, and they will be able to help you out!


  • Wide range of lengths and micron ratings
  • Low-pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity
  • Remove rust, sand, and silt from water efficiently
  • 100% quality polypropylene string at low cost
  • Stable winding density for uniform purification
  • Excellent filtration capacity up to 15000 liters

String Wound Filter Cartridge in PP Cotton Fiber Glass

String Wound Filter Cartridge in PP Cotton Fiber Glass


  • Materials: natural cotton, bleached cotton, polyester, PP, nylon, fiberglass
  • Core Materials: polypropylene, tinned steel, SS304, SS316L
  • Cape/Fin: nil, polypropylene
  • O-Ring Material: nitrile, PVC, silicone, viton
  • Opening Type: DOE, SOE(222, 226…)
  • Filter Rating: 0.5 -150 µm, others on request
  • Differential Pressure: 60 PSI/4.1 bar
  • Recommended Change-out pressure: 25 PSID/1.7 bar
  • Flow rate: 5-28GPM for 62mm OD cartridge, 10-30GPM for 114mm OD cartridge
  • Working Temperature: 82°C-PP, 150°C-Cotton, 399°C-Glass fiber, 121°C-Polyester, 177°C-Nylon
  • Standard inner diameter: 28 mm, 30mm
  • Standard outer diameter: 2.5”/64mm, 4.5”/114 mm
  • Length: 5”/127mm, 10”/254mm, 20”/508mm, 30”/762mm, 40”/1016mm
  • Service time: 3-6 months


  • Oils
  • Paint ink
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Photographic
  • Process water
  • Waste treatment
  • Fine chemicals
  • Metal finishing
  • Food and beverage processes
  • Electronics industry
  • Pre-filter for reverse osmosis filters
  • Under sink water filtration
  • Plating baths filtration
  • Whole-house water systems
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