Filson Sterile Membrane Filter

  • Biological inert membrane used in analytical and research application
  • Optional pore size such as 0.2 micron, 0.45 micron, 0.65 micron, 1 micron
  • High air/water flow rate and available in varying porosity
  • High performance replacement sterile membrane filter of some leading brands
  • Featured with a smoother and more uniform surface than pure nitrocellulose
  • Wide chemical compatibility with organic solvents of hydrophobic membrane

Filson sterile membrane filter is generally made of mixed cellulose ester which is composed of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate. Because mixed cellulose ester is biologically inert, it is one of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research application.

  • Construction material: mixed cellulose ester, PP, CN
  • Shape: round, etc
  • Diameter: 25mm, 47mm, 50mm
  • Thickness: 120-145mm
  • Color: white, etc
  • Water flow rate: 19-560mL/min/cm2
  • Air flow rate: 2-30L/min/cm2
  • Porosity: 75-84
  • ASIN: pore size: 0.2 micron, 0.22 micron, 0.45 micron, 0.65 micron, 0.8 micron, 1 micron
  • External testing certification: FDA, NSF

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Filson Sterile Membrane Filter

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Filson offers a broad range of mixed cellulose membrane filter including both sterile and non-sterile options in gridded and non-gridded formats. Grid pattern is helpful in colony quantification without enhancing or inhibiting bacteria growth.

Filson gridded sterile membrane filters have clearly defined grid lines spaced at 3.1 mm interval, the special ink used is nontoxic and completely free from bacteria growth inhibitors. Filson sterile membrane filter provides maximum retention and recovery of organisms.

Filson sterile membrane filter is specially designed and manufactured for the determination of coliform levels in drinking water, waste process and natural water as referenced in Standard Methods and the EPA Environmental Microbiological Monitoring Methods.

Filson sterile membrane filter is characterized by a smoother and more uniform surface than pure nitrocellulose. Also the color contrast provided by the filter surface facilities to detect particles and minimize eye fatigue.

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