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Compressed air, steam and other gas which used in industrial applications come into contact with food, beverage and other sanitary products, micro organism, and other impurities in the gas will pollute your products or even cause serious consequences. Here, Filson sterile filters are ideal solutions for your industrial or commercial purpose.

Sterile refers to “free of micro-organisms that are capable of reproducing itself”. Sterilization is an important process to ensure products and process integrity. Filson sterile filters can not only mechanically remove the unwanted particles from gas, but also ensure the sterilization process.

Filson can supply you an array of sterile filters according to your final application. For example: sterile filter paper, sterile filter tips, sterile membrane filter, millipore sterile filters, sterile tank vent filters and so on. Besides, we can customize your sterile filter at your request.

As an experienced sterile filters manufacturer in China, Filson is committed to offer high quality sterile filters for our OEM customers. Send us your drawing and specifications, our professional engineers are ready to provide you with a suitable sterile filter.

Filson Sterile Filters

Sterile Filter Paper
Filson sterile filter paper is mainly used for analytical purpose in the laboratory which includes qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper. As a laboratory consumables product, Filson sterile filter paper can fully meet your requirement.
Sterile Filter Tips
Filson sterile filter tips are manufactured of 100% pure porous polyethylene to prevent liquids and aerosols from entering pipette. And they are widely applied to biological and laboratory applications.
Sterile Membrane Filter
Filson sterile membrane filter is composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate, which is highly biological inert. They are mainly used for bacteria detection, particle collection, clarifying filtration, and other analytical methods.
Sterile Tank Vent Filter
Filson sterile tank vent filter housings are typically used in conjunction with our sterile tank vent filter element to ensure sterile ventilation with very little pressure drop or air resistance. And they are polished to Ra<0.5 micron.
Filson Sterile Air Filters
Effective sterile air filtration is an important part of your industrial process, especially in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries. Filson high performance sterile air filters can reduce batch contaminants, spoilage and product loss.
Filson Sterile Liquid Filters
Filson sterile liquid filters are replaceable cartridges which are used with stainless steel housing assemblies. Their pleated construction allow for high flow rates and large dirt holding capacity. We can offer replacement sterile liquid filters of some leading brands.
Filson Sterile Filtration For Wine
Filson sterile filtration for wine is designed to retain microorganism before filling wine up. It contains a three-stage filtration in a completely closed filtration system for no oxidation of the wine.
Filson Sterile Filtration In Pharmaceutical Industry
To ensure pharmaceutical products are free from microbial contamination, Filson sterile filtration in pharmaceutical industry is an ideal method for pharmaceutical filtration system. And the final sterilizing filtration prior to filling is especially critical.
Filson Sterile Syringe Filter
Filson sterile syringe filters are specially designed for sterilizing and clarifying sterile solution. And they are available in a 33 mm or larger housing with either MCE, PVDF or PES membrane membrane.
Filson Sterile Membrane Cartridges
Filson sterile membrane cartridges are designed for the the removal of spoilage in the beverage, bio-pharma and fine chemical industries. The hydrophilic structure of Filson sterile membrane cartridges optimize the flow rate and ensure an effective flow at a low differential pressure.

Why Choose Filson Sterile Filters

Filson is a leading sterile filters manufacturer in China, we have full capabilities on sterile filters fabrication. Since we have capacity on sterile filters fabrication, we can tell you how to combine suitable features into them.

Filson sterile filters have been exported to over 40 countries and regions worldwide. And till now, we have gained a good reputation from our customers as our high quality sterile filters and responsible pre-sale and after-sale service.

Compared with ordinary sterile filters on the market, Filson sterile filters have 5-10 times larger of filtration area as well as longer service life. They also have a broad range of filtering accuracy from 300 micron to 0.01 micron.

Filson Sterile Filter Catalog

Filson: Your Perfect Sterile Filters One-Stop Solution in China

There are many types of Filson sterile filters to meet different applications, but they perform the same function-sterilization. Filson sterile filter paper, sterile membrane filter, sterile filter tips, sterile syringe filters are used for chemical analysis and research.

Stainless steel sterile liquid and gas filters

Filson sterile filter paper is mainly used for chemical analysis and relevant filter separation in the laboratory, as well as paper fabrication of relevant purity. And it is usually classified into qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper.

Filson sterile syringe filter is used for clarification and prefiltration with larger pore size. It has a broad application including sterilization of aqueous solutions, organic solvents and gases, filtration of high value protein or small molecule components.

Compressed air is contaminated with compressor oil, water, pipe scale, rust and other unwanted particles. The favourable conditions is suitable for bacteria to grow and prosper. These impurities can also effect the taste, appearance and shelf life of food product. Here, Filson sterile gas filter is an ideal solution for your manufacturing process.

Steam filter housing part list

We must protect against the contamination of bacteria, as it will typically destroy any products it comes into contact with. The benefits of using Filson sterile filters are to increase shelf life, reduce products spoilage and increase the quality of the final products.

To reduce batch contaminants, spoilage and product loss, effective sterile filtration is a necessary part of your process. Especially important in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry, Filson sterile filter protects your products from harmful contaminants and bacteria.

Filson sterile filters meet the high demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and work reliably even under extreme operating conditions. They have a high filtration rates for bacteria, virus, and particles down to 3 nanometre and increase products and process integrity.

Sterile Filter Application

There are probably 107 micron-organisms in the processed air. The common existence of bacteria are E.coli and streptococci, they typically have a size between 0.3 micron and 9 micron. Therefor, it is recommended that Filson sterile filter has a filtration accuracy of 0.2 micron or better.

The sturdy construction of Filson sterile filter with its stainless steel liners allows for a high number of steam sterilization cycles as well as for sterilization processes. It is ideal for food, drink, pharmaceutical and fermentation applications.

Due to the adoption of high quality material, Filson sterile filters have excellent physical properties. High temperature resistance and good mechanical stability of our filters ensure a safety operation. This helps avoid production downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Sterile filter paper discs and tips

The parts of Filson sterile filters are connected by sanitary tri-clamp fitting and the side connections are made out of sanitary ISO flanges. As a result, there is no void inside the entire filter housing and there is no risk of microorganism contamination.

Temperature resistance and mechanical stability of Filson sterile filters ensure a high degree of operational safety, reducing the total cost of ownership. This helps to avoid production downtime and reduces maintenance costs.

Filson sterile filters are designed for high-efficient sterile filtration of compressed air, process air and technical gases. They provide high efficient removal of sub-micron particles down to 0.01 micron including microorganisms (bacteria).

Sterile membrane filtration for wine industry

We manufacture our sterile filters with mirror-polished, anti-magnetic 304/316 stainless steel housings to ensure 100% filtration of air and gas. Filson sterile filter housings are polished to Ra <0.4 micron depending on your requirements.

Filson sterile filter housings are rated to 250 psi operating pressure. They feature a sanitary design with a quick releasing main body clamp and your choice of inlet or discharge connection types. And our sterile filters have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you are interested in Filson sterile filters or have any doubts about them, please feel free to contact with us. Leave your name, e-mail, specific requirements, we will instantly get in touch with you and our professional engineering will provide you excellent one.

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Filson Sterile Filters Function:

  • Remove dirt, micro organism and other impurities from compressed air, steam
  • Prepare tissue culture media, protein and DNA solution, virus suspension
  • Sterilize bacteria and other micro organism before filling of beverage
  • Used for chemical analysis and relevant filter separation in the laboratory
  • Prevent danger of cross contaminant between pipette and specimen
  • Acts as reliable barrier against the transfer or aerosols into shaft of pipette
  • Determine the coliform levels in drinking water, waste and natural water
  • Reduce batch contaminants, spoilage product loss and prolong shelf life
  • Decrease production downtime and reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce the pressure required to empty the syringe
  • Used for clarification and prefiltration with larger pore size

Filson Sterile Filters Feature:

  • High sterilization efficiency up to 99.99% at 0.01 micron
  • Reasonable structure, small volume and light weight
  • Customized shape and dimension to meet your application
  • Qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper available
  • ISO quality and responsible pre-sale and after-sale service
  • Full stock of laboratory consumables supply, ready to ship
  • Good permeability, suitable for laboratory and bio-tech application
  • Satisfy varying needs of flow rate, and large retention capacity
  • Feature an inert hydrophobic membrane, autoclavable at 121°C
  • Sterile package with no additives, safe operation
  • Good chemical compatibility of hydrophobic membrane
  • Surface polished treatment Ra to 0.28-0.6 micron
  • 100% integrity test during manufacturing process
  • Sterilization, clarification, and pre-filtration grade available
  • Suitable for most sanitizing and sterilization application
  • High quality replacement sterile filters of leading brands

Filson Sterile Filters Specification:

  • Construction material: carbon steel, 304/316L stainless steel, mixed cellusore ester, wold pulp, PP, PSE, PTFE, PVC, PVDC, sintered powder
  • Medium material: stainless steel, borosilicate, fiberglass, pp
  • Length: 15 inch – 20 inch or custom
  • Filtration grade: 25 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.99% at 0.01micron
  • Flow capacity: 10-100000 m3/h
  • Operating temperature range: from -20℃ to 200℃
  • Working pressure: ranging from 2 bar to 100 bar
  • Connection: tri-clamp, NPT threaded and flange connection
  • Connection size: from 1/4 inch to 3 inch or tailor-made
  • Color: blue, silver, black at your request
  • Residual oil content: 1ppm, 0.01ppm, 0.003ppm, 0.001ppm
  • Connection caliber: DN15-DN600
  • Quality certification: ISO, CE

Filson Sterile Filters Application:

  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Brewery industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratory chemical analysis
  • Biotechnology industry
  • Biotechnology research

Sterile Filters FAQ:

What is a Sterile Filter?

Sterile filtration is an important step in food, drink, fermentation, pharmacy production process and other sanitary applications and is routinely implemented for bacterial removal through high temperature steam or other methods to achieve bioburden control.

A scientific definition of sterile filter is “when exposed to a concentration of 107 microorganisms per cm2 filter area and the filtrate is 100% sterile and does not contain microorganisms such as bacteria, virus. A sterile filter housing is constructed of crevice-free stainless steel to ensure 100% sterile of air or gas.

Sterile filter paper is made up of cotton fibers with countless pores on the surface which permit liquid to pass through, while large solid particles cannot. This properties allows the separation of liquid and solid substance. It is commonly used for chemical laboratory analysis.

Sterile membrane filter features low protein adsorption and high flow rate. 0.2 micron pore size as sterile grade filter. Sterile membrane filter with larger pore size are used for classification and prefiltration.

What is a Sterile Filter

PVDF membrane filter are used for sterilizing and filtration of containing protein and aqueous solutions. PES membrane filter are used for sterilizing and filtration of tissue culture, protein solution, viral suspensions, DNA and other aqueous solutions. In addition, sterile membrane filter itself is sterile.

It is mainly used to prevent impurities in the air and harmful bacteria and microorganisms from entering tanks, production lines, sterile room, etc., to cause changes in water quality, products and sterile room environment, and to meet the process needs of food, biochemical, beverage, beer, medicine, electronics and other industries

Which filter is used for sterile filtration?

Filson sterile filter cartridge materials typically used in the sterilization of liquids includes nylon, polycarbonate, cellulose acetate, polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) and polyethersulfone. These filter material differ in their protein retention, flow rate, etc.

Which filter is used for sterile filtration

For compressed air or gas medium, sterile filter housing is constructed with crevice-free stainless steel. High quality sterile filter element will be binder-free. The fibers are thermally welded (sintered) together and that are totally chemically inert offering no feeding ground for bacteria.

Can you reuse sterile filters?

In general, metal material sterile filters are reusable as applying to filtration multiple batches of product or other process fluid. This approach is consistent with applications of reuse air, gas and vent sterilizing filters in multiple batches of products.

Once bacteria is trapped by sterile filter, we must exterminate the bacteria and prevent it from migrating beyond and growing through filter element. It is recommended to sterilize a sterile filter after every production run or after two weeks.

Sterile filter element can be “regenerated” between 100 and 200 times, depending on the grade of the sterile filter element. Sterile filters can be “sterilized in place” (SIP) with steam. Alternatively, the sterile filter element can be removed from the housing and externally sterilized by autoclave.

Can you reuse sterile filters

If a spare filter element is available, the elements can be sterilized in an autoclave and be used next time. Replacing the element with a new one is another option if steam or autoclave are unavailable.

Due to high filtration grade, sterile filters are prone to be blocked (high pressure drop), you should install pre-cleaners to remove most of particles, aerosols and larger bacteria. This extend sterile filter service life and reduce replacement times.

What micron is sterile filter?

First, we need to know what is sterile and what requirements the filter meets are considered a sterile filter.

“Sterile” means free of of microorganisms that are capable of reproducing itself. Sterile filter has the ability to retain 107 microorganisms and the filtrate is 100% sterile, that is, no bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.

0.2 micron sterile filter is recognized as suitable for producing sterile filtrate and capable of retaining a minimum of 107 cfu/cm2 of microorganisms. It is critical to ensure the filter element rating is 0.2 micron to guarantee the bacteria can not penetrate the filter. Otherwise the filter element would not ensure sterility.

The 0.2 micron rating is required and sized accordingly as it is the most difficult particle size to capture. Sterile filters are specially designed to remove microorganisms and bacteria which are on average 0.2 micron.

What pore size is sterile filtration?

0.2 micron pore size is sterile filtration. Regardless of the membrane filter material, we always use a 0.2 micron pore size membrane filter as the final filter for any sterilizing filtration.

Although sterile filtration is accepted to be 0.2 micron pore size, our comprehensive sterile filter products range include larger pore sizes. Filson sterile filter that may be used in samples comprised by microbial contamination when using non-sterile equipment.

What size filter is considered a sterilizing filter?

Filtration is used to remove particulate and contamination from fluids. Sterile filters with a filtration accuracy of 0.2 micron is considered necessary to generate a sterile filtrate. Solutions for filtration can range in volume from just a few milliliters to many liters.

What does a 0.22 micron filter remove?

Filson 0.22 micron filter can remove almost the vast majority of microorganisms such as bacteria, Escherichia coli, virus and other microorganisms. In addition, the extremely small particles are also captured by Filson 0.22 micron filter.

0.22 micron sterile membrane pores filter will exclude most microbial contaminants (but not mycoplasma). 0.1 micron membrane pores filters are typically rated for mycoplasma and other small microbe—but flow more slowly, so 0.1 micron filters are not the most efficient or necessary for routine applications.

Can a 0.45 micron filter be sterile? Can bacteria pass through 0.45 micron filter?

No, a filter is considered sterilizing if it can be demonstrated to retain 107 microorganism like bacteria and virus. 0.2 micron sterile filter is recognized as sterile filter because it is suitable for producing sterile filtrate and capable of retaining a minimum of 107 cfu/cm2 of microorganisms.

Can a 0.45 micron filter be sterile

Therefore, 0.45 micron filter is not a sterile filter. It serves as an ideal solution to protect downstream sterile filter. Filson 0.45 micron filter can eliminate large bacteria while small size bacteria and virus are permitted to pass through.

What is the purpose for the 0.45 micron filter?

Filson 0.45 micron filter is designed to remove larger bacteria or particles but allow smaller bacteria to pass through. Thus it is often employed as a pre-filter to reduce the heavy duty of fine filter cartridges and extend their service life.

0.45 micron is one of the most commonly used pore size of sterile filter products. Filson 0.45 micron filter is used to reduce the biological loading which is characterized by low protein adsorption, high flow rate and high handling capacity.

What is the difference between 0.2 and 0.22 micron filter?

In generally, for the purpose of sterilization, 0.2 micron and 0.22 micron filters are hard to distinguish due to adjacent filtration accuracy. Their performance is the same, only the difference being the designation of their pore size rating.

For air sterile applications, Filson 0.2 micron filter is used to make sure 100% sterilization for all bacteria removal. While for oily liquid sterile filtration application, Filson 0.22 micron filter is used to create a sterilization fluids for downstream process.

What is difference between 0.45 and 0.22 micron filter?

The most obvious difference between 0.45 micron filter and 0.22 micron filter is that 0.22 micron filter is more precise in filtration accuracy than 0.45 micron. The higher the filtration accuracy, the higher the production technical requirements, so 0.45 micron filter cost less than 0.22 micron filter.

On the other hand, there is less pressure drop to overcome of 0.45 micron filter. However, the 0.22 micron filters are the most commonly used and perfect for completely sterile samples, as the cutoff for biological organism near 0.45 micron.

What is sterile filtration in wine?

Wine naturally precipitates solids during fermentation and wine storage, particles in wine can be crystalline, amorphous, colloidal,microorganism and other impurities. Sterile filtration in wine is an essential process before wine filling up.

What is sterile filtration in wine

Filson sterile filtration in wine can 100% remove particles such as yeast and bacteria to keep fragrance taste of wines, ensure wine biological / non-biological stability and increase the wine shelf life. In a word, it is a necessary part of your wine production.

Which filter is used for sterile filtration in pharmaceutical engineering?

In pharmaceutical engineering, membrane cartridges is required as a high efficient sterilization method. These filters are made of polyethersulphone membrane which provide fast, economical and validated sterile filtration of pharmaceutical liquids. The commonly used filtration accuracy is 0.2 micron.

How can use filtration in sterilization of pharmaceutical products?

In pharmaceutical products manufacturing process, Filson sterile filters are used for sterilization through intercepting microorganisms from fluids stream without adversely affecting products. Integrity testing is required both before and after membrane filter use.

How can use filtration in sterilization of pharmaceutical products

Filtration in sterilization is a significant process in the pharmaceutical industry, Filson sterile filters meet all requirements in the production process. And Filson sterile membrane cartridges has large bacteria retention capabilities as an ideal solution in pharmacy industry.

Are filter tips sterile?

The answer is Yes, Filson filter tips are sterile. Filson sterile filter tips are certified free of DNA, RNA, ATP and others, and they are ideal for applications that require sterility such as cell culture. So you can totally feel ease to use our sterile filter tips.

Are filter tips sterile

Filson sterile filter tips can eliminate harmful aerosol transfer and prevent cross contamination between pipette and specimen. Filson sterile filter tips are proven to block more than 99% of aerosol contaminants.

What is sterile membrane filter?What is sterile membrane?

Filson sterile membrane filter is used for colony counting, particle testing, microscopy and sterility testing. It is widely use for the microbiological culturing and examination of food, water, beverage, pharmaceutical and other critical applications.

The sterile membranes are made of made of cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate or regenerated cellulose. These material assure effective retention featuring high flow rates and optimal colony growth. The contrasting grid lines facilitate counting of colonies.

Which filter are mainly used for sterilization of oily liquids?

Sterile membrane filter cartridges are mainly used for sterilization of oily liquids of 0.45 micron and 0.22 micron filtration precision. As the latest sterile membrane technology, Filson polyether sulfoxide membrane filter can continuously provide precise microbial retention.

Filson polyether sulfoxide membrane cartridges have hydrophilic and oleophobic characteristic. Therefore, it is ideal for sterile filtration and clarification of final products in oil liquid.

You can follow these tips to help you design and choose an ideal sterile filter for your application. The points listed above are just some of the most important factors, more detailed information and specifications can be told by consulting Filson professional specialists.

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