Filson Sterile Filter Paper

  • Customized shape and dimension to meet your application
  • Qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper available
  • ISO quality and responsible pre-sale and after-sale service
  • Full stock of laboratory consumables supply, ready to ship
  • Good permeability, suitable for laboratory and bio-tech application
  • Satisfy varying needs of flow rate, loading capacity, chemical resistance

Filson sterile filter paper is mainly used for chemical analysis and relevant filter separation in the laboratory, as well as paper fabrication of relevant purity. And it is usually classified into qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper.

  • Construction material: wood pulp, mixed cellulose ester
  • Shape: round, square, etc
  • Dimension:round: 45mm, 55mm, 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180m, 185mm, 240mm or tailor-made. Square(L*W):  600 x 600mm, 580 x 580mm, 460 x 570mm, 400 x 400mm or custom
  • Thickness: 0.35-0.8mm
  • Color: white
  • Basis weight: 80gsm
  • Inner packing:
    1) Round: 100 circles/box
    2) Square: 100 sheets/box
    Outer packing:
    1) Round: 50 boxes/carton
    2) Square: 10 boxes/carton
  • Particle retention: 11 micron
  • Ash content(%): 0.06
  • Filtration speed: medium
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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Filson Sterile Filter Paper

Your Best Sterile Filter Paper Supplier in China

As a professional sterile filter paper manufacturer in China, Filson can provide sterile filter papers including qualitative and quantitative cellulose filter papers. The difference is the ash content after ashing. Qualitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.15%. Quantitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.01%.

Filson sterile filter paper is divided into fast, medium, and slow speed which depends on the nature of the separated substance precipitation. Fast sterile filter paper for colloidal precipitation, and slow sterile filter paper for crystalline precipitation.

Filson sterile filter papers are made of wood pulp or mixed cellulose ester. They are especially suitable for micro filtration. Filson high performance sterile filter papers can meet the needs of different levels of purity, flow rate, holding capacity and chemical resistance for our customers.

If you have any needs for Filson sterile filter paper, we are always here to support you satisfied service and awesome product. Send us your inquiry for Filson sterile filter paper!

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