Filson Steam Filter Element

  • Eliminate settled contaminants and condensate water from steam
  • Available in two forms: sintered and pleated metal
  • Cleanable and reusable to extend its service life
  • Easy to install and remove without 2 minutes
  • High quality as well as the competitive price
  • Various cleaning methods

Filson steam filter element is applied to the food and drinks industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, aseptic packing, fermentation process, brewery industry, dairy industry, and electronic industry.

  • Raw material: Sintered powder stainless steel or pleated 100% stainless steel element
  • Dimension: Available in a different sizes or customized, generally from 1/8 inch to 8 inch
  • Processing technique: Vacuum sintering technology
  • Working temperature: Ranging from -70 ℃ to 200 ℃
  • Max working pressure: 145 PSIG
  • Steam capacity: Ranging from 100 lb/hr to 17100 lb/hr
  • Connection mode: NPT thread, flange, and welded end connection available
  • Connection size: 1.5-8 inch

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Steam Filter Element

Your Dependable Steam Filter Element Manufacturer in China

Filson is an experienced steam filter element manufacturer in China, we can offer high-quality steam filter elements. Since we have rich experience in steam filter element fabrication over 15 years, we can tell you how to choose a suitable steam filter element.

Filson steam filter element is available in different filtration degrees ranging from 1 micron to 25 microns based on your application. Meanwhile, you can designate its material and size to fit your steam filter housing.

Filson steam filter elements can be regenerated by detergents or solvents in an ultrasonic bath. It is recommended that you clean your steam filter element frequently to keep high filtration efficiency. Get an instant quote for your next steam filter element order.

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