Filson Stainless Steel Well Screen

  • High open area with maximum access to entire formation
  • Minimal drawdown and less energy usage by pump
  • Superior mechanical strength with high collapse strength
  • Optimal sand control no matter with gravel pack or standalone
  • Unique v-shaped wire construction with plugging reduction

Any special need can be satisfied by Filson, from diameter, length, material, screen combination to connection fittings. They provide high open areas and great particle and drilling fluid removal capacity, requiring less maintenance and helping you save costs.

  • Material: SS 304/304L, 316/316L, 321 or as required
  • Outer Diameter: up to 36 in. or as required
  • Length: up to 40 ft. without weld
  • Slot Size: from 0.03 in.
  • Collapse Strength: up to 350 psi
  • Depth: up to 1000 ft.
  • Style: single layer or multiple layers
  • Construction: perforated base pipe, wedge wire screen, gravel pack (optional combination)

Note: 1. collapse strength values contain no safety factor.

2.if there any custom requirements, please consult Filson.

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Filson Stainless Steel Well Screen

Your Dependable Stainless Steel Well Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson stainless steel well screen is commonly manufactured in SS 304/316L materials to deliver superior mechanical strength with high collapse strength. Besides, with excellent corrosion resistance, it is very suitable for various underground operation environments.

Filson designs and manufactures stainless steel well screen to stabilize water wells and prevent unwanted particles from entering the well. Here are optional standard models for you to choose, or please send us your independent dimensions and requirements for customization.

Click here and we promise to help you find the most ideal solution for your difficult well development challenges.

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