Filson Stainless Steel Frit

  • Suitable pore size control to retain packing in column
  • Full stainless steel material construction for better quality
  • High temperature and corrosion resistance suiting various applications
  • A wide range of filtration accuracy options for distinct use
  • Customizable dimensions to meet desired requirements

Filson stainless steel frit comes in many standard sizes to equipped in any HPLC system or can be specially designed to satisfy column applications. View the following specifications to choose a suitable frit or simply contact us to receive a custom product.

  • Frit material: stainless steel 316L ( other grades stainless steel available )
  • Operation pressure: >6000 psi or 413 bar
  • Operation temperature: up to 600℃ ( for stainless steel material itself )
  • Pore size/filtration accuracy: 0.2 – 50μm
  • Diameter: 0.064’’ – 1’’
  • Thickness: 0.06’’ – 0.125’’

Note: specifications above are for reference only, more details to be known by contacting Filson.

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Filson Stainless Steel Frit

Quality Stainless Steel Frit for Your Column System

Filson stainless steel frit, or called stainless steel frit filter, is a porous metal media which is always shown as the form of stainless steel frit disc. Different from other media applied to liquid chromatography column system, it is capable to withstand high pressure applications and resist caustic solvents.

Filson stainless steel frit is featured with good strength and non-shedding which improves the overall column quality and leads to more reliable test results. With such properties, it benefits a lot for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods and biotechs.

In order to achieve the best performance of Filson stainless steel frit, the product is produced under a sintering process to ensure the final quality. And all our frits are tested rigorously before leaving our factory.

Call Filson today and get an ideal stainless steel frit for your column system.

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