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Filson stainless steel candle filter element overcomes the limitations of synthetic fiber cartridges in terms of temperature and chemical compatibility. So it allows filtration at the temperature up to 600°C, and reduces the damage in acidic corrosive conditions.

Additionally, Filson stainless steel candle filter elements shows the outstanding durability and reusability since its stainless steel construction. It also supports a fast and easy maintenance by regular back-flushing without downtime.

Choose Filson! Choose a trustworthy partner of stainless steel candle filter element!

Filson stainless steel candle filter elements are typically pleated or cylindrical (wrapped), with a lightweight core surrounded by the outer layer. Sintered stainless steel wire mesh, internal core, and the support ring are welded together, created a robust structure.

  • Raw material: SS304, SS 316L as standard
  • Working temperature: Max. 600°C
  • Filtration rating: 2-200μm
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.9%
  • Pressure range: 21-210 bar
  • Connection type: as request

Note: material/filtration rating/connection type can be customized upon request


  • Cleanable and regenerative for long lasting time
  • Prominentfiltration rating to offer high filtration efficiency
  • Superior temperature resistance for high heat conditions
  • All stainless steel construction for high structure strength
  • l Reliable removal capability of retained solids by back-washing
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