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Filson spun filter cartridge also called pp spun filter cartridge, spun polypropylene filter cartridge, spun water filter cartridge, spun sediment filter, is a depth-filter cartridge with a 100% high purity polypropylene filter media. It has long on-stream life and broad chemical compatibility with or without thermally bonded end caps.

Filson spun filter cartridges are widely used as a pre-filter or final filter for industrial, such as spun filters for ro, pp spun filters for process water & groundwater remediation, poly spun filter cartridges for chemical process, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, cosmetics and other applications. You can import our spun filter cartridges range from 0.5 to 120 microns with lengths from 5″ to 70″.

Filson  Spun Filter Cartridge

As professional spun filter cartridge manufacturers, all Filson spun filter cartridges have been tested and certified according to CE standard.

No adhesives, lubricants or antistatic agents are used in pp spun filter cartridge manufacturing process.

Filson spun filter cartridges adopt finish-free construction for good wicking property and eliminating foaming condition.

Filson spun filter cartridges are ideal replacements for many spun filter brands, including 3M spun sediment filters, Eaton pp spun filter cartridges, Parker spun polypropylene filter cartridges, Kemflo spun filters, Pall 10 pp spun filter cartridge, Pentek p5 filter cartridge, Pentek p1 spun polypropylene filter, and other pp spun filter manufacturers.

Filson also offers customized spun filter cartridges based your specific requirement.

Compare to standard spun filters series, increased depth of spun filter cartridges deliver high particulate removal efficiencies and makes it operate at higher velocities.

Customized spun filter cartridges needs low-frequency filter change-out, hence directly save costs by reducing the number of filters used.

Whether for standard, custom or special filter design, Filson spun filter cartridges offer a perfect solution for keeping your system contamination-free by being your OEM partner.

Features of Filson  Spun Filter Cartridge

  • 100% polypropylene filtration media for superior purity
  • Various endcap choices available to fit standard filter cartridge housings
  • Superior inner-layer bonding eliminates containment, unloading, and bypass
  • Optimal graded density superior for high filtration efficiency
  • Larger diameter makes it operate at higher velocities.
  • No surfactants, binders or adhesives used in the production
  • Fewer filter change-out to decrease labor and filter disposal costs
  • Larger particle retention with increasing differential pressure
  • Long service life, cost-effective filtration

 Applications of Filson  Spun Filter Cartridge

  • Potable Water Filtration
  • Food and Beverages
  • DI Water Filtration
  • Plating Solution Filtration
  • R.O. Pre-filtration
  • Membrane Pre-filtration
  • Organic Solvent Filtration
  • Chemical Processing
  • Photographic Filtration
  • Paper coatings

Technical Data

  • Filter Fineness: 0.5 – 120 µm
  • Length: 5”– 70”
  • Connections: DOE and O-ring adapter
  • Outer Diameter: 60/62/64 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 27/28/29 mm
  • Fiber Material: Polypropylene/Polyester/Nylon
  • End Caps: Polypropylene/Nylon
  • Temperature Resistance: 80°C
  • Differential Pressure: 4.0 bar/25°C

What is Spun Filter

Spun filter is a kind of depth filter which traps particles throughout the cross-section of the filter element.

Their graded density pore structure captures larger particles in the outer layers and smaller particles under the surface down to the center core.

Polypropylene(PP) is the most common media in the manufacturing process.

Compared to pleated filters, they have a limited surface area and not have a wide chemical compatibility or operating temperature with wound filters, but they have the advantage of depth filtration.

Spun filter cartridges can be used either as a pre-filter or final filter for industrial, chemical process, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, cosmetics, water and other applications.

Filson Spun filter cartridges are available in a wide range of lengths and micron sizes.


Spun bond filter cartridges VS Melt blown filter cartridges

  1. Compared to melt blown filter cartridges, Filson spun filter cartridges requires a polymer with a relatively high melt viscosity.
  2. Because of using compressed hot air, Filson melt blown filter cartridges would consume more energy than the spun filter cartridges.
  3. Generally, meltblown nonwovens are more expensive than spun nonwovens, such as the initial investment in spunbond technology is three to four times higher than that in meltblown technology.
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