Spot-Weld Extruder Filter Screen

  • High strength, durable and reliable, long service life
  • Large dirt holding capacity, not easy to be deformed
  • Cost-effective, anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance
  • In accordance with ISO: 9001 quality standards
  • One-stop spot-weld extruder filter screen solutions

Spot-weld extruder filter screen is used to remove harmful contaminants from extrusions. And it is installed on extruder in chemical fiber, plastic, coating process. It can also be used in food, medicine, petrochemical, aerospace plastic industries

  • Raw material: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire cloth, copper wire cloth or other special alloys
  • Diameter: 0.375-1.375 inch
  • Thickness: 0.35-8 mm
  • Layer: multi-layers usually 2-5 layers
  • Shape: round, oval, rectangular, kidney, ring, tube
  • Micron rating: from 1 micron to 300 micron
  • Screen type: sintered woven wire mesh
  • Working temperature: up to 480℃
  • Package: wrapped with plastic, wooden case or carton outside
  • Quality certification: comply with ISO: 9001 standards

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Spot-Weld Extruder Filter Screen

Your Dependable Spot-Weld Extruder Filter Screen Manufacturer in China

Spot-weld extruder filter screen is made of stainless steel wire mesh or black wire cloth. Multilayers mesh are different mesh size, number of weld spots can be made as request. The mesh counts of spot-welded extruder filter screen ranges from 4-500.

Spot-weld extruder filter screen are made by economical and efficient welding process. It is multi-layer extruder screen which is not easy to be damaged. It is available in plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twilled dutch weave, reverse dutch weave

Spot-weld extruder filter screen can achieve different levels of filtration, improving materials purity. All pot-weld extruder filter screen can be ultrasonically cleaned, if required. Send us your drawing and specifications, we will quote for you immediately.

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