Filson: Your Optimal Spin on Filter Choice with Innovative Design

Filson spin on filters have been exported to over 40 countries and regions with well received.

  • Innovative design and competitive prices
  • Remove harmful particles from various oil
  • Decrease downtime, extend engines life
  • High quality replacement spin on filters
  • Comply with ISO: 9001 quality standards

What is Spin on Filter?

Spin on filter is an essential component which is specially designed and manufactured to remove foreign particles from diesel. This avoids engines, pumps, valves and other critical components from contamination. Spin on filter is disposable.

Spin on filter, as the name suggests, has screw thread which makes it easy to assemble. It is a low pressure hydraulic filter that is used as suction filter or return line filter. Optional barometric or differential clogging indicators are available.

Spin on Filter Category

Spin On Hydraulic Filter

Spin on oil filter is instrumental in keeping your engine healthy by protecting it from harmful particles wear and tear. It can remove contaminants such as dust, water droplets, metal debris from oil. It plays an important role in lubrication, cooling and protection.

Spin On Coolant Filter

Spin on coolant filter, also known as water filter, is used to remove foreign particles from engine cooling system. It can maintain your diesel engine cooling system and improve its performance. Samples can be provided for testing.

Spin On Air Dryer Filter

We can offer a series of replacement spin on air dryer filter, such as Kneworth air dryer filter, Adip air dryer cartridge, Bendix Adip air dryer cartridge replacement, Volvo truck air dryer filter, Wabco air dryer filter, Trp air dryer cartridge and so on.

Spin On Oil Filter Types (6)

  • Spin On Hydraulic Filter
    Spin on hydraulic filter is designed to clean hydraulic oil or fluid in pressurized hydraulic systems. It is usually installed on the return line side of a hydraulic system. It is widely applied to industrial, mobile equipment and power transmission applications.
  • Spin On Lube Filter
    Spin on lube filter is suitable for diverse oil type such as lubricating oil, engine oil, diesel oi, hydraulic oil and more. Its core media is made of special paper or glass fiber. It is used in engineering machinery engine, ships and trucks.
  • Spin On Fuel Filter
    Spin on fuel filter is available in a wide range of size and flow rate capabilities. It can eliminate 10 micron water droplet and other impurities from fuel. It is featured with huge dirt capacity and durable life span. And it is waterproof, rustproof and dirt proof.
  • Spin On Transmission Filter
    Spin on transmission filter helps protect transmission against contaminants in the transmission fluid system. It can reduce wear of transmission and other critical components, and extend its service life. Spin on transmission filter is durable and reliable.
  • Spin On Fuel Water Separator Filter
    Spin on fuel water separator filter provides maximum protection of modern diesel and gasoline engines by effectively removing contaminants from fuel, such as water, dirt, rust and other impurities. It has good corrosion resistance.
  • Spin On Bypass Oil Filter
    Spin on bypass oil filter can capture 9 micron particles with an efficiency 50%, 22 micron particles with an efficiency up to 99%. It is widely used in various hydraulic oil system like agriculture truck, vehicles and so on. It is in accordance with ISO: 9001 certification.

Spin On Filter Series by Micron Rating (7)

  • Filson 10 micron spin on oil filter are available with numerous thread sizes to fit your present oil system, including NPT, BSP, BSPP... It has significant advantage in easy change-out and less replacement frequency.
  • Filson 2 micron spin on filter element are mainly installed in low pressure and return-line system for a higher oil cleanliness level. By using this spin on filters, it can efficiently prolong your system lifespan and promote smooth running of your engine.
  • Filson 1 micron spin on oil filters are non-washable and disposable. It contributes a higher filtration accuracy and larger dirty holding capacity for longer time use. Custom length and diameter services are available with minimum order quantity-50PCs.
  • Filson spin on filter elements in 5 micron usually adopt high quality paper or glass fiber as main filtration material. Meanwhile, bypass valve design and high pressure version are available to fit your oil application.
  • Filson 3 micron spin on filter part is commonly used to remove particles and water from your fuel or hydraulic oil systems. With max. Flow rate ranging from 60 to 800liters per hour, there are various length, diameter and thread size available.
  • With MOQ-50PCs, Filson can finish production of 25micorn spin on filters within 7 days. Also, for a quick delivery, like common replacement brand, Baldwin/Zinga/Donaldson/Wix..., we have common model replacement in stock that could send out immediately.
  • To guarantee a reduced system downtime and minimum oil contamination, Filson spin on oil filters in 100micron are cost-effective but less change-out times. It always has high-quality and durable structure, but less installation space needed.

Spin On Filter Benefits

Firm Packaging
Firm Packaging

To prevent any bumps and extrusion during transportation, we use multi-layer carton outside, small paper box external, and heat-shrink plastic film wrapped up spin on filters.

High Filtration Efficiency
High Filtration Efficiency

Spin on filter is optimized to improve filtration efficiency and enlarge dirt holding capacity with pleated structure. It can remove 40 micron contaminants with an efficiency up to 98%.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

The screw thread of spin on filter allows direct and tight mounting on the side of the engine. With features of easy installation, it can save operation time and reduce costs.

Competitive Prices
Competitive Prices

To build deep cooperation with customers, we win the trust of users for our high quality filter elements. Factory prices and ISO quality are always our competitive advantages.   

What’s the Function of Spin on Filter?

Diesel oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, and other hydraulic oil are easily contaminated.

The dirt, metal debris contained in the unfiltered oil will cause damage to sensitive components such as engines, valves. Therefore, it is important to eliminate these harmful particles. Spin on filter is carefully engineered to perform filtration functions.

  • Remove dust, rust, metal debris and other foreign particles from oil
  • Prevent engines, valves and other parts from wear and tear
  • Decrease unscheduled downtime and save maintenance costs
  • Improve system working efficiency and extend equipment lifespan
What’s the Function of Spin on Filter
The Advantages of Spin on Filter

The Advantages of Spin on Filter

Our spin on filters not only have spin-on convenience, but also serve a wide range of cleanliness ratings. They are economical. In addition, spin on filter are disposable to prevent cross contamination.

  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • High flow rate at low differential pressure
  • Anti-abrasion, anti- corrosion
  • Qualified static/collapse resistance testing
  • Long service life up to 360 hours

Just send us your engine model or, petroleum type, OEM requirements, etc, we will provide you perfect spin on filter solution. Our MOQ are 50 PCs.

Replacement of the Spin on Filter

Filson is a leading spin on filter manufacturer in China, we can offer replacement spin on filters of some leading brands to meet your original demands. They are compatible with your existing systems.

  • Frame Oil Filters
  • Caterpillar spin on filter
  • Cummins Fleetguard oil filter
  • Donaldson spin on filter
  • Wix Fuel Filter
  • John Deere Oil Filter
  • Yanmar Oil Filters
  • Napa Hydraulic Filter
  • Baldwin spin on filter
  • Mahle spin on oil filter
  • Lenz spin on filters
  • Eaton spin on filter
  • Pall spin on filter
  • Allison spin on filter
  • Kenworth air dryer filter
  • Mann oil filter
Replacement of the Spin on Filter

Why Choose Filson Spin on Filter?

Spin on Filter Engineering
Spin on Filter Machining

As an ISO certified filter element manufacturer in China, Filson controls the quality of spin on filter strictly. We have served thousands of clients with well received. Factory prices and ISO quality are always our competitive prices.

To prevent any damage during transportation, we utilize firm package to safeguard spin on filter. Furthermore, we can offer OEM service for our customers specific requirements. Such as adding a LOGO, model, contact information to the label, etc.

Heat-shrink film plastic is tightly wrapped up the spin on filter. We use multi-layer carton packaging outside, protective plastic film sealing inside and small paper box packaging external. Last we glued the carton tightly with adhesive tape.

If you have any needs of Filson spin on filter, please feel free to contact us.

More details to be known by the following ways:

Phone: +86-157 3695 8886


Spin on Filter Specifications
  • Raw material: mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel wire mesh, special paper, cellulose, mixed fiber, fully synthetic, glass fiber, etc
  • Dimension: standard type or custom type
  • Filtration accuracy: 3-100 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: 50% at 7-20 micron
  • Working temperature range: -65℉- 250℉
  • Max design pressure: 270 psig
  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Gasket materials: NBR, Viton, EPR
  • Appliance standard: ISO: 9001 certification
Spin on Filter Applications

Spin on filter has been applied to extensive applications, including but not limited:

  • Hydraulic oil system
  • Agriculture industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Lubricating oil system
  • Engine oil system
  • Transmission oil system
  • Diesel fuel system
  • Petroleum based fluids
Spin on Filter
Filson: One of the Leading Spin on Filter Supplier in China

We can offer cost-effective spin on filter solution which is ideal for your business.

Common Replacement Brand/Models/Cross reference available:

Fram Defense/Engine Oil Filter

Ultra synthetic oil filter XG3614 XG7317 XG9972

PH3614 PH7575 PH4967 PH6022 PH2874 FR691V PH8170 PG8A PH3976A PH6010A…

Wix Oil filter/Fuel filter/Coolant filter

51348/ 51358/ 57701/ 51394/ 51215/ 51515/ 51515r/ 51515xp/ 57060/ 57060xp/ 51060 xp

51356/ 57055/ 51356xp/ 33033/ 24003…

Allison Spin on Filter


Baldwin Spin on Filter

bt8460/ bf7633/ bf1212/ bf1258/ bt7349/ bf7633

Spin on Filter: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

What is Spin on Filter?

Spin on filter is an essential component which is specially designed and manufactured to remove foreign particles from diesel. This avoids engines, pumps, valves and other critical components from contamination. Spin on filter is disposable.

What is Spin on Filter

Spin on filter, as the name suggests, has screw thread which makes it easy to assemble. It is a low pressure hydraulic filter that is used as suction filter or return line filter. Optional barometric or differential clogging indicators are available.

What is the difference between spin on and cartridge filter?

What is the difference between spin on and cartridge filter

In general, spin on filter and cartridge filter are both used to purify oil. They each have their own strengths and weakness.

Due to its easy replacement without any complex tool, spin on filter is typically recognized as an excellent engine part. Since it is disposable, it is not environmental friendly. Cartridge filter is hard to install, but it is comparatively environmental.

Actually, the quality of filter element is what’s most important. Whether you need spin on filter or cartridge filter, we can provide suitable oil filter which is compatible with your trucks, vehicles, ships and others.

Which way does oil flow through a spin on filter?

For typical canister-type filters, it is standard for oil to flow from the outside to inside. This means that the oil passes through the cylindrical filter media into the inner core.

However, in some cases the flow direction is reversed. This is intended to improve flow rate and distribution as well as reduce the filter element size.

The bottom of spin on filter is evenly distributed holes which permit oil into enter special media. The special media, also called spin on filter element, is made of fiber glass, special paper or other synthetic fiber.

The filter element has large dirt retention capacity with pleated structure. It enables to trap fine particles from oil. The interior is hollow and clean oil drained from here. The o-ring made of rubber is designed to avoid oil leakage.

What must you do before installing a spin on filter?

It is important for you to do some checks before installing a spin on filter.

What must you do before installing a spin on filter

  1. Disassemble the old spin on filter
  2. Clean the base
  3. Lubricate the new spin on filter gasket
  4. Pre-fill the new filter with clean diesel fuel
  5. Install the new spin on filter
  6. Tighten the new spin on filter per the proper amount of turns that are noted on the label, taking care not to over-tighten.
How to install a spin on filter?

First, it is recommended that you should read the manual of spin on filter. The installation manual helps you achieve proper installation. If you have any doubts, please consult Filson staff, they will give you a immediate response.

Spin on filter is built with screw thread which allows to screw directly and tightly onto the engine. It is easy to install and remove which makes it popular in varying hydraulic systems.

How to install a spin on filter

What kind of oil are spin on filter can handle?

Spin on filter has applied to a wide range of applications due to its spin on convenience and cost-efficiency. They are suitable for handling diverse petroleum based oil. Such as:

  • Diesel oil
  • Engine oil
  • Lubricating oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Transmission oil
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