Spin On Bypass Oil Filter

  • Used to eliminate foreign particulates from engine oil
  • One-stop solution on spin on bypass oil filter fabrication
  • High filtration performance, low pressure differential
  • Spin on convenience, good corrosion resistance
  • Available in different colors like white, black, red, etc
  • In accordance with ISO: 9001 quality certification

Spin on bypass filter contains many parts, steel filter housing, stainless steel central tube, rubber gasket, bypass relief valve, and special paper filter element. Its bypass relief valve is designed to prevent burst and leakage. And its o-ring is used to avoid leakage.

  • Raw material: stainless steel, filter paper, rubber, etc
  • Filtration efficiency: 99% of 45 micron
  • Color: black, white, red, etc
  • Oil type: hydraulic oil, lube oil, petroleum based oil
  • Quality: ISO: 9001 certification
  • MOQ: 50 PCs

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Spin On Bypass Oil Filter

Your Reliable Spin On Bypass Oil Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson is dedicated to provide OEM customers with high quality spin on bypass oil filter. We can offer one-stop solution on spin on bypass oil filter fabrication with competitive prices. Send us your drawing and specifications, we will give you perfect spin on bypass oil filter.

Spin on bypass oil filter is used to remove unwanted particles such as dust, rust, metal debris, droplets and others. It can help provide clean oil to downstream equipment. This protects critical components from wear and tear, avoids unscheduled downtime.

Our spin on bypass oil filter has outstanding corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and high filtration performance. It is widely used in automobiles, agriculture trucks, transmission, ships, and other engine-powered vehicles.

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