Filson Spin Column Frit

  • Reduced possibility of column clogging for better efficiency
  • Advanced porous media for the highest performance in applications
  • Convenient design and format for both use and storage
  • Able to be used with both microcentrifuges and vacuum manifolds
  • Optimal pore size to well-matched with your column

Filson spin column frit is an instrument filter which is used to protect critical instruments involing in the column system by providing maximum purity and optimal flow. With rich experience, we promise to offer a quality frit for your spin column.

  • Raw material: PTFE, polypropylene, polyethylene or others on request
  • Operation pressure: >5000 psi or 345 bar
  • Operation temperature: up to 260℃
  • Pore size/filtration accuracy: 0.2 – 50μm
  • Thickness: 0.3mm

Tip: special requirements for spin column frit can be satisfied at Filson.

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Filson Spin Column Frit

Your Leading Spin Column Frit Manufacturer in China

As one of the leading manufacturers for porous media in China, Filson has developed a unique technology and core engineering team to produce spin column frits with good quality and at very competitive prices.

Filson spin column frit is commonly made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( PE ), PTFE or polypropylene ( PP ). Of course, other high grade materials are also available to manufacture frit to fit your requirements.

The main role of the Filson spin column frit is to support for the silica membrane can not withstand high speed centrifugal. Another function is to retain the packing particle inside the column for better column efficiency.

Except for spin column frit, Filson provides other column frits as well, such as HPLC column frit, SPE column frit, etc. Looking for an ideal fritted filter for your application? Come and get an instant quote immediately.

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