Filson SPE Column Frits

  • Multiple frit materials for customers to choose
  • Specially chosen raw material for the best quality
  • Flexible pore size control to meet your specific requirements
  • Strict product testing to ensure the excellent performance
  • Wide dimension selections to match your system perfectly

Filson SPE column frit is used in a SPE column system to provide outstanding protection for the pump and some expensive equipments in the whole system. At the same time, the frit keeps packing material in the column.

  • Frit material: PTFE, polypropylene, polyethylene, PEEK, stainless steel, titanium
  • Operation pressure: >5000 psi or 345 bar
  • Operation temperature: up to 260℃ ( based on material )
  • Pore size/filtration accuracy: 0.2 – 50μm
  • Diameter: 0.064’’ – 1’’
  • Thickness: 0.06’’ – 0.125’’

Note: special requirements for SPE column frit can be satisfied at Filson.

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Filson SPE Column Frits

Your Premier SPE Column Frits Supplier in China

A SPE column is also known as solid phase extraction column or SPE cartridge. It is a sample pretreatment device for extraction, separation and concentration developed from the chromatography column. And Filson SPE column frit is one of the crucial components in the column.

Filson SPE column frits are frequently used in all sorts of industrial applications, such as the sample pretreatment of the target compound for food and beverage, agricultural and animal products, environmental sample and biological sample.

The most commonly used materials for Filson SPE column frits are PP ( polypropylene ) and glass fiber. Usually, there are two fritted filters inside the column and between them, there is a certain amount of chromatographic adsorbent ( packing material ).

The use of Filson SPE column frit greatly solves the problem of packing leakage and improves the column efficiency. If you are interested in Filson SPE column frit, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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