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With rich expertise, advanced technology and careful manufacture, Filson is committed to providing you with high quality and trustworthy sparkler filter.

  • Single pass without solid bypass to ensure clean filtration
  • Installed on a trolley, very convenient to move and use
  • Minimized hold-up volume and high recovery efficiency
  • Enclosed systems to ensure safe filtration of dangerous products

What is Sparkler Filter?

Filson sparkler filter is also called sparkler filter press, which works to remove unwanted particles from liquids. A sparkler filter mainly consists of filter plates, perforated screens, filter media and filter housings. Being completely enclosed, it has good sealing and no leaks during operation.

The main body of Filson sparkler filter is connected with a pump and some pipes. Normally they are installed on a stainless steel trolley, enabling easy movement. To meet specific requirements base on the products and processes, it provides different output capacity and various pumps.

Featuring many advantages like complete product recovery, high efficiency, etc, Filson sparkler filter is suitable for nearly every application in solid and liquid separation. For instance, it can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food&beverage, lacquer, resin, cosmetic and other industries.

We provide many types of sparkler filters, such as vertical sparkler filter press, sparkler horizontal plate filter and sparkler filter press. Besides, sparkler filter parts like sparkler filter paper, sparkler filter pads, sparkler filter housing are also provided in Filson.

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Sparkler Filter Main Categories

Vertical Sparkler Filter Press

Filson vertical sparkler filter press is mainly made of vertical filter plates and a pressure vessel housing. The vertical structure is specially engineered for applications in places with restricted areas, helping to improve the utilization rate of unit area and save costs.

Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filter

Sparkler horizontal plate filter in Filson is the most versatile filter for solid and liquid separation. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, catalyst recovery, cosmetic and related industries. To suit the specific needs of your product, it can flexibly change the numbers of filter plates.

Sparkler Filter Press

Utilizing high performance raw materials, Filson sparkler filter press makes sure high recovery rate of products, even can reach 100%. According to your requirements for cake holding capacity, we provide two different kinds of filter plates, including deep plate and shallow plate.

Sparkler Filter Parts (3)

  • Sparkler Filter Paper
    Designed for various filtration applications, Filson sparkler filter paper is mainly used for sparkler filters, like sparkler horizontal plate filter. Made of cellulose, wood pulp, synthetic media, etc, it is available in round and square shapes to suit your application requirements.
  • Sparkler Filter Pads
    Filson sparkler filter pads are made of woven and non-woven fibers, including cotton, PP, nylon, polyester and so on. Using advanced heat sealing process, all our sparkler filter pads provide excellent integrity, enabling no rough selvedge and fiber shedding.
  • Sparkler Filter Housing
    Using durable and high performance metal such as SS304, SS316L, Hastelloy, etc, Filson sparkler filter housing shows high mechanical strength, allowing decades of durability. Besides, it has few weld points, providing smooth internal surface and easy cleaning.

Sparkler Filter Benefits

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality

Compliant with international ISO 9001 and FDA standards, Filson sparkler filter is able to provide you high quality, enabling safe usage and long in-service life.

Wide Application
Wide Application

Filson sparkler filter is very versatile and can be used for many applications, such as catalyst recovery, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and so on.

Customized Service
Customized Service

To suit your filtration application well, Filson provides customized services, from design to delivery. Thus it can work with your system smoothly.

Excellent Sealing
Excellent Sealing

With advanced welding technology, Filson sparkler filter has a completely enclosed filter housing, enabling no leakage and safe filtration.

Sparkler Filter Features

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications, very versatile
  • Resistant to high temperature and high pressure
  • Advanced welding technology and few weld points
  • High durability materials to ensure years of stability
  • Uniform pore distribution, high porosity, high efficiency
  • Wide chemical compatibility, suitable for various applications
  • Quick removal and easy cleaning for decreased downtime
  • Even thickness and uniform distribution of filtration cake
Sparkler Filter Features
Sparkler Filter Specifications

Sparkler Filter Specifications

  • Filter media material: paper, woven wire, cloth, cellulose, synthetic, etc.
  • Filter plate material: SS304, SS316L, carbon steel, PP, etc.
  • Housing material: SS304, SS316L, carbon steel, Hastelloy, etc.
  • Common filter plate diameter: 8”, 14”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 33”, etc.
  • Number of plates: 2 – 50pcs
  • Finishing: polished
  • working temperature: 150 °C
  • differential pressure: 3.5 bar

Note: specifications above are for reference purpose only, please contact us for more details.

Sparkler Filter Working Principle

Unfiltered filtrate enters into the filter by means of pump or other equipment.

The filtrate passes through the top of filter pads and filter plates from the side hole on the plate. Then the filtrate flows through each filter pad and filter plate simultaneously and individually.

During the filtration process, impurities are captured and stored in the form of compressed cake. While the clean filter will pass through the central channel to the bottom outlet.

The diameters and number of filter plates and filter pads determine different filtering effects.

Sparkler Filter Working Principle

Why Choose Filson Sparkler Filter?

Filson Sparkler Filter Factory in China
Filson Sparkler Filter Welding

With professional engineers, careful workers and rich experience, Filson can always provide you reliable and high quality products with very competitive prices. Furthermore, we are able to solve all your filtration related problems and offer one stop solutions.

Filson sparkler filter has high throughput and low filtration resistance, enabling rapid filtration and high efficiency. It also has large dirt holding capacity, ensuring a long filtration service time and decreased equipment downtime at the same time.

Due to more than ten mature production lines and enough inventories in our warehouses, we are able to provide you with short production time with 2 to 3 weeks. All the products are packaged with plastic film and compact carton or wooden boxes, ensuring safe packaging.

For more detailed information, you can contact us at +86 157 3695 8886 or send us an email via Just feel free to contact us. Filson will never let you down.

OEM & ODM Sparkler Filter for Multiple Industry Applications

Sparkler Filter for Catalyst Recovery

Mainly fabricated by superior stainless steel or carbon steel, Filson spark filter has excellent corrosion resistance to be ideal for catalyst recovery. As a completely closed system, our spark filter is well sealed, which is very safe in recovering flammable or precious metal catalysts.

Sparkler Filter for Pharmaceutical

In pharmaceutical industry, deep filtration is necessary to ensure efficacy and safety. Filson spark filter can recover up to 100% of useful liquid, effectively removing all useless impurities. It can be disassembled to clean and disinfect, providing high-standard environment for medicine filtration.

Sparkler Filter for Cosmetic 

The fluids to be filtered enter and exit from spark filter, the entire process is automated, greatly reducing labor costs in the cosmetic production industry and improving operational safety. Moreover, it does not heat up over time, avoiding the ingredients of cosmetic being changed.

Sparkler Filter for Chemical

Filson spark filter has high chemical stability and do not change properties of filtration solutions, therefore it is widely used in chemical industry. By fully recovering chemicals and ensuring no oxidation, evaporation and leakage occur during operation, it can effectively avoids waste.

Sparkler Filter for Food & Beverage

All materials of Filson spark filter have passed ISO9001 certification and meet the food contact standards, it is common filtration equipment in food and beverage industry. It can maintain high filtration performance at flow rates up to 2000GPM, greatly improving production efficiency.

Sparkler Filter for Varnish, lacquer and resin

As a solid-liquid separation and filtration system, Filson vertical sparkler filter press is usually used to filter varnish, paints and resins. It is also equipped with pumps to accelerate filtration process, and the online backwashing function also greatly improves convenience of operation.

Filson Sparkler filter Supplier
Filson: Your Professional Sparkler Filter Partner in China

Filson provides high quality products, competitive price, fast delivery, customized service and more. You can get all you wanted equipment from Filson. Just feel free to contact us.

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