Filson Small Rotary Filter

  • Compact structure for minimal footprint
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Crystal clear water with UVC lamp
  • Free of biofilm and algae growth due to UV-C radiation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Custom dimensions available even for 1PC

Filson small rotary filters are popular as low maintenance filters. It traps debris through a 60 micron screen and can achieve backwash with a pressure pump to blow the screen clean. Every Filson small rotary filter is equipped with flushing pump and submersible UV.

  • Used materials: PA, stainles steel / 316, FPM seal, high pressure PVC, etc
  • Flow rate: upto 1200LPM
  • Diameter drum: 38×40 cm, others on request
  • Gearbox: 27Nm, Slip clutch
  • Screen material: stainless steel 304/316L
  • Working pressure: high-pressure upto40bar
  • All components: modules, quickly changeable
  • Accuracy: from 20 to 6000micron
  • CE approval UVC/Drum body

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Small Rotary Filter

Your Outstanding Filson Rotary Drum Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson small rotary filter is specially designed for ponds up to 5000 gallons, with two 4″inlets and outlet for connection to a circulation pump and a 4″ outlet for waste. It is equipped with all the controls as described above and also has a built-in 40 watt Amalgam UV.

Compare to other filtration systems, Filson small rotary drum filter can better captures dirt and deposits in high filtration efficiency. Due to the compact shape of Filson small rotary filter, it has very low fixed operating cost and maintenance.

In addition, the motor and controls for rotating drum have been used and fully tested on all Filson drum filters, so you can buy with confidence in terms of quality and reliability.

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