Filson Slotted Liner Sand Screen

  • High rigidity and strength suitable for heavy load applications
  • Precise slot sizes with production efficiency improvement
  • Custom dimensions available with optimum suitability
  • Flexible designs depending on specific formation sand sizes
  • Excellent corrosion resistance with increased completion longevity

Filson slotted liner sand control is one of the most traditional filtration methods to provide borehole stability and reliable particle control capacity in slotted liner completions.

  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel
  • Pipe Diameter: 10-660 mm
  • Slot Width: 250-1800 μm
  • Slot Length: 38-76 mm
  • Pipe Length: up to 20 m
  • Pipe Thickness: less than 22 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 390 Mpa
  • Slotting Shape: straight slot, keystone slot
  • Slotting Pattern: line slot, staggered slot, multiple staggered slot
  • Pipe Type: slotted, perforated

Note: listed above for reference purpose, customization available.

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Filson Slotted Liner Sand Screen

Your Reliable Slotted Liner Sand Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson slotted liner sand screen, or referred as slotted liner, screen liner, provides an ideal and economical solution for various horizontal completions or crude oil extractions. It is capable of maintaining the stability of boreholes as its high rigidity and strength and features superior corrosion resistance for underground operation conditions.

Through our advanced laser cutting technology with CNC indexing system, Filson can guarantee the extremely precise slot sizes and shapes for slotted liner sand screens. Therefore it contributes to offering a perfect slotted liner sand control and production efficiency improvement.

Noteworthy, Filson develops a special slot shape, keystone slot, to reduce the clogging potential when you use it in formations where the sand distribution is not uniform or where the particle size can not be determined.

Standard specifications from material, liner diameter/length/thickness to slot size/shape/layout pattern are optional, please check the technical data sheet of Filson slotted liner sand screen. Or OEM available, just send your desired parameters or drawings to Filson engineer team is always here to help.

*Slotted Liner VS Perforated Liner

Both slotted liner and perforated liner are typically used for sand control in a wide range of well completions. They can be used alone as sand exclusion devices in openhole completions in high-permeability and well-sorted formations, or just used as a base pipe to offer higher strength and collapse resistance.

The differences between slotted liners and perforated liners are hole size and shape. Slotted liner is designed with finer slots of 250-1800 μm in width, while perforated liner owns round holes of 12-25 mm in diameter commonly. Thereby they are applied for sand control in formations with different grain sizes.

If any doubt or questions of Filson slotted liner design, manufacture process, delivery time, price, package… do not hesitate to contact us. Call +86- 157 3695 8886 or email to for discussion.

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