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Empowered by more than two decades experience, Filson has advanced sintering technology, skilled staffs and comprehensive one-stop solutions.

  • Available for customized dimensions and shapes
  • Wide range of applications based on stable performance
  • Exceptional air permeability with uniform pore distribution
  • Salient resistance to most chemicals and high temperature
  • Pure UHMWPE results in clean materials without impurities

What is Sintered Polyethylene Filter

Filson sintered polyethylene filter is made from high-grade polyethylene materials through sintering process, forming porous structure. It allows fluids or gases to pass through while trapping particulates.

Thanks to mature sintering technology, Filson sintered polyethylene filter has uniform and even pore size and distribution. Additionally, it enjoys outstanding resistance to chemicals and temperature, and high durability.

In order to better fit diverse applications, Filson sintered polyethylene filter comes into various shapes, like tube, disc, cup, etc. Therefore, it enjoys wide range of applications, including bio-chemistry, sample treatment, electron, etc.

Sintered Polyethylene Filter Categories by Shapes

Made of non-toxic, odorless polyethylene after sintering process, Filson sintered polyethylene tube has precise and uniform pore size and distribution, high porosity to allow even flow. With self-supporting structure and light weight, it is easy to handle and transport.

Sintered Polyethylene Disc

Filson sintered polyethylene disc can be manufactured into round or square shape, and is available for hydrophobic and hydrophilic types based on your requirements. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for solid-phase extraction, electronics, water purification, life sciences, etc.

Filson sintered polyethylene cup enjoys excellent mechanical strength, great thermal stability, high chemical resistance and low heat conductivity. Backed on these advantages, it is a popular solution for bio-chemistry, medical treatment, chemistry analysis, etc.

Filson sintered polyethylene plate is endowed with chemically inert, hence it has high resistance to most chemicals, allowing it to be used for many applications. It also available for two types: hydrophobic and hydrophilic to optimal your applications.

Porous Polyethylene Frit

Metal-free frit design allows Filson porous polyethylene frit having light weight structure and lower costs. Based on strict inspection and manufacturing process, it has precision dimensions and pore size control to fulfill customer requirements.

Featured with porous network and uniform distribution, Filson porous polyethylene wick has high porosity to realize smooth flowability. After sintering process, it has excellent resistance to temperature and corrosion, resulting in longer service life.

Sintered Polyethylene FilterTypes by Applications (5)

  • PE Sintered Self-Sealing Filter
    With self-sealing and hydrophobic properties, Filson PE sintered self-sealing filter creates a reliable barrier to prevent cross contamination and bacteria. Manufactured by high-grade UHMW-PE, it is sterile to avoid test errors.
  • Dissolution Filters
    Filson dissolution filters, also referred as cannula filters, full flow filter, are used for filtering organic solvents and complex sample solutions. In order to meet various cannulae, it has proper elasticity, hence it is an ideal choice for dialysis filter, HPLC solvents, oligo synthesis filter, etc.
  • Bottle Cap Humidifier Filter
    With uniform pore size and distribution, Filson bottle cap humidifier filter delivers smooth filter level. Equipped with high porosity, it provides large surface area for gas and liquids, allowing sterile, clean and uniform oxygen for patients.
  • Sintered PE Oxygenerator Filter
    Filson sintered PE oxygenerator filter is used for humidification filtration in oxygen concentrators. With medical-grade material, it has superior sterility and bio-compatibility. Thanks to its porous structure, it can function as noise dampener to reduce the level of noise.
  • Mufflers
    Filson mufflers, also known as plastic mufflers or plastic silencer, are made of sintered plastic, which delivers light weight and outstanding resistance to corrosion. Through strict inspection like bubble point test, pressure test, it achieves superior performance in reducing noise.

Sintered Polyethylene Filter Benefits

Reliable Quality

Each Filson sintered polyethylene filter is made of medical-grade, goes through strict inspection and various international tests, hence our product has reliable quality and longer service life.

Rigid Structure

After sintering process, Filson sintered polyethylene filter has robust structure and self-supporting design to withstand high pressure.

Chemically Inert
Chemically Inert

Filson sintered polyethylene filter is made of high-grade polyethylene, which endowed with high chemical resistance, making it workable in harsh conditions. 

Adjustable Dimensions

As a versatile product, Filson sintered polyethylene filter can be manufactured into various shapes and sizes, such as cup, disc, plate, frit, etc.

Sintered Polyethylene FilterSpecific Features

  • Excellent chemical compatibility to most acids, alkali, etc
  • Robust structure and design with self-supporting
  • Great air permeability due to uniform pore distribution
  • Excellent wear resistance under high surface pressure
  • Clean and superior edge finish cutting by advanced equipment
  • High filtration efficiency up to 99.99% with fine accuracy
  • Non-toxic and tasteless properties ensures good bio-compatibility
  • Uniform and even pore size and distribution with high porosity
  • Easy to handle and transport backed by light weight
  • Adjustable and customized service to meet different requirements
  • Efficient and effective filter provides stable performance
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO certification
Sintered Polyethylene Filter Specific Features

Why Choose Filson Sintered Polyethylene Filter

Sintered Polyethylene Production
Sintered Polyethylene Factory

Filsons utilizes high-quality materials to manufacture sintered polyethylene filter, ensuring durability, chemical resistance, and high filtration efficiency. With advanced sintering process and precision molding, it maintains consistent quality and performance.

In order to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, each Filson sintered polyethylene filter goes through strict inspection to deliver specified pore size and filtration efficiency. What’s more, it is available for various types and dimensions.

Filson has been fabricating sintering polyethylene filters for more than two decades, hence we have developed a wealth of expertise in this field. As a trusted partner, we help customer select the right product, provide technical support and comprehensive one-stop solution.

For more information or questions about Filson sintered polyethylene filter, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Specifications of Sintered Polyethylene Filter
  • Raw Materials: polyethylene
  • Thickness: 1.2mm – 9.0mm, etc.
  • Diameter: 1.0 – 100 mm
  • Micron rating: 1 – 200 micron
  • Standard pore size: 10 micron
  • Porosity: 25 – 60%
  • Operating temperature: – 40°C – 80°C
  • Tensile strength: 10 – 30 MPa
  • Material density: 0.91 – 0.96 g/cm3
  • Color: white, grey, beige, etc.
  • Shape: tube, disc, cup, plate, wick, frit, etc.
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.9%
  • Standard: CE, ISO, SGS
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Life science
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Medical treatment
  • Environment protection
  • Electron
  • Gas filtration
  • Chemistry analysis
  • Sample treatment
  • Solid-liquid phase separation
  • Oxygen filtration
  • Pharmaceutics and therapy
Filson - Custom Special-Shaped to Better Suitable for Application

Filson provides comprehensive product line to fulfill your needs, from different shapes to various dimensions. We are committed to provide you high quality product with competitive price.

Sintered Polyethylene Filter FAQ Guide

How Often Do Sintered Polyethylene Filter Need to Replaced?

How Often Do Sintered Polyethylene Filter Need to Replaced

The lifespan of s sintered polyethylene filter will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific application, the type of filter, and the quality. In general, sintered polyethylene filter can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

How to Clean Sintered Polyethylene Filter?

How to Clean Sintered Polyethylene Filter

Sintered polyethylene filter can be cleaned using a variety of methods, such as ultrasonic cleaning, backflushing with compressed air or water, soaking in a cleaning solution.

How are Sintered Polyethylene Filter Made?

How are Sintered Polyethylene Filter Made

Sintered polyethylene filter are made by compressing and fusing polyethylene particles under heat and pressure. The particles are arranged in a specific pattern to create a porous structure that allows liquids or gas to flow through while trapping contaminants.

What is Difference between Filtration and Dissolution?

What is Difference between Filtration and Dissolution

Filtration plays an important role in separating solid particles from liquid or gas, while dissolution is a chemical process that involves the formation of a homogeneous solution by dissolving a solid in a liquid.

Therefore, Filson dissolution filter is a device used in dissolution testing to remove any insoluble or undissolved particles from a sample solution, ensuring accurate and precise measurement of drug dissolution.

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